i’ve already explained how this flare in a previous post isn’t really the typical TSW since there are no ways for me to experience another withdrawal 3.5 years after i quit steroids. i highly suspect it’s a case of environmental stimulus coupled with steroid damaged skin, making it more susceptible for me to get more than just the normal eczema rashes. and a month ago, i received some dire news that really stressed the shit out of me. so if you ask if this is TSW? i’d say it’s flare but NOT BECAUSE I WITHDREW FROM STEROIDS, but because of steroid damaged skin and a lot of bad habits that slowly built up and snowballed.

i’ve already stopped eating my beloved bread and chocolates since my skin got bad. all kind of wheat products as well. my diet is mostly fruits, vegetables and some meat these days.

A LOT OF PHOTOS for this entry, so i’ll add in a break right here. click if you wanna see my 2 week’s worth of photo update.

29 oct 2014

skin is slowly progressing. even though it looks worse than it did a few weeks ago, i gotta say progression is better than stagnation. general redness, dry skin, deeper damage around my lips as the skin flakes are much thicker. my nose is spared again. HEHE!



30 oct 2014

yesterday i shed quite a lot of skin. it’s nothing new right? i feel so happy when my eyes can finally open normally again! but by this morning, my face is tight again. is this what a face lift feels like? this tightness? my scalp is already doing much better, the skin flakes are decreasing in thickness, not oozing as much as before. soon i can sleep normally again!




31 oct 2014

i couldn’t sleep until 2am last night. not sure if it’s the afternoon nap i had yesterday?

my skin was busy flaking off today, sadly the skin beneath is still inflamed. but i did notice some encouraging things like.. my scalp doesn’t ooze like a bitch anymore even though it still flakes. well, i had to assist it by combing it through my hair though. my finger cuticle seems to be calming down – the skin no longer shed daily, and the “new skin” underneath isn’t as fragile.

but my face, it looks kinda horrid in photo. this was after i showered, i rubbed a lot of dried skin off.. what’s left is.. red skin. good lord. but at least my eyes are totally not swollen anymore! if they can’t fold up, it’s due to the layer of thick and dry skin.

the previously raised part are also calming down, flattening itself. no more itch fest as far as I observed.



1 nov 2014

today felt like a better day. despite the bad sleep, which led to a lethargic feeling after, i’m feeling pretty good!

there were plenty of skin flakes on my face today, those on my cheeks look whitish and thin, it’s a good sign that i observed. it means that it’s less inflamed already.

another encouraging thing i noticed: the previously raised patches are calming down, flattening out, and drying out.


a closer shot of my forehead to capture the whitish skin flakes. they may look scaly, but it’s definitely not thick. thank god.

on another note, my eyes are not swollen anymore, neither are the skin so dry and thick that my eyes can’t open properly! YAY! i feel glad that i don’t feel my skin as much already.

my chin area is easing itself slowly, the skin there isn’t as thick as it was a few days ago. i no longer feel like i’m wearing a mask. while my skin still crack upon stretching, it’s only the top most layer that cracks, no longer does it go deeper and hurt like a bitch.

it still hurts a little bit when i apply my medicated vinegar. i can tell the vast difference in pain level, which means there isn’t as much superficial wounds as there were before.

after i showered and rubbed off all those skin flakes, my skin NEVER felt so good before in the past 3 weeks. my new skin was smooth and was able to hold on to some moisture. it’s a good sign ๐Ÿ™‚ but areas around my lips and on my neck still have a long way to go. they were significantly redder than the rest of my face, and skin flakes there are slightly thicker too.


2 nov 2014

i woke up this morning and was lethargic because i couldn’t sleep well. i managed to fall asleep around 3am.

face isn’t as red as before. the fair skin took a yellowish tone, so overall, my skin tone looks more even now. as usual, lip area and neck are still slightly problematic, but i can see and feel the difference.

the rest of the other rashes around my body are in the shedding phase. dry shedding, with no significant inflammation involved. meaning, they’re not itchy, not raised, not attempting to ooze.

haven’t been feeling itchy this few days.

most of the rashes on my upper chest, directly below my neck are calming down too. no longer raised, but flakes every no and then.

as for my neck…. some deep damage there.


