[rss] 19 February 2015

it’s Chinese New Year eve, I went out for reunion dinner with my entire family. I had such a good time with my cousins.. I’m utterly exhausted now.



used some moisturizer on my face to hide the dry skin. thankfully it can now tolerate the creams! After a week of angrier skin, it’s heading towards the calm phase again.

wishing everyone good health and a positive mind this lunar new year!

I’m knocking out NOW.
good night my fellow skin friends!


12 thoughts on “[rss] 19 February 2015

  1. You’re so goodlooking, Juliana! Hope your success will increase by time.
    I was not sure about your blog date…..there was both 19 February 2014 and 19 February 2015. 😉☺️

  2. Hi Jules. Great to see you up and about celebrating CNY. You are looking lots better, the rashy bits are hardly noticeable.

    I guess the Vit D and your gluten free diet are really helping?

    • hey audrey! i can’t vouch for the vitamin D and gluten free diet to be honest, because my skin got better gradually. it’s not a once off thing either, i did experience cycles after cycles of bad skin. i can only tell you i feel that my health is a little better after eating healthy 😛 hahahaha perhaps it’s all in my mind!

  3. yay so happy to see that you are doing better! not going to lie when your skin got bad i was suprised/feelinghopeless/wtf

    Hope it stays improved ❤

  4. Dear Juliana,
    You skin look so so much calm, I am very greatful to see this.^^

    Just one thing would like to share, think it might benefit to you.
    Last week, I met my derm skin, she would like me to face with the sun in the morning.
    She said there are many reserchs to prove that the sun during 7-8 am and 4-5 PM including with a lot (NUVB) which is great to human body to synthesize vitamin D and it also help body to developped the strong immune.

    This sun range very benefit to ezema skin including; Atopic, Psoriasis etc.
    Just only 5-10 minute in every morning or evening, I have try to myself more than 1 months ,
    The result is supremely good. My sebderm rash very improve in the better way so, I think of you.

    Moreover, she said that diet way is very important to us. Avoide Gluten free, milk , Daily product Drink a lot water in order to compensate a super dry skin. eat Fruite and vegetable but avoide to eat some kinds of fruite such as Durian, Papaya, Mango, Lychee because these kind of fruite is make the body hot.

    Avoide MEAT and seafood ,Fish is No. 1 to eat , pork is ok but chicken should eat less cause
    she said Currently it was feed with a lot of hormone, it not good for the body.

    For mositureizer, Do you try, Eucerin Atocontrol cream, The range of product cover from face to body. it is very friendly to my problem skin, It developped for Atopic dematisitis.

    Ps; There is one kind of Laser, that help to Ezema skin (Eximer Laser). I have several experience with it, the result very awesome ,think SG may have this kind of Laser.
    The laser light is also NUVB. You can serach, there are many repor-research to teach ezema skin with this mater.

    I always cheer you up,

    Big love from Thailand.


    • hello moe! thanks for all your suggestions! i’ll give them a try when i’m ready! let me know if they work for you! i know the succeses of NUVB in treating skin diseases 🙂 it’s very hopeful!

      good luck to you too! ❤

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