looks like i’m a day late in posting this!
what a difference a few days can make!
just 2 days ago it’s 2014, and now it’s 2015!

speaking of which, my skin also went downhill within the past few days.
it’s just cycle 6 or 7 coming along, saying hi to me.
it’ll pass, i know ๐Ÿ˜‰

3 years ago when i first went through TSW, i thought my life is coming to an end.
all the things i have enjoyed had to be stopped abruptly,
things that make me “have a life” like going out, partying with friends, going to school, BLAH.

this time round, i am starting to see this flare as an opportunity for me to change directions in my life.

i’ve read stories of people who created something successful because they were stricken with a situation that forced them to put a pause on what they’ve been doing. if not for the accidents, they wouldn’t have taken that path.

blessing in disguise? damn right!

over the years, i’ve learnt how the environment can easily influence our decisions.
for example, if everything was going semi smoothly, i wouldn’t bother to find a better solution until things break down.

perhaps this “skin holiday” right now is exactly what i need to move on to a different sector of my life, where i have more free time and solitude to think through my options so i can make better decisions when i ultimately have to.

free from my previous obligations and responsibilities, i am able to pick up new skill sets and slowly hone them without the pressure that would have built up easily back then when i have to toggle between my different identities. research and experimentation (not just talking about science research, i mean acquiring new knowledge and information) takes time to ingest and digest, and i’m blessed to have all these right now.

and most importantly, it is serving as a little spiritual retreat where i get in touch with myself again. it’s easy to let the hustle and bustle in life erode my relationship with myself, where i simply neglect myself because everything else is sapping my attention and energy. this is the best time to recuperate, reconnect and realign my thoughts and mind.

i hope i didn’t sound like a crazy person talking about spiritual wellness and mindfulness. it may sound really abstract looking at what i just wrote, but in simpler terms, i’m just trying to help my mind come to terms with reality in the simplest and smoothest way possible.

our minds will always try to find reasons to justify reality. in my distorted understanding of the reality that doesn’t really make sense, i can find inner peace as my brain manages to piece everything into a story that actually makes sense.

i said my understanding is “distorted” because what’s happening in reality may not be how i’m perceiving it in my mind. it’s how i perceive the world that ultimately makes a difference in my world. the same event can be perceived different by everyone, i simply choose to perceive it in a way that will cause the least ripples (instead of it becoming a tsunami) in my life.

i hope you can find peace too.

may 2015 be a year of growth and healing to each and everyone of us ๐Ÿ™‚



19 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015

  1. Happy New Year! As someone starting to see semblances of normal life again I want to thank you on behalf of everyone you have inspired with your blog. It has made a world of difference, especially in the dark and more difficult times in TSW. All the best and I hope you get over this flare in a timely fashion.

    • happy new year nam! i’m really happy for you to be able to get your normal life back! it is going to be a smoother ride for you from now on! and thank you, you are so sweet for thanking me ๐Ÿ˜€ i never though i will be able to inspire others, but i’m glad i can!

      take care and good luck!

  2. Happy new year Juliana! Through the worst, it will bring about the best.
    It is because overcoming this excruciating battle that we feel pain, and when we finally erdicate our problems… We look back and see how much stronger we are.
    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
    Have a great year ahead ^^

  3. Hi Juliana. I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with this flare up for the past couple months, but I sure do appreciate your positive attitude. I’ve just finished year three of TSW. My skin was great for September and October and then things started going downhill again. I’ve been searching online for things to help deal with chronic illness because it starts to feel that it is chronic. Anyway, I should have just come to your blog. Your positive attitude has helped boost my negative one, so I thank you. xo

    • thanks katherine for your comment! if it’s starting to feel like chronic, perhaps it’s time to try something new! it may be the underlying eczema! it’s really hard to tell the difference between them both sometimes! is it my original eczema, or is this just my steroid damaged skin trying to heal???

      i’m glad that my positivity have boosted yours too! ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Hi Juliana,

    Thanks for updating your blog. Wish you the best for this new year. My last flare up is finally 95% over, but that’s after taking 11 days of Amoxycillin, plus dieting and drinking turmeric tea, as this time the flare up was due to some staph infection on my skin! That was really like a warning for me, and I scratch a lot less now, just thinking how painful it was (my lymph node swelled like half a tennis ball due to this staph infection!!). Now it is still be a bit swollen, so I just do not dare itching even when it does! The Turmeric and fenugreek that I drink daily seem to help a lot too! Of course eating less helps…

    Having your blog, helped me greatly go through that tough time. Hope you get well really fast.

    • you’re welcome daphne ๐Ÿ˜€
      wishing you all the best in the coming year too!

      how did you get staph infection on your skin in the first place? was there an open wound? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ do take care!!! it’s scary to think of having a tennis ball sized lymph node!!!

      thanks for your well wishes! i wish the same to everyone! that we can all heal soon ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Not sure. It all started with a bad cold and bronchitis and a trip to Sicily. I went swimming and I had pretty bad eczema in my head, then it really got worst when I came home. Hard to say. Weakened immune system, lack of sleep for 2 weeks from the bronchitis probably didn’t help. But the worst is that I ended up asking a dermatologist here and they completely disregarded the infection and could only come up with: we need to give you a steroid shot!! I myself asked for an antibiotic…

      • ahhhhh i see now! sounds like your skin was the collateral damage when your body was trying to fight off the bronchitis. sigh. our skin are compromised, that’s a fact we can’t deny. just goes to show how much more we have to keep our body in a healthy state to prevent further “flares”. i’m glad you’re asked for the antibiotic though! instead of letting the doctors do what they want!

  5. Im not the type to leave comments but I was obliged to, just want to say a big thankyou to you for blogging all about your experience because of you I gave up steroids I never once thought Id have the guts to do this…. But when I searched on google your blog came out first and I read it all it opened my eyes I am 2months in and somedays my skin is fantastic I never thought this day would come I have stopped oozing no redness I take a lot of supplements have a somewhat healthy diet I exercise which gets rid of the redness I hope you stay positive you will heal Inshaa allah completely its all about your mental state stay strong your a tough cookie! And your so prettty god bless and keep fighting gurl!

    • thanks for your comment paris ๐Ÿ™‚ and i’m glad to be able to help you in a way! it’s great that your skin is doing much better 2 months in! let’s hope we all heal completely soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


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