month 35

19 feb 2014

a week has past since the calm period.
skin seems to be done with the calmness and back in action this week.
it just so happen to coincide with ovulation, which was about the same time as last month too. so…… is it due to the surge of a certain hormone, or a drop in another hormone?
i’ll find out soon enough.

the rage isn’t as bad as the previous month though,
although the skin was sensitive, it subsided much quicker than last month.
the rashes that were raised were also lesser, and did not sustain long enough.
skin is not as dry as last month.

long story short, i think the irritations are shortening in duration.


25 feb 2014

current active rashes are those on my neck.
active = itches once in a while, appears red once in a while, skin is relatively thicker.
the skin there is obviously darker than before.
whutttttttt, i didn’t even scratch it!

therefore, it’s not the scratching that leads to the darkening of the skin.
it seems like the inflammation process includes skin darkening, like it or not.

the other rashy spots on my body are in the dry phase now.

what else do i need to mention.. let me see.
the weather in singapore seems to be drier than normal these days.
it have not rained for almost a month, it’s the driest it has ever been.
i can feel it on my skin.
even my air tract feels dry when i breathe.

waiting for the pigmented spots to go away ๐Ÿ˜€

bumpy skin

flattened rashes.


3 mar 2014

a few days prior to my period, my skin seems to be at its worst.
mysterious bumps on my cheeks (which has subsided on its own in the next few days), extremely dry skin especially on my rashy areas.. and the itch.

but after my periods came, my skin has been at its best it’s ever been in the past month. the raised rashes are now flat again, bumpy skin is gone, dry skin is now well hydrated and feels more moisturized.

i have kept all other things constant.
i moisturize once a day after i shower.
when the skin was super dry, i’d moisturize it in the morning too but it doesn’t really help.
the previously rashy and rough patches have gotten much smoother these few days too.

clearly, there is a link.
but what’s the link?
i’m still researching on it ๐Ÿ™‚
hopefully i’ll be able to stitch the pieces together.

also, my neck was pretty damn dry, thick, and pigmented (relatively speaking) just last week, but now, it’s must softer, smoother, and lighter in colour. there is still an active rash that itched this morning, but died down after some time and never bothered me again in the day.

is this called finger eczema? whatever the case, it has happened before, healed for a while, and came back again. it shall leave me again.
i forgot how it feels like to have cracked skin, thanks for the reminder!

sidetrack: i showed my brother my “rotting” finger during dinner one evening for no particular reasons. i just like to disgust him with stuff like that (as he does the same to me).. and he being the sweetest brother i can ever have, washed dishes that night without me asking because “i don’t want your finger to rot”, word for word.

you have you understand that my brother is someone who usually leaves his dishes laying around even when i remind him to bring it to the sink, and when i do ask him to do the dishes, it has the exact opposite effect.

my belief still holds true! it takes a bad situation to highlight something really good ๐Ÿ™‚
i need to thank my rotting finger for showing me this sweet side of my brother!

but that effect only lasted for one day, because the very next day, i had to wash his dishes.
BUT IT’S OKAY, i do so willingly ๐Ÿ˜€


8 mar 2014

did i mention my skin is miraculously smooth and moisturized this few days?
i guess i’m at the high part of my cycle now ๐Ÿ˜€

my neck is still slowly recovering. i can see the little patches of pigmentation there, a clean border, just like a map.

i noticed some recurring small bumps (dried up oil/sebum, more like a closed comedone) between my brows, which i attributed to a dehydrated skin and overly active oil glands to compensate for the lack of hydration. but that’s just a hypothesis. i’m trying to get rid of them, but i must say i enjoy squeezing them out a lot. :X

legs are still kinda rashy, but it’s not itching or irritating me at the moment. pigmentation are obvious. there were some itchy and fragile skin near my butt a while ago, i think there are micro tears in my skin there because when i perspire my butt hurts. HAHAHA THAT’S RIGHT! i mean the skin near my butt hurts a little.

flattened rashes! feels smooth ๐Ÿ™‚

not anymore! the skin also feels more normal there now. ๐Ÿ™‚

patience is a virtue.

there are some rashy parts above my sole, nothing much i can do about them.
they peel a lot though!
i feel like i’m harvesting every time the skin is ready to come off.
please tell me i’m not the only one who enjoys picking the skin..

can you see a little white area within the pigmented area?
it used to be a big blotch of brown, now it seems to be fading.

skin is shiny, the skin on my arm folds are still dry and thin.
signs of atrophied skin.
the question is, will they ever heal? only time can tell.


10 mar 2014

nothing much to report as there isn’t much changes.
skin still feels good for now.

skin is just more pigmented than before.
thanks rashes for the cheetah spots.
makes me feel really fashionable for sporting leopard prints on my own skin.

i can go on with my morning lotion routine for the past week,
so yes, i do feel comfortable in my own skin.
no bouts of itchiness so far ever since the end of my periods.

i apologise if this is too much info for you whenver i mention about my periods,
but i feel that it’s something significant, and i sometimes wonder if other ladies out there share the same pattern as me (worse skin before and during period, and better skin right after it).

i’m still waiting for the day when i realize i’m not the only one ๐Ÿ˜›


3 thoughts on “month 35

    • thanks for the input jo! it’s good to know that i’m not the only one. that means it really is a hormonal thing! just curious, during your flares, did you get more sleep or lose more sleep? i had many episodes of insomnia, but guys seems to report the opposite!

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