[product review] salcura intensive spray and zeoderm cream


a few months ago, a lady from salcura asked if i would like to try out their range of products. back then i denied the request as i’m unsure if i want to use other products on my skin. i’m actually very curious whether my skin can heal on its own or not.

i’m sort of stuck in a dilemma between inflammation and healing. what if the inflammation is a signal to force the body to regenerate? what if i relief the inflammation, will it prevent deep healing (within my dermal layers)?

long story short, i took up the offer when they asked me a second time because i know someone in my family could really benefit from it, and here is my product review, documented by me and written for my mom.

background story:
my mom has always had some very minor skin issues, she used to have a rash (note the singular form) on the ankle of her leg. just one rash. i have no idea where she got the steroids from, but yea, she did use some of them before. and even self medicated with some weird chinese herbs stuff that may or may not contain skin damaging substances. god knows!?

the weird thing is, her skin cleared up after some time and maintained that way for many years, until recently.

i highly suspect it is due to her work as she has to stand for 8 hours a day. all that blood gushing down to her legs probably made her blood vessels dilate more than they should. coupled with bad blood circulation (as she has a pretty bad case of varicose veins and faulty valves), i can imagine how it slowly damages her skin there. I conclude that this may be varicose dermatitis.

initially she wanted to use medication, but seeing what i’ve been through so up close and personally, she told me “i don’t want to use anything, i’ll just let it heal on its own.”.

things should have improved, but it didn’t. instead, it is spreading very very slowly. i keep thinking it’s probably because we haven’t been able to nib the problem at the roots – bad blood circulation caused by her standing 8 hours a day.

i feel for her when she tries to hide her growing bloody wound (if you’ve been a long time reader, you would know that a bloody wound is an oozing wound that doesn’t heal quick enough) when she goes out.

after receiving an invitation to try out the products, i asked my mom if she’s interested and shared my opinions with her.

“if we can’t eliminate that 8 hours of standing a day, which i think is the main reason why your situation is worsening now despite your skin is regenerating daily, the next best option is to try to help it heal by decreasing the inflammation using some natural products. what do you think? why not we try to bring down this inflammation first, allow for the skin to rebuild itself, and then we try some compression stockings to help with blood circulation?”

of course, retiring her is the best option. but i can’t do that yet. it’s just a matter of time, and i can only bank my hope on salcura to buy myself some time for now.

she finally agreed after making sure that what i will use on her is fully naturally and has no side effects. she fully understands that we’re not gonna use it permanently, it’s just a mean to get things good enough before we try out other methods to overcome the side effects of bad blood circulation. she also said i can be a sales person. =_=

today (30 september)  i just received the parcel from UK and let her try it immediately.

salcura intensive spray review
in the parcel are two items: the dermaspray, and the zeoderm cream.

salcura intensive spray review
i got the 50ml spray and the 50ml cream, both are the smallest size available.

i didn’t tell her what to expect, she just had full trust in me because she knows i’ve done my research diligently – i made sure the ingredients are free from steroids. i even went as far as cross referencing scientific papers just to make sure that sea buckthorn indeed has anti-inflammatory properties without side effects. all the other ingredients are mostly natural oils, some are known to have antiseptic properties (tea tree oil), while others have anti-inflammatory properties (sea buckthorn, eucalyptus oil). from what i can see, there isn’t any preservatives.

even though everything is mostly made up of oils, mom didn’t complain about oiliness. the liquid does take some time to absorb into her skin.

salcura intensive spray review ingredient

after i sprayed it onto her bloody wound, i just spread the liquids with my finger gently as the nozzle didn’t do a good enough job in created an even and fine mist. doesn’t matter! as long as the product is delivered. it left a slightly moisturizing sensation after everything is absorbed.

she didn’t say anything or react violently, i guess it didn’t hurt? great. i went back to do my stuff.

half an hour later we were having dinner together.

mom: “my skin didn’t itch anymore!”
me: “really!? immediately!?” i said as she caught my attention immediately.
mom: “yea! before you sprayed, it was itching quite badly especially after my shower.. but now i just don’t feel anything at all! you should spray it too!”

my mom said that because my skin has been acting up due to the extra hot and hazy weather lately. DAMN YOU INDONESIA’S FOREST!

anyway, i told her to apply the cream a few days later, after her “bloody wound” dries up for good.

salcura zeolite cream review
this is what the cream claims to do = not only does it moisturize, it also helps to repair skin.

salcura zeolite cream ingredients
a quick look at the ingredients tells me it doesn’t contain the same anti inflammatory ingredient as the spray – sea buckthorn extract. however, it has zeolite, which supposedly helps to bind to and eliminate skin toxins. not sure how that works! but all the other oils are there for moisturization. there are some other chemical ingredients there to make a cream a cream, so it may not be the best option for people with super sensitive skin. so far, mom has been reacting well to it.

i can’t attest to the skin repairing property really, but it does act as a good barrier against moisture loss. it also has a weird scent. the cream is rather thick, definitely what i look for in a moisturizing cream.

after a month of trying this out, here are the results.

salcura intensive spray review before after
click on photo to enlarge.

her skin was oozing, shedding thick scales on a daily basis prior to using the product. both of us didn’t expect things to turn this bad after such a long time. there were signs of spreading too. a month later, while the skin still isn’t normal yet, the rate at which the skin shed had reduced. it’s not oozing as much as it did before! and

salcura intensive spray review before after
click on photo to enlarge.

the “new skin” is shiny and pink, a pretty good sign as compared to the previous month (the ‘new’ skin is still dry). it looks pretty fragile and would probably require a lot more time to get back to normal. but the product seems to be providing her with relief for now. like i said, they allow me to buy more time before i get to retire her.

after showing mom the before and after, she was quite amused. “WOW there really is a difference!”. but she added this.

“actually, the day after i first tried the spray, the skin already stopped flaking off so much.”
i guess the anti-inflammatory effect of the spray must be quite potent. the effects of the spray is definitely much more visible than the cream.

now that the inflammation has subsided, her skin can recover and strengthen itself. 🙂 the spray is still more than half filled, it claims to have 400 sprays. assuming mom uses it twice a day, 3 spritz a day.. so that’s 6 times a day. 180 times a month. let’s see how long this thing lasts her.


i only let her use the product knowing that there are no similar side effects that i got with topical steroids. also, mom doesn’t have a history of topical steroid addiction, so this product seemed to be suitable for her needs right now. of course i would like her to change some of her lifestyle and diet, but that’s not up to me to change it. she’s not willing to ditch those carbs, i can’t do anything about it.

the salcura products are not products that will nib your eczema problems at its roots, these are meant to be alternatives to steroids to help control the symptoms. to get rid of it entirely, you’ll have to find out what exactly is causing your issues in the first place. you may get addicted to this product since your rashes are most likely going to return if you stop using it, but at least there shouldn’t be the scary withdrawal effects from topical steroids since these products doesn’t thin the skin. but then again, don’t quote me on this because there have yet to be research done on this aspect yet.

that’s all for this sponsored review, courtesy of salcura.


4 thoughts on “[product review] salcura intensive spray and zeoderm cream

  1. I use the salcura products for my TSW. I find the zeoderm a bit strong, but they do a milder version for kids called bio-skin which I use a lot. The sprays are brilliant for oozy areas.

    Glad your mom found something that helped.

    • i remember reading your post! glad they helped you! i didn’t use it on myself because i’m worried i’ll grow to be dependent on it as my skin is still sub par. oh well! and yea, the spray really does bring her inflammation down! 🙂

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