month 40

24 july 2014

over the past 2 weeks my neck went through another episode of small itch and minor shedding. as with my thigh.

other that that, nothing new! skin changing every once in a while!


31 july 2014

the downs are getting increasingly minor.
the rashy part on my lips aren’t as irritating anymore, it looks normal most of the time.

right now my neck seems to be the most fragile part!
sometimes it looks dry and red.
itchy at times.

hmm what else.

i do feel a little itchy these days.


11 august 2014

a week ago i was out with my mom, a lady in the store asked if i have skin allergy.
she was referring to my neck.
the bluish-florescent lighting probably made it appear redder than it really is.

“i have sensitive skin, it’ll go away on its own!”
i no longer feel that need to hide my rashy skin.
and i want others to know that it’s something quite normal.

anyway, said reddish and dry skin was gone within a few days.
my neck and decollete is smooth again.
i gotta say i hated that rough feeling, running my finger through my skin just irks me.

skin is still healing, little cycles on several places –
mouth area, neck, decollete, arm folds, behind my thighs, and my legs.

a few months ago there was a patch on my back that started feeling rough and slightly dry. it’s not itchy though, THANK GOD! i can’t imagine being itchy on my back, i won’t be able to sleep!

after so long, it’s smoothing out 😀 hehehehehe


skin feels calm right now, and i’m happy 🙂
photo taken yesterday!


4 thoughts on “month 40

  1. Hi pretty, just curious. Noted u appky make up pretty often. I cant do that as any make up makes me itch. So u have no problem applying make up everyday? Or only after u are like 70% healed??

    • hellooooo! i don’t have a problem with makeup. i only wore more makeup after i’m like 90% healed – meanign the skin on my face is not as sensitive or rashy anymore. i avoid putting anything on rashes as it irritates the hell out of it.

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