[brainfart] virus


i can’t believe how much attention my skin is drawing away from me.
it’s unhealthy.

yesterday i feel like my soul was elsewhere while my body autopiloted its way through my day.
i remembered meeting times wrongly (half an hour later than original time) and only realized something was amiss 5 minutes after the original time.
and then i ordered something else despite having another thing in my mind, after i got my order i thought it looked different from usual, wondering if the stall owner gave me a wrong order. again, i only noticed it a while after i started eating that i actually said curry instead of satay.

and then i just got told that i forgot my notebook,
i didn’t even realize my bag was that much lighter yesterday.

damn you brain!

it feels like a computer virus, leeching away memory and speed from the processor to do what it should be doing.
you get what i mean?

but it’s good that i am now conscious of what this virus has been doing to me,
because i’m going to forcefully snatch my consciousness back from my skin and channel it elsewhere.

which reminds me,
if you’re in the depth of TSW, please go all out to distract yourself as best as you can,
do the most interesting things that will draw your attention effortlessly.
i’m telling you, YOU NEED IT,
because i have learnt time and again that the more energy i focus on my skin,
the shittier i feel.
and the link between your emotions and health is obvious – more stress, more health problems.

even for me who is no longer suffering constant skin tingles, itches, and pain,
that TSW virus is able to work in the background siphoning my positive energies,
can you imagine how much it takes over you when all those symptoms consciously reminds you all the time that you’re going through TSW?

for now i’m going to try starving the TSW virus of attention (by creating beautiful things while listening to awesome music).

let’s do it together with me and stop feeding the TSW virus with your precious attention!

8 thoughts on “[brainfart] virus

    • HIGH 5! i’m glad the grad party went well for you! i am in a middle of a mini flare too, and i dragged myself out of house and that distracted me 😀 i have seen reddit a few times, but i don’t reddit regularly! why? are the something interesting there? hahaha!

      • Distraction is the way to go! I’m the mod for tsw subreddit and we were thinking about doing an ama (ask me anything) regarding tsw and I thought you’d be perfect for that

  1. Hi Juliana,
    Could you share with us your experience on the use of steroid-sparing treatments (calcineurin inhibitors) for reducing inflammation and controlling flare-ups like protopic oitment, tacrolimusand, pimecrolimus?


    • hi there, i have not used any of the above mentioned calcineurin inhibitors, neither have i used any non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. it may be best for you to go to the forums, as i remember some who have used such treatments before!

      • My derm asked me to use protopic instead as a way to maintain / suppress the flare-ups, like twice a week, as i highlighted the side effects of steriod cream- elomat, which was being prescribed and which i hv stopped using. Though i hv yet to embark on using protopic for maintenance (not that i hv fully recovered, still having flares), i am unsure and hesitant of using it. Would like to get more opinions first. Tks!

  2. I really agree with this; I once tried to completely stop looking at mirrors throughout the day & to try to never touch my face, and it helped a lot

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