[RSS] 3 mar 2014


haven’t been doing RSS posts.
i’m back 😀

for the past 2 months my skin has been a little unstable, it’s all part of the cycle.
it’s currently in the better days, i thought i’d share a few to encourage you guys 🙂



9 thoughts on “[RSS] 3 mar 2014

  1. thanks, this really helps. i hit my one month mark just yesterday. i think i’d heal way faster if i was able to get over this awful bad habit of scratching my skin, even when it wasn’t itchy ><

  2. [adding on to my previous comment]
    to combat against this bad habit, i’ve started wearing gloves all day. i use to always scratch the hell out of my poor eyelids in my sleep, so with this long beanie i have, i pull it over my eyes before sleep time and it works like a charm. stays on all night and is much more comfortable (i use to wear ski goggles to bed because those sleep masks don’t stay on). eczema really brings out the creative side in you.

    i’m trying my hardest not to let my rashes interfere with school, which it has been a lot lately. =_= at least by taking online classes i only need to leave my house on tuesdays and thursdays 😀

    • hahaha i laughed when you say you wear ski goggles to sleep. sorry but that image is too funny.. :X if you can stop yourself from scratching it will most definitely decrease the amount of superficial wounds and will help the skin look slightly better. i’ve had crazier thoughts of tying my hands together, but i couldn’t figure out who’s going to untie me in the morning, so i didn’t go with that idea. gloves don’t stay on my hands, they always end up on the ground the next morning.

      congratulations on your first month anyway! luckily you have online classes to attend! i skipped a lot of class last time too. :X

      stay strong!

  3. Hi Juliana you looking amazing and you have been quite inspiring for lots of people including me, I just want to ask you what you use in these days where you say your skin is unstable do you use any special or different routine or just keep same as usual. Keep posting and thank you again.

    • hello there! thank you, and you’re most welcome!
      when my skin is unstable these days.. i don’t try something new. hahaha i just stick with the old, i moisturize after shower, and if i feel dry in the morning i’ll moisturize too.

      but i try to cut down on sugar intake hoping it’ll decrease the level of inflammation. even though there is not direct link and impact that i can observe, it makes me feel better that i’m doing something that might help my skin. hahaha! placebo effect.

      i’ll keep posting if you keep reading! 😉

      take care and good luck!

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