[follow me to] malacca

can’t believe it was only a month ago that this happened.

i haven’t been to malaysia in ages (since the last time i went over after in 2008).

it’s my first time staying over at my gf nie’s place,
first time being in malacca,
also my first road trip in my entire life with friends.

so many first times all given to her.

i don’t even want to write so much for this entry.
i have so many gorgeous photographs that i want to share.
the flavours of food i’ve eaten are forever etched on my tastebuds.
the topic photo said it loud and clear, it was an eating trip..
1 car, 5 girls, and 9 dishes.

let me start off with photos i took in johor bahru first,
i was there on a friday and the weather was too damn good.

nostalgic high voltage power lines along the highway to my gf’s place.
i used to see them all the time in HK too,
but not so much in singapore.
seeing them reminded me of HK.

short buildings that do not obstruct the sky.
malaysia is so different from singapore,
the buildings are all really short and flat.
i guess it’s mainly because they do not have any land space constraints.

old and short shophouses.

i was running errands around with little miss almighty,
after we’re done she brought me for late lunch.

i’ve already shared this photo before,
this is the bak kuh teh we had.
in the foreground it’s the fried fritters that’s supposed to be dunked into the soup before being eaten.
and right above that it’s the pork bone soup,
then a plate of veggies and lastly the little bowl of soybean curd.

mandatory close up shot.
they laid some more soybean products on top of the soup (the little bubbly thing you see..).
it was a rainy afternoon and it’s the exact kind of food that i was craving for.

had to finish our meal with a dessert.
it’s worth my calories.
*swallow up the entire mille crepe without regrets*
i shared this with nie.
was in half a mind to order one each, but we’re both quite full with the soup already.
this is a matcha & red bean mille crepe.
the crepe is light, moist and fluffy!
i think this is how a good crepe cake should be ๐Ÿ˜‰

can’t get enough of the high voltage power lines against the dusk.
we went home before heading out again for dinner with her brother.

uncle jang’s dak galbi (korean spicy chicken).
it wasn’t as spicy as i thought it’d be though, nonetheless it was a good eat.
but nie says the one in korea still tastes better.
i realize koreans like to add cheese to their food.
they have cheese kimchi instant noodles..
and now they add cheese on top of the chicken.
however the flavours does blend well!

side track.
since i know it’s just a day trip to malacca,
i didn’t bring a change of clothes for the trip tomorrow.
i fully intend to wear the same set of clothes for 2 days in a row..
i was quite worried i’ll smell like spicy chicken the next day after spending an hour at the poorly ventilated restaurant.
i know right.. what a sexy scent to wear ;P
luckily, it wasn’t as bad as the other time when i had korean bbq.
my clothes didn’t smell too bad after dinner, and it was gone by the next day.

we went to sing karaoke after dinner.
i haven’t been to one since FOREVER!
by forever i mean the last time i went was also before withdrawals.
feels good to be singing again ๐Ÿ˜€
had a little too much beer that night,
went back home, showered and knocked out.

i usually take one night to get used to a new bed, but that night i slept like a baby.
i guess i now know what to do next time if i need to get used to new beds quick.
*slide in 2 bottles of liquor into my luggage*


power line in the morning.
i love being able to see the sky.
it’s limitless.
hahaha i really like the power lines.

we went to pick up the rest of the girls and set off for malacca.
it was a 2+ hour drive (on the highway) and another 1 hour drive into the city centre of malacca.

palm trees along the highway.

reminiscing hong kong once again when i see the mountains ahead of us.
this is so different from the express ways in singapore.
hahaha I’M SUCH A NOOB, because both hong kong and singapore are city states, i have never travelled to another state via the highway before.

after 3 hours of butt-numbing car ride..

welcome to malacca!

old town.
malacca is filled with buildings like this.

we happen to be around the corner for the well known mille crepe,
so we had that first.

we had the original flavour as well as the cheese flavour.
both were good, but not as great as the matcha one i had previously!
i wish i was able to capture how the 5 of us murdered the two innocent slices of mille crepe within 10 minutes.
we were like hungry vultures.

