month 39

23 june 2014

2 weeks after that update, my skin has went through about 2 or 3 small cycles, i can’t remember.
i count a cycle by the time i first feel rough skin, followed by a few days of smoother skin, and then the second time i feel rough skin.

as for now, my thigh area has gotten much better.
holy crap, even though i know i shouldn’t focus so much on the current state of my skin, i still can’t help but feel my heart drop when i tried to look at my ass.
what an awkward pose, thank god my mom didn’t bump into me doing that.
what you doing checking out your own ass!?

the skin there is obviously much darker in comparison to normal skin.
not only that, i scratched it so much it was really red and irritated, it looked almost like my post 2nd flare skin – flaky, elephant-y, and dark!
and it’s really obvious because my skin is relatively fairer around my thigh.
damn it.

anyway after 2 weeks, it feels much better. still flakes, but i stopped scratching it like a monkey.
and it’s feeling so much better, seriously.

2 weeks ago i had problem falling asleep because i feel the fucking itch whenever i’m about to fall asleep. dangggg it!!!!!
i just keep twitching and moving until i finally drift off, which took me about an hour.

also, my neck has calmed down a lot over the past 2 weeks.
it was red and irritated, itched when i perspired, and the skin felt thicker than usual.
after several rounds of shedding, it feels relatively better now.
skin is darker there though.
and i have a few small wounds that shed thicker skin than usual.

errr other than that..
i try my best not to pick my skin.
still trying.


8 july 2014

as per usual, lesser updates means my skin is improving. hahaha!

my chest broke out into tiny bumpy skin about a month ago, just yesterday i observed dry looking skin that still felt slightly weird.

but today, it feels exceptionally smooth, no more weird skin feeling (that plasticky feel). the bumps are no where to be felt.

my neck is still changing skin, but it’s super minor.
not irritated most of the time, except for a few spots where it looks like scales.

thigh is much better. changes skin every few days, it’s one of my daily entertainment to see how much skin i can harvest.
……… TSW made me kinda weird. wait, i’ve always been weird. hahaha!

previously rashy part on my inner arm has also calmed down to the extent of it feeling really smooth and hydrated. however i can still tell it apart from normal skin, so i foresee another cycle coming up in the near future until it fully blends in with its surrounding. i guess that’s when i know my skin is finally fully healed.

and my lip area is also much better, it stings when i perspire but that’s about it.

currently there are a few dry spots on my calf, and around my ankle.

but everything is good for now.
at least, i feel really good.


11 july 2014

things are getting better bit by bit. it’s been 3 months since rashes around my lips appeared. they no longer hurt when i perspire! YES!

lips from today.

click on image to enlarge

lips over the past 3 months. click to zoom in and see the full glory. the texture of skin has changed drastically. it used to be dry, red, and thin. not it’s hydrated and feels normal! i remember last month when i touched my skin, it’ll feel slightly “numb” because there’s always a layer of extra skin that makes my skin less sensitive to touch. i’m sure you know what i mean, right? now it just feels normal once more. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

click on image to enlarge

neck over the past 3 months. same story with the neck. even though it still appears slightly red, but the dryness is mostly gone. the skin is feeling not as dry and rough, more flexible and hydrated. soft to touch, and smooth too! i have a few little “wounds”, it’s odd because i don’t scratch it. it just hasn’t heal up, yet.

my wrist over the month. it’s getting better, slowly but surely!
the skin appears slightly shiny. ok, i know what that means. but that little spot which i circled is definitely showing more obvious signs of improvement. it no longer splits up! YAYYYY!

this has been a good month for me.
maybe it’s because the weather has been more lenient to me, maybe it’s just one more cycle ending soon.

whatever it is, i saw this coming 🙂
if you’re in the midst of a flare, don’t lose sight. things do get better!

it just sucks because it takes quite a long time.

there’s this mysterious patch of dry skin that is growing on my back.
at first it itched a little, but it didn’t last longer than the dry skin.
right now it just feels slightly rougher than the other parts of my skin, but it doesn’t irritate me at all. i think it’ll smoothen out soon, just like my chest did this month.

other things i’d like to note down:
1. hair fall is still 0_0 wtf man i wonder if cancer patients feels like me everytime i run my fingers through my hair. i may have exaggerated, but having 3 strands of hair falling each time doesn’t sound normal to me.

2. feeling a little itchy at night around my dry areas, mainly my thighs. have trouble falling asleep as easily as i used to. 😦 but it’s okay, it’ll get better again, i know 😉

3. inner thigh is smoother, although still pigmented.

4. fingers go through way too many skin changing cycles. lost count. doesn’t bother me other than the appearance. after one finger’s cuticle grows back to normal, another recedes. you guys seems to like taking turns huh?

5. energy levels seems better. currently going on 6.5-8 hours of sleep per day on average.

and i just want to throw this photo in here as well.

as of 7 july.


6 thoughts on “month 39

  1. Hey Juliana! Your blog gives me so much hope. I am almost at my 7th month of TSW! I was wondering if you could tell me if and when you stopped shedding so much skin. Every morning is a chore to wake up because my face is so dry and I realise I have to clean out my bed and sweep/vacuum the floors. I always end up with piles of skin, even my grandma complains about it! Even though it’s been only 7 months I can see huggeee improvements. This time last year (winter time, here in Australia) I had nasty rashes all over my body and was thankful that it was winter so I could cover up everything when I went out of the house. This time round my skin is a lot smoother and less rashy, although dry. Thank god I found you!

    • hello may! i’m glad you found me too!!!

      i can’t remember very clearly when did i stop shedding as much, but it’s probably around the 20th-22nd month. i had to clean my bed and room DAILY for that matter.

      i’m so happy for you to see huge improvements 7 months into TSW!!! you’ll do just fine! 😀

      hang on tight!


  2. Hi Juliana

    I am a topical steriod user for 25 years and am into only my 1st week of TSW. Before starting, I read your blog and you really inspire me alot.
    I have taken 1 year no pay leave to heal, and meanwhile, I will need alot of support / advices from friends and other TSW warriors. Hence I will also like to start blogging. Is it alright that I refer my readers to your site as my source of information / inspiration?

    Thank you!

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