[special post] when is a good time to start exfoliating?

i’m asked the above question: when’s a good time to start exfoliating?

i’ll try my best to answer this: whenever your skin is ready for external stimulation.

as the skin is under a state of hyper sensitivity during the recovery, any tiny stimulation may be unbearable for the skin. what’s worse is breaking out in hives because it’s so irritated.

but i think that there is nothing wrong is doing localized exfoliation, such as on parts of your skin which can tolerate slight scrubbing/rubbing. just leave the scabby parts alone because there’s a reason for a scab to form there.

as a general rule, it’s a good idea to help our (healthy)skin exfoliate dead skin cells at least once a month. i have this figure in mind because our skin takes 1 month to age from a new cell to an old one.

some may think that we shouldn’t exfoliate our skin because the purpose of our skin is to protect us! that’s why, it’s important to do it very gently so as to not remove too much protection. getting rid of some is good as it is just part of the life cycle of a skin cell. and accumulation of too much dead skin cells may cause problems like clogging of pores, dull, dry and dehydrated looking skin.

you’ll never know until you try, so test it out and see if it’s working for you. if not, ditch the plan and wait a while longer.

personally, i only started exfoliating after i’m pretty much healed as i know my skin just can’t tolerate any form of exfoliation back when it’s red, dry and itchy all over. (scratching constantly already helped exfoliate my skin.. but i’m not talking about this kind of unhealthy exfoliation)

i hope this is a comprehensive answer.

9 thoughts on “[special post] when is a good time to start exfoliating?

  1. Good answer Juliana! I think exfoliation is great for the skin. However, scratching =/= exfoliating. Yes, scratching takes skin off, but I think if you are still very itchy in an area, is not ready to be exfoliated. And even if you do, just rub lightly with pads of fingertips, no need to use chemical or other physical exfoliators.

  2. I gotta say though, after the mineral spa and I exfoliated/scratched, my skin is much smoother! But my skin has gotten very strong so there’s that. If you’re oozing, you definitely shouldn’t be exfoliating

    • thanks Esther! I share the same thoughts as you 🙂 I love the smoother feeling skin after I exfoliate too! silkyyyyyy! hahaha! I can’t imagine what it would be like to exfoliate when oozing. instead of “cry me a river” it may become “ooze me a river”.

  3. Hello Juliana! May I know when did your natural oils return? I’ve been having extremely dry skin since a year ago, which sheds non stop every single day. I do not put on any moisturizer. I thought the oils would come back in a few months but i was wrong 😦 i’m getting really frustrated these days. How long did your skin stay dry for?

    • hey amanda! i can’t remember how long did it take. but i guess around the 24th month onward, part of my skin is already back to normal. those rashy parts remained dry though. and till today, they are still drier than other parts of my skin. i think it takes much longer than expected, considering the little oil glands on our body’s skin. my face is normal after it healed. as expected, rashy areas are dry.

  4. Hi Juliana,
    How about previously scratch patches (which leave random dark patches on d skin), how long do they take to fade in your case? My upper torso is still having dark rough patches, occasionally still itchy.


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