[brain fart] lost time


I try not to post negative stuff here because nobody needs more negativity. and I admit I’m not in the best frame of mind to deliver any positive energy right now.

it’s been a year since I have been out and about, since 17 December 2012. how time flies.

that day I was on my way to school for a medical checkup to obtain the doctor’s approval to return to school.

17 December 2013, I passed by the clinic that I went to. felt so eerie because I felt a lot of unfamiliar feelings, turns out it was the remnant feelings I had a year ago. I must have had so much bad feelings back then that they overflown into the surrounding. when I pass by the same place they found their way back to me.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. this time last year, I was still in pretty bad shape (IMO), still plenty of itchy and inflamed skin all over me. and right now, I’m sitting comfortably in my kitchen, it’s day time and I’m no longer afraid of light.

in the past year, some of the happiest moments were no doubt those that I spent with my family. I still remember being able to visit my grandmother after so long. seeing her relieved face when she realized I’m doing much better than before.. being able to eat out with them, or to simply spend an afternoon at her place.

i am thankful to be reminded that we don’t live forever. after I sprung back to life I tried to make up for lost time, I’m glad I did 🙂

I’ve yet to learn her secret recipes yet, I guess I’ll do that next time.

I just wished it didn’t take me this long to realize this though. perhaps I can remind you all about that right now, that our loved ones won’t be around us forever. cherish them now while you can.


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