month 38

26 may 2014

haven’t noted down a thing since a week ago.
as i’ve expected, the 1 week cycle is cycling through.

had a better skin day yesterday – relatively smoother skin (since any dried skin has fallen off). rashy parts are all flattened.
my neck isn’t as dry and rough and irritated for now,
a few weeks ago it appeared really dark for some reason,
but now it’s lightening up again.
i can feel that there were surface wounds a few weeks ago, because it feels rough and actually hurts when i turn my head.
it feels normal now actually 😛 there’re still some dry patches but they don’t produce skin that quickly.

part of my upper chest is rough too.
they broke out in tiny bumps that were really itchy,
and proceeded on to drying out and become rough over the next few days.
currently not as rough anymore!
they also attached my left shoulder !? i don’t know why! hahaha i’m not trying to figure them out anymore.
they just come and go.

i ripped my back of my thighs apart a few weeks ago too (exaggeration. i just scratched it a little too much and hurt the surface of my skin).
had a fun time peeling off skin the next day when the skin tries to heal.
ok, i’m not peeling it, they were about to come off so i lifted them off.

a spot of rash on my cheek was growing, and is subsiding now.
rashes around my lips continue to cycle,
no big deal, they appear a little red that’s all.
no more cracking and painful skin.

end of report.


30 may 2014

so far so good!!!

rashy spot on face is gone.
rough and raised skin on chest and shoulder is gone too,
but the skin on my chest feels a little thicker than usual.

my skin feels good overall!
another week has gone, so it’s now in the calm week 😀

neck was previously pretty irritated (3 weeks ago),
now it feels like it’s subsided a lot.
yes, still dry sometimes, but at least the dry spots are really diminishing.

i’d describe my skin as generally drier, i can feel dry spots over my calves, thighs, arms and neck. but they’re not raised either.
no rashes currently. everything is flat. just rougher.


9 june 2014

previously rashy and bumpy skin aren’t like that anymore, feels a little thicker and other parts of the skin. i guess it’ll take at least a month for them to get back to normal, as dictated by the life cycle of a skin cell.

scratched my neck pretty bad a few days ago as i was perspiring and feeling too hot and itchy. uh oh.

by now my neck is rough and dry, the skin is waiting to slough off.

my thighs are acting up too, welcome back, i must have scratched them too much :X so now it’s going through the cycle too – itch, scratch, broken skin, scab, repeats until.. i stop scratching.

the rash on my feet looks bad because it’s so dry. oh god.

if it has to happen, it’ll happen.
damn you steroids, the damage is deeper than i thought, but i’ve come to accept it.

and now.. time to think of other things i can try 😀


11 june 2014

short update on the duration of cycles on respective places. each duration is “measured” from the start of shedding to the next time it sheds.

area round lips: 3-4 days.
arms: not shedding at the moment, just rough dry skin.
neck: a week.
thigh: every day.
leg: daily too.

my lip area burnt just the other day after excessive sweating. so did my neck. HOLY CRAP I SCRATCHED THE SHIT OUT OF IT. oh well. i am paying for the price over the next 3 days. :’D

i was trying to take some photos of my skin yesterday, some looked rather obscene.
if my mom walked into my, she’d think i’m trying to snap a photo of my ass for some hanky panky business.

i am not including that photo here though, just for my personal reference because.. seeing how bad my skin is two months from now will tell me how much my skin has improved.

here are those that can be shared without this blog being flagged as a X-rated site.

comparing my lip area to a month ago. that area still flakes once every few days, but it’s getting progressively better.
last month it look really bad compared to those days when my skin was clear.

it’s so weird because i remember distinctly how i’ve seen a photo of myself dated feb 2011, and i scrutinized that photo and noticed this long stretch of skin under my lips that were actually red and irritated. see below.

and the very next day, my lip area acted up.
WTF PHOTO!? what did you do to me!?
*scurries to find photo of me with good skin*
BTW this was when i just got off oral steroids for 2 months.

“the day after”. this was 2 days after i scratched it after perspiring like a pig.
i broke my skin, so they replace themselves by drying out and flaking off.

one day makes such a big difference. looks much better eh?

the darken skin were previously raised.
it’s so flat now, but the colour is still off. slightly drier than the “fair” skin.
skin also looks a little more wrinkled.
my arm fold is not irritated at all.

the rash that is on my wrist, it’s slowly dying off. the photo was taken under direct sunlight, such harsh lighting. but it actually washed off some of the redness.
same old story – red and raised and itchy -> dry and rough and flat -> repeat several times -> healed!

my face without makeup as of 10 june 2014. and i found photos of my hamster (he was about 11 days old then!) while looking for that old photo above. WHY SO CUTE!?!?!?!?! he’s gnawing on his food bowl.

that’s all for this month.


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