month 33

15 december 2013

– drier skin before and during period.
– dry lips too, wtf!? but one week after period, my lips aren’t exfoliating daily anymore. back to baby lips for now.
– my face looked more sallow/yellow/dull last week.

so tough being a female.

– rashy part that were on my face still feels a little rough.
– bumps that appeared on my face died down too. it’s good to see my smooth facial skin once again. PHEW.
– face feels more hydrated and less oily.
– several rashy spots on my arms and thighs, not irritating me unless i scratch them and hives develop for a while.
– feet is very sensitive, hives appear on the back of my feet after i shower. remind me NOT to shower in hot water, because when i showered in cold water those hives didn’t appear.
– skin is still sub par when it comes to retaining moisture in air conditioned places. i guess my skin is still drier than normal skin, for now….?


18 december 2013

no idea if the dry skin brings about the itchy skin, or the other way round. this feels like the chicken or egg conundrum.

either way, dry skin is limited to areas that are currently having mild rashes.
that means.. my feet, my calf, my thigh, my abdomen, and certain parts of my forearm.
not too bad, i think.

my hands are still relatively drier than my grandmother’s hands,
i think that’s a good enough gauge.
24 year old vs 77 year old skin.


26 december 2013

i woke up this morning because my knees were itching and it kept waking me up.
is it because the cortisol levels are higher in the morning?
perhaps. anyway after i got up i didn’t feel a thing anymore.
i think it could be my body trying to get me out of bed 😛

a week ago my feet will get so itchy after my shower.
it will be bumpy as hives appear after i give it a good ol’ scratching.
it was dark at night so i didn’t take any photos.
right now i don’t experience that anymore.
it seems like the cycle is on my feet is dying down, and the rashy bumps are no longer bumpy.
they flattened out and seems to be ready for their next stage : TO DISAPPEAR!

some photos from today.

the skin looks shiny actually.

photo of dying rashes on my arm.
and a bonus of a little spot of hive on my thigh.

actually i don’t think you will notice what i want to show in this photo unless i mention it. hahaha it’s just a little bit of redness concentrated around one spot. i’ve been getting tiny little bumps (that look a lot like whiteheads) for the past few days.

my neck today. mysterious dying rash. i don’t even remember having a rash there, only noticed it today after taking the photo.
little rash on my neck is dying off too.

i notice i’m getting rashes on places that i used to get a rash at.
that also translates to “places that i’ve used steroids heavily on”.
i still can’t tell if this is due to the post-TSW sensitive skin (damaged skin) or my original eczema healing up.
i can only observe for now.
i suspect it’s just my steroid damaged skin trying to heal up. i doubt it’s my original eczema since what i had as a kid was only localized on my arm folds and behind my knee.

we’ll see!
all in all my life has been going good without steroids.


31 december 2013

some hives going on on my legs.

some of my rashes have died down and it’s now in the darker skinned stage.
🙂 it’s the end soon!


9 january 2013

this was dated 6 january.
the rashes on my arm is getting a little worse, i am scared. 😦
but then again, yes these were areas that i used the most steroids on.
they were raised and pretty red.

today’s knee and thigh. getting increasingly rashy and itchy.

both sides are rashy and itchy now. no signs of it shrinking as of now.

keeping an eye on it.

i already can’t tell if these were hormonal, or a bad diet, or just a cycle.
too many things going on, i’m just going to leave it as it is and wait it out.

currently i have rashes on my neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, knee, calve, and my feet.


4 thoughts on “month 33

  1. I have a similar flare up(rough and weepy all over neck + all the nody parts you mentioned) and i had the same flare up last year this time also but was not as bad not even close just neck affected.. I wonder what it is that triggers a flare up first two weeks of the year. It could be weather related. It could also be the cycle

  2. Juliana, just a random question. Have you ever considered or tried moisturizer withdrawal? It was mentioned in one of the posts by Dr. Fukuya.

    • hey sean,
      matter of fact, i did consider it, i’m actually experimenting with it on a small part of my body for now, it’s been a month and i honestly can’t tell much differences yet. i am not sure if i want to part with my moisturizer altogether though. i don’t like the feeling of dry and rough skin.

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