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this weekend in juliana’s life: family and friends.
best combination ever!?!?!?!

this weekend was a really busy one for me – family dinner on saturday evening, and a full sunday spent with my friends.

i remember i used to long to join my family for meals but i just can’t because i was too horrid to leave house.

NOW I CAN. and i enjoy every moment of it.
we’re not having the most expensive nor exotic food, but..
it’s special to me even if we’re having just soy sauce and rice together.

ok, i exaggerated, but you get what i mean 😉

sunday was a little crazy for me as i scheduled two meet ups with two groups of people.
i had lunch with one of my besties, i’ve known her for almost 20 years.
i gobbled up the really delicious wanton noodle at the tiong bahru market before i managed to snap any photos.

time flies when i talk to an old friend.
despite not meeting or talking very often, we are still close at heart.
so blessed to have friends like that.

right after that i went to meet my university friends for high tea at keppel bay.
i’ve been at prive many years back (before TSW), so it’s kind of special for me to revisit it after i healed.

it still looks the same from my memory. except i went there in the evening last time.


this is how millions of dollars look like.

i told my friends this was “instagram worthy” HAHAHHA but!!!
i didn’t post it there.
it’s called the oreo mud pie.
i was hoping for more crushed oreos on the top (it’s hidden below the fluffy chocolate sauce) for it to qualify as a real mud pie.
the waitress said it’s enough for 2, but i think.. it’s barely enough for me.


these are the peeps that have been with me for 3.5 years in university.
even after they graduated (and after i returned back to school for my last semester), i can feel their presence in school as they actively try to help me with my projects.
i remember how i was staring my second flare in the middle of my semester (that’s around month 9 of TSW), i was always absent from school.. there’re projects but they just did my part as well.

i can’t ask for more.
if not for my friends, i’d probably be stuck in school, failed a couple more modules, wasted some more money and time..
it’s thanks to their mental and physical support that i manage to made it through that semester before i applied for my leave of absence.

as two of them are die hard soccer fans (one supporting manchester united while the other supports liverpool), our group chat and dropbox folder is named YNWA.
You Never Walk Alone.

i think that image above captured that.
i’m forever thankful for them.


that’s me and my future toy. HAHAHA just joking.
not into yachts. i get sea sick too easily.

a photo in better lighting so you can all look at my skin 😀
it’s not perfect nor fully healed in reality, but it looks perfect. HAHAHHAHA AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS.
(disclaimer: photo taken with iphone 5’s front camera. it kind of blurred out any flaws.)

anyway, i feel like this month is the calmest my skin has been for the past 8 months.
the rashy area on my lips that appeared in april is almost totally gone for now, sometimes that area appears a little dry and that’s all. it’s continuing to heal.

i notice part of my chest’s skin looking thinner, no wonder they get dark so easily! i think my dermal layer is renewing or some sort. i hope they return to the original thickness soon.

i’ll save the rest of the update for my monthly updates.

that’s all for now. i’ll be really busy for the next 2 months, but i’ll try my best to update as much as possible 😀



2 thoughts on “[follow me to] Keppel bay

  1. I’m almost 1 year in, and I’m still horrible. You are an inspiration to me, and seeing how beautiful you are now gives me a little hope. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • hey sara, my skin was still really bad one the 1 year mark. very very saddening. but things got better really slowly after that. 🙂 you’re most welcome! hope you stay strong in a tough situation like this!

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