[special post] MERRY CHRISTMAS!

i want to share my happiness with ALL OF YOU!

so 2 years ago it was year 2011,
christmas time was around the corner and i wanted to just stroll down the beautifully decorated streets with my then bf just to enjoy the festivity.
that’s what couples do, right?
skin says no.
also i didn’t want to lead people to believe it was halloween instead of christmas. better stay home.

last year, 2012,
i wanted to be there because i want to enjoy christmas.
i never expected myself to miss christmas, since i was never a fan of it in the first place.
but being deprived does wonders.
i wanted to see the lights, listen to christmas carols, and to make up for what i wasn’t able to fulfil last year.
skin still says no.

this year, 2013, SKIN FINALLY SAYS YES!
so i headed out to orchard road just to be part of the christmas crowd there.
trust me, i wouldn’t have done it if not for TSW.
given a choice i would have stayed home and avoided the crowd (which was what i have done for as long as i remember after experiencing the big christmas human tide in hong kong years ago),
but i couldn’t let this chance slip past me one more time.

let me bring you with me to orchard road 😉
especially for those of you who are currently not able to step out of their house and comfort zone, i wish to bring the christmas lights to you.


even the pillars are beautifully decorated!
i alighted at somerset, which is considered the middle of the entire stretch of orchard road (to me at least, since it lies between orchard station and dhoby ghaut station).
from there i headed towards orchard.

i did expect a crowd, but i thought i would beat the crowd by being there early around 8.30pm.
traffic was really bad, orchard was overflowing with people!

along with thousands of many others 😀

i wanted to take a photo together with the street light decoration behind me..
this is how you do it if you are your own photographer.

i managed to get the help of a friendly lady to take a photo for me.
the circular band of lights looked like a halo 😛
albeit a very over sized one.
isn’t the blue christmas tree beautiful!?

there are decorations hung on trees as well!

this is the mandarin gallery,
i love the orbits/halo/light rings on the pillars.
looks really unconventional.
and it’s in a shade of brilliant blue that i like.

more blue christmas trees!
it appears that the building in the background is the grand park hotel.
it is across the road.

– time lapse –
i wish i could teleport.
i spent a good 10 minutes or more (i wasn’t really counting) walking to the other side of the road because the streets were getting a little too narrow for the human traffic!

another blue tree 😀
this was in front of the grand park hotel.


paragon is looking glam as usual decked in yellow and gold.
their tree is actually my favourite one out of all i saw along orchard road.
😀 it’s also the tallest and most elaborately decorated.

the tree in front of tangs, sort of paled in comparison with the previous few huh.
in singaporean term, we called this.. the “spoil market effect”.
the previous 2 trees have raised the standard so high, it has spoiled the market for the rest of the trees.

they have this to compete with the other trees!
it’s a mannequin with what looks like an inverted christmas tree to me.
well, it’s not really a christmas tree, it’s actually made of peacock feathers (or it could just be synthetic things made to look like peacock feathers) that’s made to conform into the shape of a christmas tree.
it stretches all the way to the ceiling.
it’s just a really beautiful (i’ve exhausted my vocabulary to describe it) installation, i was looking at it in awe.

one last shot before i go 😉

and with that,
i put one more tick on my to-do list.

i want to wish everyone a merry christmas!
if this year didn’t make it for you, don’t be discouraged,
because next year will be better 😉

and as usual,
good luck and stay strong.
i’m praying for everyone to be strong heart-ed to face whatever challenges that may come ahead.
you’re stronger than you think, don’t forget that!

4 thoughts on “[special post] MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  1. Hi Juliana, I’ve been following your blog since I started TSW (now day 55) but have never commented till now. Just wanted to say that you and your skin are looking great and glad that you were able to enjoy yourself out there on Orchard road =) Also thanks on behalf of lots of people (I’m sure) for updating your blog. For those currently going through TSW, it provides hope and something to look forward to. Merry Christmas!

    • hello there!

      thank you for dropping this comment! haha i know a lot of readers don’t actually leave comments, so i’m very grateful when you do leave a footprint behind 😉 thank you for your appreciation! it keeps me going 😀

      i hope that you’ll stay strong and heal up soon! you’ll get there eventually!

      good luck!

  2. Hey Juliana Merry Christmas! I’m 6 months down with TSW and I’m starting to see improvements from full body flakes now to rashes on the face & foot only… managed to head down town to experience the atmosphere too! I would not have started this process if I didn’t chance upon your blog, I would like to thank you once again =)

    • aww! thanks calvin, you’re most welcome!!! you’re really strong to decide to quit steroids! it’s not easy!!! good job! i guess the healing is a good christmas present for you? i hope the festivity made you feel even better 🙂

      good luck and stay strong!!!

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