3 nov 2014

didn’t sleep well again. there’s just no way for me to fall asleep. i only managed to around 3am. :/ that doesn’t make me happy.

skin feels irritated today, probably due to the bad sleep. probably just part of the cycle you know? previously flattened rashes are raised slightly.

flash photography makes the redness appear more obvious so i can see which parts are still red. my left eye (on the right side) appears redder because i rubbed it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


just lots of dry flakes. see how it’s snaking into my scalp? :/

and after exfoliating.. uh oh. i may have over done it. i just rubbed my face and those skin fell off. i took this right after i showered so it appeared more red than usual.

why am i not surprised that the lip area is the one that’s more deeply wounded?

the redness on my upper chest is slowly clearing up.


4 nov 2014

it’s another night of bad sleep for me. 2 in a row is pushing it. my skin was itching a little at night. especially my face and scalp. the rest of my body felt ok.

woke to a drier face again, not as plastic as before, but it’s not as comfortable as it was a few days ago. lots of dry skin, redness, rashes are still raised. however, it’s only that case on my face and neck. my entire body’s rashes seem to be calming down and dissolving.

a few weeks ago my arm was scratched so much that it started shedding thicker skin, it was rough and disgusting. but by now it’s back to being soft and smooth again.


the rashy area on my abdomen has smoothened out, albeit the slight pigmentation. but hey, it’s progress. ๐Ÿ™‚


5 nov 2014

face is still in the second cycle. fuckkkk. couldn’t sleep well, waking up every few hours as usual.


with flash on, the redness on my eyes are so prominent.


6 nov 2014

last night was horrid. slept earlier at 9+pm, but I kept waking up. I was scratching quite a lot too. my scalp is oozing a little again so.. it’s back to difficult sleeping position again.

i caught myself feeling itchy at 12am last night, 8 hours after my last meal. is there a patterm? or just coincidence?

face is super plastic today. great.

somehow the redness wasn’t very pronounced in this photo. but it was quite red in reality.


7 nov 2014

lip area is so much more fragile than the other places. the skin on my eyes are scaly and thick too, the redness is coming back and previously flattened skin around my body seems to be rising a little today. the scalp was oozing a bit yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

it’s all part of the cycle.

i managed to fall asleep around 2+am. woke up at 5.30am, scratching. so i went to make myself breakfast, took a shower, read.. and fell asleep at 9am, until 1pm.

i had my last meal at 3pm today, trying to test if i’ll itch 8 hours later. at 11pm, there is none. i thought i can deal with the itch when i’m awake before i fall asleep. looks like they just like to attack me at my weakest moment (when i’m asleep).

i slept so well during my morning nap. i miss sleeping without itching. all that discomfort.. but i’m thankful to be able to get 4 hours of good sleep.

is it surprising to note that my menses is gonna arrive soon? part of the redness could be explained by that. my skin doesn’t feel particularly warm though.

the redness that dissipated from around my nose is back. oh well. i feel like i look like how i did when i started my fast. this regression. =_=


8 nov 2014

sleep is just not going well for me. i “sleep” during the night waking up constantly every few hours.

skin was kinda angry when i woke up, but it got better towards the end of the day.




by night time, the redness dissipated quite a lot.

mom made steamed fish and it was so good.

i applied some face cream in the afternoon as i had to leave house for a bit. just a little to disguise the dry skin.


9 nov 2014

last night i noticed there were some slight oozing on my face while sleeping. i thought it’d be gone when i wake, but i was wrong. my entire face was so angry, oozing the familiar clear yellow liquid.

can’t describe the feelings i had this morning. it’s a mixture of “fuck this shit” and “yes my skin is reacting to the changes!”. on one hand i’m excited to finally see how my skin will react when i ate something i’m not supposed to right now (i high suspect my digestion isn’t able to handle animal proteins at the moment), on the other hand.. this constant feeling on my face sucks balls so much.

my eyes are swollen again. URGH.

is it the indigestion i experienced, or the cream that led to the oozing!? :/

I also noticed that scratched parts of my skin are turning darker. rashy patches on my hands are active, not itchy though. just dry and raised.

WTF? skin was so angry.

you can see some of the yellowish stuff right? not as obvious and ridiculous as they once were.

