16 december 2014

mom commented that my face looked marginally better than it did 2 months ago. i agree. the fact that i don’t feel that plasticky in the morning, coupled with the surfacing of my dark under eye circles means that the redness is slowly dissipating.

also, i don’t feel that coldness i did 2 months back. i need to have my fan turned on most of the time and this is my norm.

it’s a good sign 🙂

9 january 2015

just a week ago i was having another hellish time. plasticky skin, dryness.. oozing scalp 😦 but this week seems to be better again. the difference is huge.

after 3 months of this flare, i’m finally observing some significant differences!

1. skin isn’t as thin as it used to be. they were easily broken when i scratch it 3 months ago, it’s especially true for my elbow fold and knee fold.
2. rashes on my feet are still red, but not as raw.
3. dryness on my neck is now confined to the rashy spots instead of widespread dryness and flakiness.
4. scalp isn’t oozing unless i provoke it, as opposed to spontaneous oozing previously. only thin skin flakes are produced instead of thick yellowish scabs. yuck.
5. chest isn’t as rough as before, in fact, it feels quite supple and smooth.
6. neck used to feel damp and slightly sticky if the skin is in contact with each other, not anymore!
7. legs are smoother, as opposed to the dry and rough skin! but i’ve been apply some creams and vaseline to areas that aren’t plagued by rashes.
8. only certain part of my face is rashy, although it’s still quite wide spread.

i feel an overall improvement with time!

sleep have been weird for the past week. i can’t go one night without waking up and staying awake for at least an hour for the past week. today, i slept from 12:30am to 2:30am, and only managed to knock out again at 6am in the morning. i was feeling a few bouts of itchiness last night. it’s not an itch fest, but i’m definitely feeling unsettled, i had to caress my skin to stimulate it constantly.

as for my face, the skin around my lips have thickened too! it no longer ooze a thin light fluid if i do rub my mouth area. they still shed but not as frequent this week. my face feels softer, even though it’s still somewhat rough due to dry skin.

my eyelids are fragile at the moment!

OH! how can i forget, the front half of my scalp is starting to produce oils again! i can smell it! you may find it gross to imagine me running my finger through my scalp and then taking in a whiff of the scent from my fingers. WHATEVER. i can’t tell you how happy i am to smell the scent of my oils again! it doesn’t stink, i assure you. it’s about time! because i’ve lost so much hair in the past 3 months.. sigh, it’ll take another year for them to grow out to fill in for half of the original volume. i guess i need a wig.


4 thoughts on “MONTH 45

  1. hello, juliana, can i have your facebook in order to chat with you? i having 3 months withdrawal now, i just can’t stand with it…really tired… friends all don’t know about this stuff….i just want someone who know me….thx

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