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last sunday i went on a hike with my friends ๐Ÿ˜€ they’re my besties from secondary school, this year is the 13th year since i know them. the last time we went on a hike was like 4 years ago!

read more if you’re hungry for more nature.

today’s destination : tree top walk. it looks better on the official site because the weather that day wasn’t as sunny, photos appear gloomy. but it’s good for us because it’s slightly cooling, even though i did break out into a sweat soon after.

we hopped onto a bus from khatib train station and the bus brought us to a part of singapore which i’ve never set foot in. i had no idea where i am 0_0 i already told my guys that i’ll just follow them where ever they go.

they led the way and after some walking from the bus stop, we’re at the entrance of the trek – venus drive.

i agreed to join them for the hike without any knowledge about the trek at all. i did not know it’s gonna be a 1.5 hour trek up the hill. HAHAHAHA talk about doing things without knowing the details (i hopped onto the TSW wagon without knowing how long it’ll take too).

to show you how ignorant i am, i thought this place is brand new because it’s the first time i heard about it. my mom says no.

we were there around 9.30am, i think? pretty early in the morning. looks promising so far because of all the concrete floors.

it turns out to be just a beautiful front. the forest is a forest – muddy floors! i think i should be glad that the floor was only slightly damp, not overly wet and muddy. i caught my eyes glued onto the road almost 95% of the time. i had to remind myself to take a look around me to enjoy the greenery, but my instinct told me to watch where i land my next step.

shake my head. i’m a city girl, that’s for sure. too spoilt by the flat and concrete pavements i’ve lived on for my entire life.

saw some monkeys! some were just chilling out on the branches, feeding their baby while another monkey picked salt/fleas off another monkey.

my friend took out a pack of crackers as he was feeling slightly hungry, suddenly we heard some ruffling noise at the side and he freaked out and quickly stashed his crackers away in case the monkeys are here to raid us! they do snatch food from humans! hahaha it was so funny the way we reacted! i bet the monkeys must be thinking “these humans are so weird! why are they freaking out?”.

there were many slopes. i prefer going up slope than going down though.

me: omg i can totally feel my butt muscles working out.
friend: hahaha what, contract your glutes every time you walk?
me: hahahhaha yea! gotta maximise this!

my legs ached for 2 days after that.

after about 1.5 hours, we’re finally there. it’s a one way bridge that’s really long, but not scary as it’s quite sturdy.

only managed one photo of the view as my hands were busy wiping sweat off my face. by then i was raining sweat off my head. i wish the weather was better that day. it’s quite amazing to see the top of the trees! THANK GOD singapore doesn’t have mountains, or i’d have died before reaching the top.

the air is definitely fresher there, feels cooling, as though i’m bathing in the fresh and filtered water vapour that is released by the leaves.

it feels awesome.

and then i remember.. we have another 2.5km to go before we reach where we came from. and probably another 1km in addition to that as we’re gonna walk to a hawker centre to eat.

0_0 save my legs.

we settled at a hawker around upper thomson road (i think??).

probably the best drink i can get to extinguish the heat – ice cold sugarcane juice. my friend ordered it with lemon, it’s the first time i tried that. extremely refreshing. the lemon’s scent is just so invigorating!

the good thing about having company is, we can buy more food and share with each other. variety > quantity!

i bought carrot cake! a pity it isn’t flavourful enough.

char kway teow :D~~~~~~~~ (drooling). this taste really good.

fatty otah, spiciness is on the spot for me.

didn’t feel filling enough so i went to grab some satay for the 3 of us.

SO SATISFIED. felt like we did so much before noon!
all of us were feeling tired but good ๐Ÿ™‚

january 2010 VS august 2014.
conquered henderson wave and tree top walk.

what’s next?

so much has changed since then, for the better of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

my friends commented on how my fitness has improved ever since they knew me.
thank you TSW.


4 thoughts on “[follow me to] tree top walk

  1. Thanks for sharing =) So good to see you getting out and enjoying life with your friends after TSW. Definitely something that someone like you, having gone through hell with TSW, deserves to no small extent. Not going to lie though – I actually really came for the food photos haha

    • hahahaha glad you’re enjoying the food photos ๐Ÿ˜€ i’d post more in the future! hehe! thanks for being so kind ๐Ÿ˜‰ we all deserve to enjoy every little thing in life after TSW’s torture!

  2. Hi Jules. Somehow I feel this abreviation of your name suits u. Hope u don’t mind. Great to see you out there enjoying the outdoors and really living… You know what I mean.
    I hope to be able to be where you are at now. I am at the end of my 12th months now. Still fighting. Skin still not stable…rashy on most part of my body even face. I still have weeping wounds back of thighs… Seems to have gotten worse in my 12th month. Maybe as Louise Jones said.. 12th month flare.
    Anyway, reading your blog gives me hope. Thank you for sharing

    • hey audrey! haha jules is fine ๐Ÿ˜‰ i even had a friend call me J before. talk about abbreviation..

      my skin was at its worst at month 12, i hope you’re doing better than me. hang in there okay?

      i hope that you can share my life with me through my blog! hehe! and then your turn will come really soon ๐Ÿ˜€


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