10 NOV 2014

after yesterday morning’s oozing scare.. i managed to sleep for 4 hours last night. woke up relatively ok, not too tired. didn’t take a nap today, that’s a stark different as compared to the previous few days.

face wasn’t oozing this morning. a new layer of dry skin has formed which sort of “protected” my skin from oozing. sigh. today is shedding day. i did tried to scratch my face a little, the skin falls right off but the new skin is NOT ready – it’s damp and feels wet if i touch it. but it’ll dry up later.

in general, skin is still bad, but it’s a little better than yesterday.

I noticed all the other rashy area on my body is more angry. raised, dark, and dry. some of the looks like blackened skin. :/ wtf?

eyes aren’t as swollen as they were yesterday! yay! skin is still red, dry, and whatever crap it is.



11 NOV 2014

it felt like forever, but today i finally had more sleep. i think i fell asleep around 1am last night. i was really exhausted after the lack of sleep from the past few days. i did wake up a throughout the night, but it wasn’t as bad as before. i finally woke up around 9am. my face was so dry from the long sleep. but no oozing, just plenty of thick and dry skin. particularly drier around my lips, but my cheeks are also red and dry as well.

the rashy part on my body feels increasingly irritated. seem to be spreading.

my neck ache seem to have been gone, for now. not sure if it’s because i haven’t been sitting in front of the laptop for as long as i used to..? or is it due to my change in diet? hair loss has also decreased a little, it’s just an estimation. i used to wake up to see LOTS of hair on my bed. these days there are less, but it could be because i already combed them and removed any dead hair throughout the day. i keep telling myself “it’s okay, hair will grow back. skin will grow back. everything will grow back.”


still ab le to tell the slightly oozy areas in this photo, but the initial redness wasn’t as obvious, right?


12 November 2014

slept pretty well last night. didn’t wake up every 3 hours at the very least, but it’s not the sound sleep I used to have.

face isn’t oozing anymore, the dry skin is still shedding. at least I can try to open my eyes this 2 days.

the rashes on my body is obviously not improving. not only do they take a darker skin tone, they’re also irritated. especially on the back of my knees ๐Ÿ˜ฆ skin is thick and raised. hurts when I shower.

neck pain has improved a lot, but my runny nose is still runny. it actually bled a little just now. :/

the growing “rash” on the back of my hand. i don’t even know if i should call them a rash. they don’t actually itch, but they just.. look like a rash. makes me look like i have leprosy or something. :/


13 november 2014

shedding day. woke up at 9am after sleeping around 12am? i was sleepy by 11pm when i got into bed.. so then i just.. fell asleep! WOOHOO! i did wake up a bit throughout the night but i fell back asleep really quickly. that’s good news for me.

my face has been calming down ever since that oozing a few days ago. is it just part of the cycle? i’ll have to keep an eye on it.

lip area is most fragile, it actually hurts if i press it a little.

the rashy area on my body seem to be calming down a little more today too. the last time i experienced a calming episode was about 10 days ago.

today, i ate the usual..

scramble eggs, tomato, lettuce, water melon, grapes, apple, orange, cabbage, celery, carrots, some pork, and some pig skin. mom made soup that’s good for my tummy ๐Ÿ™‚

BM was ok today! didn’t feel the urge to, but when i exerted some force it was born pretty effortlessly, MUCH better than a few days ago.


cheeks are flaking thinner flakes as opposed to eyelid and lip area. neck’s doing better too, only a certain spot is particularly raw, the rest are getting better IMO.

my joint areas are dry, but not itchy this two days. ๐Ÿ˜€

scalp isn’t oozing, but still flaking. there’re also some dandruff now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i haven’t used a shampoo for a month+ because i have no more sebum.


so that’s all for the photo updates for this month. i’ll try to keep up with it, one photo a day if i can.. it takes effort, but seeing is believing.

i’m gonna try somethings out with regards to my diet. i know i’ve said this before – i don’t think diet plays a very important role during TSW, as in, right after you stopped steroids, your diet change may make very little difference to the entire withdrawal because your skin is inflamed not because of the food intolerances. you’ll flare even if you didn’t eat a thing. perhaps somewhere down the road you’ll notice certain food makes you itch more than usual, then just do yourself a favour and pause it for the moment.