our second item on our food hunt: nyonya food.
a long time ago, some malays and chinese fell in love with each other and they bred a whole new tradition and culture.
i don’t know much about their tradition, but i know their food is..
worth me getting high cholesterol and heart attacks.

rendang chicken.
all of us were trying to scoop the gravy because it’s so flavourful!
think of spices, lemon grass, shallots and.. a little spiciness.
oh, and coconut milk!

let me recall what is this called.
this is my FAVOURITE,
the udang lemak nanas..! (such a long name)
it means pineapple and prawn cooked in coconut sauce.
it’s a curry that’s very rich in coconut milk.
heart attack worthy. SERIOUSLY.
i drank the curry like it’s soup, NO JOKE.

the owner of the restaurant gave us girls a dessert on the house,
it’s his home made chendol.
there’s something special about the sugar syrup (made from palm sugar apparently) he used.

the next stop was a little secluded,
it’s deep within the housing estates, we actually drove around for quite some time.

more shophouses.

in search of the famous pastry shop amongst the old housing estate.


we found the place at last.
they sell nyonya pastries.

i wish i had 4 stomachs.
we bought several to share among ourselves,
but we ate too quickly before i can take a photo of what we bought.
as expected, their pastries contains a lot of coconut milk in it too,
it’s very fragrant and savoury.

and this is the only group photo we managed to take in malacca,
the boss took the photo for us ๐Ÿ˜€

we were on the move again after the friendly uncle at the pastry shop told us about a famous laksa that’s just around the corner.

it’s different from the laksa we have in singapore!
this has lesser coconut milk and more assam spices,
so it’s actually more refreshing!

order some side dishes, i forgot what is this called.
it’s actually my first time eating it.
it’s just stewed vegetables inside a crispy container.

and then we asked the lady boss if she knows of a “coconut shake” drink around,
she said it’s very near, we just have to drive straight all the way..
i think our definition of “near” might have been different,ย because it was a 15 minutes drive.

klebang coconut shake.
it’s coconut water + coconut flesh + vanilla ice cream + ice all blended together.
just what we need in the afternoon heat.

after that we decided to take a break (in eating).
we walked around jonker street,
it seems to be preserved for its heritage values.

jonker street.

heritage site.

an old town calls for antique shops.

heritage site 2.

heritage site 3.

love it’s decoration and colour.
and malacca is also well known for their chicken rice balls.
i have no idea why is it special, since it’s just rice rolled into golf ball sized balls.

we went to buy some sourvenirs ๐Ÿ˜›
it’s ALL food stuff btw.

then we made the move again.
time for dinner!

walked past this but we didn’t enter it.

this turns out to be my last look of the entire jonker street.
we planned to return after dinner as they have a night market, but it started pouring..
so we never went back.

last but not least,
the satay celup, which means.. satay steamboat.
the “soup” is actually satay gravy.

diet? WHAT DIET?
never mind if i bust my calorie/carb/fats/cholesterol intake that day.
i was the last to finish eating, i feel so satisfied.

went home a happy girl. ๐Ÿ˜€
it was such a happy day because all the girls are so fun to be with.
they’re actually friends of nie, i only got to know some of them on that day itself!

and i hope you’re not reading this entry in the middle of the night,
because you might blame me for waking your stomach.

4 thoughts on “[follow me to] malacca

  1. good stuff, happy for u…we all deserve a moment of respite every now and then.
    ps:what about the milk and eggs that didnt increase your itching. did you take any anti itching pills

    • hey seyi!

      ๐Ÿ˜‰ i hope it’s your turn to be able to enjoy all these soon!
      what do you mean milk and eggs? i don’t think they increase my itching.
      i don’t take any anti itching pills, because all that i have left expired. i threw them away ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Awesome post! I actually just finished reading a book called The Ghost Bride which is set in olden day Malacca (it is a great book btw if you like reading) I would loooove to go there after i finish up withdrawals, it looks amazing! And that food! YUM!

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