[RSS] 16 February 2014

i haven’t posted a photo of myself in a while.
what happened to random self shots?

i assure you, it’s not because my skin is acting up that i haven’t been taking self shots.
i just didn’t feel like it sometimes.
a small part of me think it’s very superficial and useless to share such images with you all, but another part of me thinks that it could be encouraging to some of you to know that my skin is healing well.
i’m almost constantly in a dilemma.

either way,
this is me from the month of february.

i know hashtags don’t work for entries. but still..
#nofilter HAHAHAHA!
the little spot on my neck was there because i just irritated it.
it wasn’t red after a while.

been spending most of my time with my family this weekend.
before that, i’m locked in my den making things 😀

how do i look in the leather jacket?
i never owned (or thought of owning) something like this because it’s just impractical to buy something that i can never wear in singapore,
trying it on and taking a photo of it satisfies that little want in my heart.

不在乎天長地久, 只在乎曾經擁有!
it’s not about possessing something for eternity, but to have possessed it at some point in my life.

the same goes for everything in life.


4 thoughts on “[RSS] 16 February 2014

  1. My first thoughts when I saw your pic was ‘oh green lenses’ followed by ‘I WANT YOUR EYEBROWS!’ haha my eyebrows are currently somewhat in withdrawal and it’s something that’s been bugging me a bit. But you’re looking great =) thanks for posting and the encouragement you bring.

    • hahaha you like my green lenses? thank you! my brother always say the look odd. your eyebrows will grow back, I promise! during the growth period you can always use some eyebrow pencil or powder to make them look more luscious if your skin can tolerate it! hehe thanks for your compliment 🙂 and thanks for your comment! really appreciate it!

      • Not going to lie, they can look odd. Very twilight reminiscent. But if that’s the look you’re going for then not odd at all haha. Haha I know they’ll grow back but I guess at times like these I can grow impatient. Not sure if I’m going to tamper with them. In a weird way it remains as my very own ‘battlescar.’ For the time being anyway haha hope you’re having a great day.

      • hahaha oolala~ I would love to be a vampire 😉 I think I’m the only one who adore these green lenses.

        TSA will train your patience like no other. hehe! wish you have a nice day too!

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