as for now, i don’t think my skin flared because of steroid rebound, of course there may be many possible explanations, but the one that’s floating my boat right now tells me my steroid damaged skin require some extra tender loving care from me – i need to be in control of my overall health and can no longer get away with eating every damn food in this world, but that’s ok, because at the end of the day, what i’m quitting right now are not good food anyway. i believe there is a chronic inflammation going on in my body for the past few months that i have neglected, and now it’s over the edge and exploding on my skin to wake me up.

i just have to work hard to get my good skin back.

i’ve read so many books lately, they all point fingers at gluten and processed foods. even if gluten isn’t my problem, it will cause a problem in the long run if i don’t. i don’t want to rot my brain, i don’t want to clog my arteries, neither do i want ants drinking my urine because it’s sweet like nectar. i also do not want any chronic inflammation running wild in my body.

having said this much, you may be interested in my current diet. i eliminated gluten. it’s essentially a low carb diet, but very specific to gluten. it’s gonna take a while to see the effects, so.. i’ll keep updating ๐Ÿ˜€


55 thoughts on “MONTH 43

  1. Dear Juliana,

    I check your blog from time to time. Iโ€™m sorry to hear about your struggle cos Iโ€™ve been down the same road you have been. Iโ€™ve regained my normal routine and would like to recommend the deer placenta pills. One thing Iโ€™ve learnt from the journey is that if youโ€™ve never tried, youโ€™ll never know. These pills ainโ€™t cheap but I say with near certainty youโ€™re going to see results like I did. Iโ€™m even willing to leave my contact number to help you if you let me. Iโ€™m reachable at +65 81003255. Stay strong, champ.

    • hi there, i was recommended deer placenta pills several times but.. please don’t take this personally – i find it to be a freaking expensive MLM thing and i personally have a HUGGGE thing against MLM. i know you wish the best for me (as in, i know you’re not trying to capitalize on my misfortune), but i truly believe i can find other methods that won’t require a life long dependence on an expensive product (where most of the money goes into the commission of the sales and managers). thanks for offering ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Seeing is believing! You have, we all have, seen your pretty skin. They will grow back!
    Im curious how your ankles are. My TCM doctor told me eczema typically stays “down” in your body. I see that your current flare is not TSW though. Just curious, coz my ankles are itching like hell lately (or i mean all along).
    Keep believing!

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ indeed, seeing is believing! my ankles are actually flaking thick skin, and it’s surprising your TCM doctor said that because my feet were the first one to get rashy bits many months back. i guess it may have something to do with compromised skin (since i did use steroids on my feet), and the increase blood pressure due to gravity.

      i won’t stop believing ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the encouragement! xoxo

  3. Thank you as always Juliana for updating us on the true reflection of your skin healing whether it is TSW or beyond. Inflammatory foods and stress are my biggest enemies for flaring, took me awhile to figure it out. I guess this whole healing process is about knowing more about ourselves and finding out what is good and bad for us which will vary across everyone. I hope that flare comes down quickly and we will see your happy skin and face soon xxx ahfaye

    • love you so much ahfaye.. ๐Ÿ™‚ i guess we just have to play detective and find out what is good and bad for our body, since the doctors failed to do that with us when they should have. now, we can really call ourselves “the master of our own health”.

      i wish you the same! xoxo

  4. Hi Juliana,

    Sorry I was supposed to send you pictures of my foot after I wrote to you sometime in September or October.

    Just wanted to share with you the alternative therapy I sought help from on 18th Sept. She tested me with the Bio Resonance machine. I was found to be intolerant to yeast,gluten/wheat and dairy products. I was also told to drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily and need to “detox” aka pass motion ar least once a day.

    Through the machine, she found that my liver was not functioning well and same for my intestines. Hence, the “detoxing” via passing motion as well as drinking lots of water and avoiding the foods as advised was vital to reducing my itch.

    I told her that I could not sleep between 1am and 3am. This was due to my liver trying to “throw out ” the toxics. I”ll be visiting her in December for the therapy sessions as she’s having her maternity now. I can sleep better at night. I have also stopped eating eggs eversince I took the immunopro 300 bloodtest.

    All the best for the battle with eczema. You might want to try the Bio Therapy sessions if you don’t see any improvement to heal naturally.

