year in review


omg it’s already 11.29pm, leaving me with just 31 minutes to write this entry and post it before 2013 ends.

i don’t know why i have such a liking for holding on to something that is about to slip away. is it just human nature?it’s like the last few minutes of this year is suddenly more valuable/meaningful/worthwhile than all the other times throughout the year.

i’ve been occupying myself with a lot of research lately, that’s why i’m kind of lagging behind in updates.
that also means that there is something for you to look forward to in the near future!

2013 has been a really good year to me.
it’s the year i came back to life after spending the past 2 years living like a souless zombie.
i experienced life as a newborn and it is so refreshing and delightful.
i’m in touch with the friends who stuck by me.
i’m spending so much more time with my family.
i got to accomplish so many tasks listed on my to-do list.
being back in life with a completely different mindset and perspective made mundane events seem much more unique.
in fact, nothing is really mundane to me right now!

TSW has added “extra” to “ordinary” for me.

and i’m just really happy that my blog is able to give hope to many people out there who were once feeling hopeless like me.
i know exactly how you feel.
knowing that my past experience is helping you guys made it easier for me to think that i did not waste that 2 years totally.

this year, you guys visit my page 222 times a day on average,
up from the 48 times a day in year 2012.
while this is something that worries me because it means that more people are going through withdrawals,
it also makes me feel happy at the same time as i know more people are now receiving hope.

hope is such a beautiful thing,
i feel good having hope,
i feel even better giving hope to others.

thank you guys for making me feel good,because now i have even more to give to people in need.

last year this time i was still in a pretty bad state,
i was worrying about the demands of school and how will my skin react to it.
i have been home bound for a year, i don’t know if i can still socialize with new school mates.
i was still very upset with the state of my skin.

i never thought that in a year’s time, i will be at where i am right now.
i’m still in awe right now.
i am very happy with my life and i wish you guys can be like me soon.

i hope that 2014 will be a better year for all of you,
just like how 2013 was a year of exponential progress for me.
as always, keep believing, have hope, stay strong, and good luck!




25 thoughts on “year in review

  1. Happy New Year gorgeous! Thank you as always for giving us hope, you don’t know how much you have inspired me! It has been a tough 2013 for me I couldn’t wait for the new year to come, I hope the worst is over for me and I hope to regain my life back in 2014. Thanks again angel~

    • happy new year to you too ahfaye! your skin looks so much better now!!! i’m so happy for you ๐Ÿ˜€ once this worst is over things will only get better. HANG IN THERE!!!

      2014 will definitely be better for you. don’t lose hope my dear!


  2. Hello Juliana, happy new year 2014.

    Can I ask whether do you sleep early or late everyday from the starting of your steroid withdrawal day to now?

    • hey mario,

      i don’t know if i understood your question correctly.

      at the start of my withdrawals, i try to sleep early but during my withdrawals i have been sleeping at 5 or 8am daily.

      right now i sleep around 12-1am. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks for letting me to know. I am serving army right now and I’ve been sleeping early before 11pm, drink water more than 2L and taking TCM, probiotics pills everyday, eat many fruits, stay away from food contains wheat, seafood and alcohol.

        I had been suffered for more than a year. it’s my second flare up now and it’s improving day by day. I felt like a zombie and hates people stare at me especially when I took bus. So in the future when I get better I will get myself out from this lonely life and sleep the same timing as you everyday.

      • I’m glad to hear your skin is improving! haha you don’t have to sleep at the same time as me, that doesn’t accomplish anything. just listen to your body. sleep when you need to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        good luck!

  3. Happy New Year!!!!!You are a beautiful young lady!!I wish all the best in 2014.Thank you for coming back and give us hope, thank you for being supportive, thank you for always answering my question,thank you for being you!!and as always I have a question:did your skin burn and if yes for how long?My daughter is in 13 month off ts and she still miserable, her skin burns, and she is in a lot of pain, she is itchy and a lot of peeling, sweating and not sleeping during the night, falling asleep sometime around 6 a.m. and not able to sleep long.

    • happy new year ๐Ÿ˜€ i wish you all the best in the up coming year too!

      aww you’re most welcome! thank you for showing me your appreciation ๐Ÿ˜€

      my skin burnt in the first few months only, after that it was just dry and cracking all over.
      everything you described about your daughter is very normal.
      i know some skin friends whose skin burnt for a really long time, but it subsided eventually!
      please let her know that everything will pass!
      stay strong!

