random photo update

if you haven’t read dr fukaya’s book before, let me stress once more how important photographic documentation is.

as the daily improvements are so small, I honestly can’t tell a difference from yesterday’s skin. however, I can’t recall how my skin was a few months ago. what ends up happening is a perpetual belief that my skin isn’t improving. but that’s not true!

help yourself to stay on the TSW track. feedback is very important to motivate us, seeing some progress is more encouraging than anything.

take a photo, daily, or weekly as you wish. it’s best if it’s under the same lighting every time. you don’t have to review the photos if it upsets you. you can wait for a few months to start looking back, tracking your progress.

I’ve taken daily photos since my latest flare begun, but I’m going to show just two photos now.

click to enlarge.

2 months’ worth of progress condensed into a photo. I’ve unknowingly made it through the hardest time.. it’s a blessing to be able to think more positively throughout this flare, because it really helped me paddle on. I guess things are only gonna get better now ๐Ÿ™‚

in case you’re wondering, no, my skin did not have a break for the past 3+ months. discouraging? not really, because great things take time to be built, right?

channeling more positive vibe to everyone who needs it.


17 thoughts on “random photo update

  1. agh you poor thing >< but at least you are proof to yourself that healing happens. and you're a veteran so you'll ferr sherr kick this flare's butt just like you did before. : D

    *patiently waiting for hands to heal…..*

  2. Hey dude,

    Do you know of any TSW blogs that are written in Chinese? My mom has suddenly also developed all the same symptoms as we did with TSW…. which I don’t understand b/c she’s never really used steroids, except for applying it on me when I was younger. I guess that’s enough to potentially experience TSW?? I feel pretty heartbroken about it, watching her go through it now. It’s like PTSD and worse in some ways than going through it myself, seeing a parent suffer.
    I want to know if there’s a community out there that she can read up on……

    • hey jo, i don’t know of any chinese TSW blogs, but there are taiwanese websites. let me see if i can find any right now. those aren’t blogs, but articles written by doctors there.

      may i know where is your mom having skin issues? when you said symptoms, what kind of symptoms?



      you can google for search terms like ้กžๅ›บ้†‡ๅๅฝˆ and ้กžๅ›บ้†‡ไพ่ณด. hope this helps!

      • She’s had a patch of eczema on the back of her scalp for five years. Lately, it’s intensified (my parents are moving out of their house, stress at work)…. big spreading patch on her torso. In the last week, the truly TSW symptoms have materialized: Swollen, rashy red eyes and ears, oozing amber liquid. Burning sensation. Peeling. Spreading of patches even without scratching.

        Thanks for the links. You should consider translating your most popular blogs into Chinese ;P

      • the thing is, it’s hard to tell between TSW and eczema sometimes. what she has sounds like TSW symptoms, but because she didn’t use TS before, we can rule that out. it could be a bad case of eczema. the fact that she had a rash on her scalp for 5 years means that there’s an underlying issue that wasn’t dealt with. it takes time for the body to finally break down, and it looks like now is the time.

        i suggest finding any food intolerances, and environmental triggers. stress will need to be managed to!

        i thought of translating my blog, but that would be too much work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • hey jo! fancy seeing you here ๐Ÿ˜€

      While I doubt your mom has this, there WAS a caregiver’s withdrawal on the forum. Although they made it seem like they developed it the same time their children/spouse went off on it (and therefore them).

      Also, as body ages, they are going to be changes in the skin. For example, my mom had the best skin, wouldn’t react to anything, but now she thinks she has sun allergy as she developed hives on one arm that’s exposed to the sun when she was driving. Sulfur hot springs were really good for her (and me).

      Hope she feels better ๐Ÿ˜ฆ gah how frustrating

  3. Hi Jules. Good to see you getting better. Are you currently working?
    I am still going through the tsw motion. I am now in my 18th month and have not had a break. I was working from home till my 10th month but had to resign as the Company needed someone who is able be present in the office. I cannot tolerate air conditioned environment as I get very dry and itchy after 10 mins. I still shed about 2 handfuls of skin daily. My skin is still red and rashy from neck to feet. Oozing wounds at back of thighs still there but better
    I wanted to check if this is the same with you… Inability to tolerate air conditioned environment?

    • hey audrey,

      i’m reduced to working part time from home at the moment. sorry to hear about your situation! i haven’t been in air conditioned places during my worse flare. at the beginning, i do feel drier in rooms with a/c.

      it’s not surprising that you feel more uncomfortable since it’s drier in a/c places. hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hey Julian,

    Just checking in to see how u are doing, not sure whether do u still rmb me. I started TSW close to 2 years ago and u were my only beacon of hope as a reference. Since around month 7+ I’ve seen significant improvements and I’m steroid free for 1 year & 8 months. Just to share with u my skin only started improving greatly when I eat clean (fish, vegetables & rices), now I’m back to normal and only indulge occasionally food which trigger my itch. I really hope for the best for u, I’m rooting for ur full recovery soon!

    PS: Are u working now? Or currently take a break to recover.

    • hello calvin, my name is juliana. im glad to know you’ve seen a huge improvement over time! ๐Ÿ™‚ and it’s great you’re responding to the cleaner diet! lucky you! thank you so much for your well wishes!

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