  5. praying for your fast recovery! Had you been using the same moisturizer or body wash before the flare started a few weeks ago? After so many years of suffering, I finally discovered I am extremely sensitive to moisturizers. My eczema was still pretty severe, but the inflammation calmed down a lot after I went moisturizer free, so I completely stopped using moisturizers. It took me so long to realize, because I would always feel fine when I started using a new moisturizer, but ALWAYS developed allergies later. Sometimes within a few days, and sometimes after a few months! I just recently realized I’ve developed allergy to the body wash (sebamed) I’ve been using for almost 2 years. The allergy symptoms actually started much earlier, but I always thought they were just my regular allergy flares. Then I had two incidents of my facial eczema worsening right after showering, so I finally realized…It was very similar to what you discovered the day after you used the moisturizer – inflammation and oozing.

    • thank you mollie! i never use any body wash for the past few years. as for the moisturizer, yes it’s been the same one i’ve been using all along. it never gave me any problems, so i believe it’s just the skin that has changed that led to the reaction i had to the cream.

      i’m glad you found out what’s aggravating your skin! maybe you can skip out on them for now and give them a try when youre skin is better!

  6. Dear Juliana

    Your page so inspriration to me.
    I came aross to find your page while I find the information to treat my skin problem. I have so suffer from sub-derm, it gone so long time but this time when it back it a huge problem to me. It spread in many area and I am annoying with it so much. But when I have read all your entire page, it’s so sparking the inspriration to keep frighting with it.
    I am the one who back to basic to treat my skin without steriod.

    I am agree that everthing happen with reason, when look backward to my daily life, It’s poor!! , unquality foods eatting no exercise and less sleep, that why Sebderm come back and it hit a lot. Right now the skin symptom is better beside my tropical medicine(keto top) my dermatologist using excrimer laser and phototheraphy to treating me.
    I head that this 2 lasers also help for Atopic dermatitis, have you ever tried this yet?

    Moreover, about moisturizer I think it might help to eliminated your skin ozzy and dry. Let’s try this kinds of product
    – Eucerin Ato control: my dermatologist
    prescript this guy to me at first phase of sebderm. It calm so soothing.
    – Atopalm intensive cream: MLE is the core ingrident and there are many research proof that it help restore skin barrier espeacially skin after TsW.
    – Phisiogel AI cream, I am totally love this product , I always use it day and night and feel like my skin so much stronger, no dry, no itchy.
    Ezerra always use it when my skin so so itchy , the texture so light and great absorb to the skin.
    Moreover, my dermatologist also sugguest me to use Aloe vera gel to keep remaind the skin moisturizer.

    Hope this help you.

    With love from your Thai big fan!

    • hi there moe!

      thanks for your comment! i’m sorry to hear about your situation. i have not used laser and phototherapy before. they may help with atopic dermatitis ๐Ÿ™‚

      thank you very much for your recommendation, but the truth is i kind of react to creams right now, so i try my best to not use anything at all. dry skin is uncomfortable, but irritated and itchy skin is even more uncomfortable. i may look into them after my skin gets better!

      thank you once again! ๐Ÿ˜€ hope you feel better soon! stay strong!

  7. Hey Juliana,

    I know you’ve heard this million times but: You are not alone! JIA YOU!
    U’ve beaten TSW so you can beat this flare.

    On a side note, I do notice in your past pictures you wear makeup on your good healed days. Do they pose any problems at all? Just want to know how much make up I might be able to tolerate if I ever heal. haha

    • *hugs* thanks a lot!

      make never posed a problem for me after my skin recovered from the previous flares. you can definitely tolerate them once your skin heals ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. hi juliana,
    i agree with you 100% that what your skin is going through right now is not tsw. that is all over. i understand that. however, for the most part your symptoms ARE still typically the same as tsw, which i think has to do with the fact your body is going to take a long time to LEARN to live without steriods and because your system is already so comprimised due to the damage the steriods have done, flares will continue to happen when something aggravates it. i’m sorry, but when i read and see your pictures….”healed” is not a word i would use to describe your skin…tsw or not. our bodies are absolutley capable of healing themselves. the only problem, it takes a long, long time….i wish you peace and love and calm, smooth, soft skin soon…..