  4. Happy New Year!! You look gorgeous. You’ve been such a huge support to us with TSW.

    I had a very very mild withdrawal (I started at September after using hydro-cortisone 0.5% for 5 years) and after 4 months it’s barely noticeable or irritated or uncomfortable now, and my skin is smooth and i can function normally (without discomfort, i can shower eat sleep work normal) and be not very red or scabby or crusty anymore at all and I want to say that I’m healed (but I know I’m not, I’m still healing for the rest of my life actually) but I have soo soo many nasty nasty bad dark grey scars!! They’re on my bottom, lower back, stomach, armpits, back of neck, behind knees and inner elbows (luckily people don’t see it so much) but they just don’t seem to fade away and they’re just so patchy. I’m considering trying some treatments like Clarisonic, PMD, exfoliants, lemons, glycolic acid etc. etc. to get rid of them all and trying all these things but I can’t tell whether they will go on their own (hopefully within six months) or if they are permanent ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was just wondering how long it took you to see improvement in your scars (from the time it was smooth but hyperpigmented) and whether you would recommend trying these things or if they are just a bad idea because I’m just so desperate to clear my skin up…

    • hey Charles! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the heads up! you are most welcome!

      technically speaking, the pigmentation will go away on it’s own. it can take up to 6 months, or longer, since the skin’s life cycle is about a month. it takes several cycles for the pigmented parts to finally slough off from deep within our skin.

      if you have money to spare, why not give those treatments a try? all those do is to speed up cell renewal and exfoliate dead skin cells. however those might irritate your skin, so you have to make sure you skin is no longer sensitive before using them! clarisonic and glycolic acid sounds promising. do remember to use sunscreen if you were to expose those parts to the sun though!

      as for myself, I just wait them out. my body does a good enough job at metabolizing the excess dark pigments ๐Ÿ˜‰ it took me close to 5-6 months to see those darkened areas fade away. it’s a very gentle progress.

    • hey olive!

      you are most welcome!
      it must be hard on both of you. it’s not easy to understand someone who is going through TSW, I am so glad for your husband to have you by his side!

      hang on tight! he will need you to be strong so he can rely on you!


  5. You beautiful soul! Thanks for your continual support (ill for sure be updating my blog even after I am fully healed the fact that we get to see the other side is awesome!) happy new year! One day I hope to party with all the skin warriors around the globe ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your blog, you’ve inspired me to start my own journey of quitting my topical steroids. I’m actually starting a blog about it too to help me along the way.
    Thanks so much, you are an inspiration!

    • hey sarah! it’s brave of you to stop steroids and embark on TSW! thank you for letting me know that i’ve been an inspiration to you ๐Ÿ™‚ keep your heads up! YOU WILL HEAL.


  7. crazy how flawless your skin is now. it may not be completely perfect body wise, but it definitely is when you compare it to those before pictures of yours. thanks for giving me hope. currently on day #18. doing pretty bad but i don’t really care because i’d rather deal with hell for a few months to a year than juggle steroids and rashes for the rest of my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hey grant! i’m glad you’ve decided to stop steroids once and for all! it will become the best decision you’ve made. times will be tough, stick with us ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

      my skin is definitely heaps better than my withdrawal days (and prior to stopping steroids), for that i’m totally not complaining about the little repair works that still has got to be done in time to come.


      stay strong my friend!

      • wow, thanks for responding! i have high hopes for 2014. i hope to make at least some healing progress this year, if not heal completely. my parents want to go to hawaii in august and i hope by then i’ll have healed enough to at least wear short sleeves and pants.

        my fingers are crossed really tight that this withdrawal will not last too long. i know it’s bad to set expectations for myself, but i want to estimate that in 5 months minimum i will heal. my long term steroid use didn’t start until around july 2013, and i would use hydrocortisone (otc) and desonide, which is a prescription steroid that is very light potency, maybe 1-2 steps above otc hydrocortisone. i was too widespread and frequent with my usage but at least i stopped before things got way worse. it makes me happy to know i’m off them once and for all! i might even throw them away.

        thanks again for this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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