[brainfart] chinese new year and my skin

my friend pointed out that i was still living in 2014, in case you see any more updates dated 2014, i actually mean 2015. but we’re all creature of habit, it’ll take me a while to get used to typing 2015 instead of 2014.

the past week has been a blur because i’m out so much with my family.
my skin isn’t perfect yet, but it’s much better.
at least i’m not dry like before, my eyes aren’t swollen.

face was blotchy, but the overall tone seems to be improving as compared to a few weeks ago.
that’s all that matters i suppose – as long as it’s getting better!

blotchiness is all part of the “cycle”.
my skin will cycle from blotchy to dry, then it sheds and the skin looks pretty good for a day or two (if i’m lucky), and then the cycle repeats.

i noticed the time taken from blotchy to shed is now shorter, probably 2-4 days. the cycle changes over time. initially it was probably a month long, then a few weeks, then a week..

so it’s all in line with what dr rap and dr fukaya outlined – the bad times get increasing short, while the good times will grow longer and longer.

the only thing i hold on to when things get tough is the belief that my skin would have made some progress after the cycle dies off, and it has been true and tested.

i’m just blessed to be able to be good enough to head out with my family. feeling normal is part of what made it easier for me to cope with my skin.

my relatives did ask me about my skin, but i can totally pass it off as a eczema flare and they don’t give a shit about it because it’s just red patches. it doesn’t look too abnormal seriously, considering how much people have bad skin in this world.

hey, at least i don’t look sun burnt like i did a few years ago. and blotchiness mean my skin colour is returning, the redness is shrinking hence the blotches.

i do turn red quite easily though. like when i bend down and blood rushes to my head. but it’ll soothe itself over time.

i haven’t been watching my diet as closely as i did this past week. probably not 100% gluten free, but still wheat free. i can’t go gluten free with soya sauce in every dish my grandmother cooks.


i think i ate too much, my digestive system is probably working really hard this week. i will probably ditch the meat for a while next week just to rest my digestive system.

sharing some food photos with y’all since everyone loves food.

this is a singaporean new year appetizer, it’s called “lou-hei”, which means to stir things up. it’s just for the symbol really! i love the pickled ginger and the funky taste sauce (i can taste a bit of lime in it). the sauce is really sweet though. :/

my dad got his cooking skill from my grandma.
she makes the most amazing braised pig trotter. and that fish in the background?
SHE MADE IT SPECIALLY FOR ME, because she knows i love eating fishes.

a few nights ago my grandma and my uncle came over to my place for dinner. i went to get groceries together with my dad and helped him prepare some of the dishes.
HAHAH WHY DO I SOUND LIKE A KID NOW!? i’m so proud that i helped out.
the food taste better than usual ๐Ÿ˜€
(in reality i only helped to dice the long beans, cut up the broccoli, and the chinese sausage)

dinner at ikea yesterday with my dad. i’m happy to be out and about without letting the state of my skin dictate my schedule.

disclaimer: the photo is overly exposed so you can’t see much of my actual skin. but if i’m out, you know it’s good enough ๐Ÿ˜‰ speaking of which, i did shed a layer of skin around my mouth area after my dinner yesterday. hahahahaha felt like peeling off a layer of elmer’s glue off my skin. it was pretty satisfying.

i’m not sure if it’s the weather or if it’s me, but i over heat pretty easily and break out into a sweat. which itches my neck. which i scratched a little yesterday, so i foresee it drying out and changing skin in a few day’s time.

it’s all for the better.

hope these will inject some positivity into your day, my fellow skin friends.


7 thoughts on “[brainfart] chinese new year and my skin

  1. Hello, Juliana
    I can really feel and see your happiness right now. You can enjoy normal life with others and share wonderful dishes with friends.
    Your illness has passed so much that you can forget your skin for longer moments.
    I wish you more of daily joy and thank you for telling us about it.

    • :))) i’m glad you can feel my happiness! enjoying life again after a short break is always well appreciated! thank you for your well wishes, always appreciated ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. you look great, lady.

    I’m so glad you mentioned about the turning red! I feel like my capillaries are hyper dilated all the time now; bending down, hot showers, feeling flustered…. my face feels hot and looks red like an all over “blush”. It’s a symptom that I quite dislike, actually. You’re right though– it WILL go away too!

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