[RSS] 13 July 2014

let’s back track to about 2 weeks ago.

i was out and about with my brother, it’s very rare of us to go on a date together because we’re both too lazy to head out.

but we had a mission that day – to get some new stuff for his wardrobe.
being his personal fashion consultant (i gave myself that title), i had to go shopping with him. i didn’t mind it to be honest! it felt as though he’s there to accompany me more so than the other way round!


i was at h&m. HAHAH see, i told you it’s more of my brother accompanying me! saw this dj booth thingy and.. i jumped right into the frame.


i saw some cupcake designed stuff while at h&m.. from afar they looked like exactly what i want you to think they look like. i just had to do it. that’s me goofing around. HAHAHHA DON’T MIND ME! purposely made the photo smaller so that in case there’s a minor reading my blog.. hopefully they don’t get scarred by me.

there were lots of people around but i didn’t really care.

TSW gave me thicker skin, literally.

HAHAHAHHA!!!! only you guys will understand what i mean. HIGH 5!


we’re also at the new I.T. store somewhere in orchard.
this was taken in the aape store. SUCH COOL LIGHTING!
now, i feel like i’m back in hong kong because.. they imported hong kong’s shopping mall into singapore.

i don’t know what to feel about it.
nostalgic with a dash of confusion maybe, because i expect to hear cantonese when i’m in the store since that is how it is in my memory.. but.. whatever.

i was photobombed by my brother.

antisteroid juliana

the thing about window shopping is.. sometimes it makes you wanna buy things you didn’t intend to originally.

thankfully, i have pretty good self control.
actually, no. it’s the price tag that controlled me.
the cap costs SGD89, but the photo is free. 😀


and that was 2 weeks ago.

as for now.. i will be busy finishing my task for today before meeting my friends for dinner!

btw, do you think you’ll will enjoy taking an imaginary-walk with me, or just seeing snippets of my day when i do head out? i mean.. like the “follow me to” series where i share lots of photos of what i see with you guys (assuming most of you are still stuck home 😦 i feel for you. i understand.)

let me know because i want to hear your thoughts.



13 thoughts on “[RSS] 13 July 2014

  1. Yes always loved the ‘follow me to’ series! I’m a singaporean by birth but now living in new zealand so in a way it’s double joy to see photos from the follow me to series. Wouldn’t mind some food photos in there from time to time haha

  2. Hi Julianna. You look great babe. And please continue sharing. For those like me still home bound ,it is good to know of fellow tsw sufferers who have healed and living the good life again.

    • thank you audrey!! OK i’ll keep sharing! hehehehe! i’m not exactly living the “good life”, it’s just the very normal life that i craved for when i was home bound, you know, being able to go out without worrying about my skin? you will be able to do that too, in time to come!

      don’t lose hope!


  3. Hi Juliana,
    When is a good time to start exfoliate your skin? I am thinking when to start as there are still some areas of scabs. But am thinking of exfoliating those areas which are fine. Can you share with us on this?


    • i have been feeling itchy lately!!! not sure if it’s the bad air in singapore (due to the haze) or if it’s just another cycle! but it’s not as bad as what i experienced last time seriously. hope kline is doing well!

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