    • hey susan, i agree with you! but i never consider myself truly healed at a 100% level. if i did use the word “i was healed before”, i meant my skin recovered from a flare back to normal functioning. but am i fully rid of skin problems? no. i dont remember ever declaring myself fully healed, did i? im curious if you have saw something that led to you constantly questioning my “healing”. it sucks ball but yea, steroid damage has compromised my body, im just gonna have to be more careful and mindful with everything. that’s not entirelt a bad thing though, because it gives me a really good reason to live healthy ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your well wishes! i wish you and everyone alike the same smooth and good skin too!

  9. Hi Juliana,

    I have been following your highly informative blog for the past two years. We get a lot of strength from your postings. I am so sorry to see your latest flare but hang in there it may well be the last big one. I have two grown up kids and a child going through TSW so I can feel your pain and frustration as our lives were & still are turned up side down from the TSW nightmare. Our story is no different then yours or other sufferers as my kids rashes started early in their childhood when they were around 2 years old. It started out as a minor eczema for which their GD docs put them on steroids. The oldest, Azeem 26 used TS for over 22 years as he was addicted from an early childhood unbeknown to us in the absence of internet then that his worsening eczema was actually TSW. Naveed 21 used it for over 15 years and Dilberjon, 10 used it for 4+ years. It has been 27 months for them to be off these horrible drugs. They are 40-50% better but have a long way to go. We are still struggling and the nightmare continues although less and somewhat manageable. Dr. Rap told us to hang in there as it will take a long time perhaps around 5 + years considering the tubs of triemcenolone & clobetasol that were used so they could at least function and attend school. About 3.5 years ago their bodies completely broke down and they were bed ridden. We as a family were searching for answers and out of utter desperation one night about 3am, I came across Dr Raps report/article that gave us hope.

    I know you mentioned in your post that your current flare is no way related to TSW but I wanted to share with you that Dr. Rap told us to buckle down because it can take a long time perhaps 4 to 5+ years especially for long term users. We saw him many times for this condition. He said he has seen situations where some TSW patients who were mostly healed got a big flare down the road after several months of being clear & free of rash. It’s a stark reminder of how devastating, disheartening & horrible this condition is. Azeem know about you and reads your blogs. He may contact you or you can email him at:,

    Thank you for your time.

    All the best,

    Shaukat A. Shahid
    Scottsdale , AZ.

    • thanks a lot for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚ while i am not ruling out the possiblity that this may just be a case of the typical TSW, but i also find it to be not so typical. i wouldn’t say it’s NOT related to TSW, but it’s definitely related to steroid damage. it’s just not logical for my skin to suddenly flare up for no reasons other than steroids which i’ve stopped for 3.5 years. i just think there may be other factors that contributed to this flare. i know it takes a much longer time for the skin to heal completely from steroid damage, but if i know there are ways to manage it instead of letting my skin do its own thing, i will try my best to find out what is it that’s within my control.

      i’m so sorry to hear about your children, all three of them going through TSW. it sucks. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ please stay strong for your family. if your son have any questions to which he can’t find answers from my blog, he can feel free to email me.

      • It is actually quite logical that your skin does this after topical steroids. Steroids suppress inflammation and what you have on your skin (staph, which is very evident from the pictures) is allowed to more easily spread when inflammation is reduced. The TS have helped to create conditions that make the red skin worse but they are not to blame. Topical steroid addiction can occur in very rare cases but this is just simply a matter of needing a long term antibiotic. Here’s some more information.

      • hey, i’m not sure what makes you so sure it’s staph, but i do not think it was staph! plus, i’ve stopped topical steroids for more than 4 years, the inflammation wasn’t reduced for the same period of time too.

  10. Hi Juliana, ever since i start TSW journey, i had started gluten free journey too.
    Enjoy gluten free diet you will felt the difference in your body ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I am in a similar position to you and i am sorry, but i know you can get through it! My skin is still flaring…I often wonder if it even is TSW but nothing seems to explain why it gets this bad. I am at month 18 so it is less uncertain compared to you i guess though :s

  12. Just left a comment on the other page. Realize that you are going through a relapse. It did happen to me as well, after stopping steroids for 3 to 4 years. The skin remains weakened by many years of steroid usage. For me the relapses are caused by stress, as I easily get insomnia and then eczema tends to take over. Also food related, when I am careful with how much food I eat and what kind of food, it is better. Environmental changes too. I moved from the West Coast of the USA where the air was really clean to Italy a few months ago and the air isn’t very clean and the water very hard on the skin. Thanks for sharing again, that helps me in keeping strong for my current relapse. It is almost as bad as you.

    • hi there, i can really concur with the stress and food part. now that we’re more fragile, we just have to take better care of ourselves, living mindfully and meaningfully ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope you stay strong! sending some good vibes to you!

      • I was wondering if a skin infection like the one that triggered my current episodes wouldn’t be causing you this relapse? After taking Augmentin all the weird scabs in my head finally are gone. All the other relapses I had in the past 7 years never got so bad.

  13. Hi juliana, im so sorry that you have to go through such a relapse despite withdrawing from ts for 3 years. It must be frustrating and baffling that the skin is still susceptible to a bad relapse. BUT JIAYOU JULIANA I KNOW U WILL PREVAIL! ^^

    I’ve been following your website for more than a year now, im pleased to saythat I always liked your posts. Im always lurking in the shadows tho, never commenting. thank you for consistently updating your skins status, regardless of how bad it seems.
    Jiayou and good skin to all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hello jax, thanks for the concern and support! ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s tough at first, but once i come to terms with what i’m going through and the idea of new stuff to experiment with, i’m no longer feeling at a loss. it’s all part and parcel of getting to know ourselves better!

      thank you so much for dropping me a comment after lurking in the shadow for so long ๐Ÿ˜› appreciate it!

      good luck!

  14. I have been healed since June with perfect skin until September my face has been slowly getting drier, now it’s almost exactly the same as yours in the pictures. I reckon it’s something in the air at least for me, areas that are covered by clothes are completly unaffected and my eyes sometimes water like crazy when I go outside. Hope you get better soon.

    • hey shehz, i’m sorry to hear about your situation! hope the air around you gets better soon! it does sound like you’re irritated by the air or something in the air! any possibility of getting an air filter for your home? i hope you get better soon too!

  15. Hi Juliana, hope you are doing better. Been thinking a lot of you. I have managed to get my sleep back, so my skin is slowly getting better on my face. Not really on my neck or torso. This is the weird thing about withdrawal, it seems that it gets better and then here you go, eczema comes out somewhere else. I have started to take flaxseed oil twice a day (with a spoon of cottage cheese – even though I am trying to stay away from dairy). Will see how it goes in a week or so. Take care. Daphne

    • hey daphne, thanks for your concern! i wish the same for you! it’s a great thing to be able to sleep, really! so i’m really happy for you! haha yea.. sucks that my skin is more fragile than a normal person’s now.. we just have to live healthier and be more mindful of what we do to our health i suppose? think of it another way.. the skin is like a litmsu test for our health! so it’s kind of lucky that we get to see the state of our health, unlike those who get metabolic diseases and can only find out the state of their condition if they go through rounds and rounds of tests!

      good luck and stay strong!

  16. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog posts for awhile now, and I just wanted to say to hang in there and that relief will come, hopefully, soon! I am going through a similar phase, but I just had a few questions. My skin right now, the area around my neck and chest, is red, but slightly dark. Does that mean it is healing? Some parts of my skin are now just a totally different color than than the rest of natural skin tone, and I was wondering if it’ll ever change back? The discoloration is driving me nuts.

    • thanks julia ๐Ÿ™‚ *hugs* i do believe that my relief is coming soon!

      to me, i’d be glad to see the skin turning slightly darker, because that means it’s moving along! so i’d say it’s a sign of healing since it’s not stagnant at the red stage. the discoloration will go away with time ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve experienced it before!

  17. Hey Julianna,
    I’m sorry to hear you’re flaring again!
    I just wanted to ask, is your flare affecting mostly just your face and neck area? Are other parts like legs and torso also affected?

    • hello selina! my flare is mostly on my face and neck as in the affect it the most. however, i also observe increased itching on other parts of my body, however they aren’t too serious.

  18. Hi Juliana. I am sorry to hear of your recent flare up. Sad to see you suffering. I believe as you say the flare is a result of sensitive damage skin from steroids. You seem to still be going thru tsw. Hang in there and I am sure soon you will have strong healthy resilient skin.

    As for me I am in my 16th month and still flaring. My skin from neck till feet still red, rashy and flaking. I am still going thru bad oozing wounds at back of both my thighs. Good news is my face and ears are a lot better and seem almost normal. I am looking forward and hoping that I will stop flaring with healthy normal skin b4 I hit my 24th month.

  19. Hi Juliana, good luck with your new health journey. Gluten free, stress free, lower sugar/starch to tight control blood sugar spikes, healing the gut, exercises for chi&blood circulation… etc. should all be able to help our body back to a healthy state. Sounds like you are on the right track!!

  20. Hi Juliana! I’ve been lurking for a while too, but never did comment before… I am having a flare right now after around 5 years of stopping topical steroids (but I think in between I have been using a cream which they claimed not to have steroids, but recently they recalled the product for having steroids but not announcing it), so am unsure of how long I have stopped topical steroids. I recently came across this thing called “indigo naturalis” or qing1 dai4 (in chinese), and wondering if you have used it before and if so, what is the effect? Did it reduce the flare?

      • Thanks Juliana! Hope your eczema gets better soon too! Really grateful for your blogposts and keeping me going strong in being steroid free and that I’m not alone! (Although all I see when I go out are people with good skin)

      • thanks for your well wishes! we’re in this together, don’t forget that! and all those people with good skin out there probably have some other hidden problems that we can’t see. i’m not cursing them, neither am i saying we’re better of, but i just want you to know that there’re many things that’s hidden beneath the surface that we do not know. don’t let those people with good skin make you feel bad about your own situation!

  21. I hope it’s getting better at this point. That stuff around the eyes is the WORST! You know what’s really helped me in the 23 years I’ve had eczema, is Shea butter. 100% pure straight from the nut shea butter. I mash it up so it’s nice and smooth, and then I add in a little bit of jojoba oil. They’re both gentle and really seem to help. I’m not sure if you’ve tried it, but it’s so soothing. I’ve tried a million things for my eczema, but Shea butter always helps.
    Anyway, I hope you’re doing better. I’m so sorry to see the pain that you’re going through.

      • hey samantha! thanks for your suggestions! i’ve been taking vitamins and fish oils too, but it’s too early to say anything promising about them. i’m definitely gonna look into jojoba oil too!

        and thank you so much for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚


  22. Hi Juliana,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through skin troubles again. Wanted to send you lots of good vibes~ Hope things will get better soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m on my 21st month off steroids and am experiencing similar, if not worse, conditions. Lots of oozing and extremely dry, hardened flaking that coats the skin once the oozing dries, kind of like a scab. I read on the Itsan website that those patients who did not wipe off the edema (oozing) healed quicker than those who did. If I recall correctly, they were under Dr. Fukaya’s surveillance throughout their TSW.

    I was wondering if you had tried this for your current flare, or in the past? It might make all the difference in your healing process — at least, that’s what I’m hoping!

    As my condition worsened last week, I did the unthinkable and eliminated all moisturizer use (which I’d been using for nearly all my life!) and reduced my washing to infrequent tepid baths with Dead Sea salts (for their minerals and stinging relief) and just allowed the skin to flake over and harden. Like a scab, I’m hoping that this will expedite the healing process for the raw skin underneath. The constant picking and exfoliating in hot showers and moisturizing I did during past flare-ups might have been delaying the natural process for my skin to heal.

    It was a fucking bitch the first few days, to say the least: my movements were restricted and I felt incredibly uncomfortable and claustrophobic in my own skin. But the itchiness and the throbbing sensations when the raw skin is exposed, diminished.

    I’m still in the thick of it, so I can’t offer any happy reports from the other end of the tunnel just yet. But I remain optimistic and ever grateful to you for keeping us informed of your TSW recovery. Keep strength! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wishing you the very best for the new year,

    • hello SC!

      it’s okay! i have lots of good vibes! don’t worry about me!
      i don’t remember reading anything about not wiping away the ooze. i did not try this before, and i don’t have enough ooze to try this time round.
      if it doesn’t bother you, then you can go ahead and try it! the ooze was too messy and dirtying my surrounding, i had to wipe them off.

      i believe your skin will adjust to the lack of moisturizer after a while! it will be hard at first because you’re not used to the thick and dry skin which limits your movements. but once those skin shed off, you’ll feel better! it’s definitely a pain in the ass, this entire TSW bullshit is one big piece of shit, but it’ll be over!

      i hope you can remain optimistic ๐Ÿ˜€

      take care! and wishing you a happy new year too!


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