week in review from 11 april to 22 april 2015:

skin has changed within the week again. it was moist and wants to ooze, especially my ear canals – fluid just oozes out throughout the day. face would be moist if i scratch some skin off. as the week go by, the fluid seem to concentrate on my feet instead, seeping fluid if i stand for too long.

i can totally feel the pressure on my feet.

skin on my face was flaking pretty badly previously, very thick scaly pieces that reveals pink and semi-raw skin. later on the skin flakes becomes thinner, and what’s underneath is better skin that doesn’t ooze or seep moisture. face doesn’t feel as plasticky anymore. eyelids are able to fold properly as they are supposed to! probably the first time since mid march?

scalp oozing is back to haunt me this week, i didn’t even scratch or break any skin to begin with. fluid just ooze out, even as i’m sitting up. after 2 days of misery, it dried up on the third day and shed a layer of thin skin later. the skin isn’t thick or hard like the scales i’ve seen before. they’re whitish in colour and it was good combing them all out. no more oozing after that.

the redness on my hands and feet seem to be spreading. they were slightly moist at the start of the week, but by now they’re in the dry phase, shedding scales daily. finger tips aren’t oozing anymore, looks like it’s healing, but the skin is still pink around my fingers.

arms were also moist at the beginning of the week, now it’s also in the dry phase. skin actually feels cool to touch unless i irritate it and make them itchy.

the back of my knee was very moist at the beginning of the week too, doing that peeling cycle. it’s drying up and healing now though.

these cycles are kinda short, i don’t really know what to make of them other than the fact that they coincide with a certain kind of herbs i take. is it just speeding up the process of my body getting rid of the unnecessary?

overall redness is dissipating, except my hands and feet. my face is a little pink. my neck, body, arms and legs are taking on a darker hue of red. turning brown perhaps!

so glad my body is moving along 🙂

i started getting weird coughs, especially at night the past few days. poo situation isn’t very promising either, they don’t fall into the healthy poo category for sure. 😦 and it’s weird because i have been eating food high in fibre, and my water intake is healthy too.

12 april 2015

my skin has been getting better progressively in the past few weeks, there’re still ups and downs, but the downs are nothing like what i experienced 1 month ago – no more crazy oozing, no more scalp oozing, no more back of knee oozing. YAY!

a summary for this month:

started sweating! initially it’s just the face, a week later it’s become a full body sweat. the past week has been extra warm in singapore, my body’s temperature sensors are finally back to normal and i’m feeling the heat, definitely responding to it because i get sweaty, especially my neck, armpits, arm folds, abdomen, groin, and the knee bent!? scalp isn’t sweating much, nor does it have any signs of sebum yet.

hair fall has improved a lot. right now i’m losing a lot of baby hair 0_0

i still experience some itchiness, mostly concentrated on my legs as i find myself itching in the middle of the night.

sleep has been improving heaps and bounds. i usually fall asleep around 2am these days, compare that to the 5am days? THANK GOD!

i’m not shedding as much, and when i do shed, the skin underneath is NOT raw. it’s a layer of soft and smooth skin that stays that way for a day or two before exfoliating again.

the redness is now most obvious on the extremeties. the borders are still clearly defined, but the skin within the red boundaries aren’t rashy. it actually feels normal after it sheds.

overall i can really feel i’m heading in the right direction. 🙂

oh, and my face isn’t red, dry and inflammed like before. i still get rough cheeks, i also notice some small bumps, but they go within a few days. my face actually feel quite moisturized on its own, even though i do use a little bit of facial oils.

i’m officially back into the moisturizing game (currently using apricot kernel oil). i feel like my emotions play a very important part in my healing process. being able to see my skin look much better by simply moisturizing it makes me happier, and that makes me heal faster in my mind. moderation is key, and i try my best to not get addicted to anything these days, so i try to be mindful of my usage.

i only started using it when my skin isn’t shedding daily. i try my best to go along with the flow and help my body. if it wants and needs to shed, i’ll let it dry out so the skin can differentiate and fall off. now that my skin exfoliates once every 2-3 days, i can moisturize on the day i rub my skin clean in the shower.

bowels have improved a lot! but that doesn’t mean my digestion is good yet. i realize i burp A LOT. i eat very slowly, and don’t usually talk when i eat.. so i doubt it’s swallowed air.

other symptoms:

dry throat, dry nose tract, dry eyes, neck aches, back ache, muscle ache in my calves even though i didn’t do any exercise!?

so crazy seeing how much my skin changes within such a short period of time. i’ll probably save the photo comparison for later.

here’s a recent facial photo to remind myself I AM getting better.


8 thoughts on “MONTH 49

  1. I suspect an environmental factor is at play. Dr Fukaya touched upon this several times in his blog.

    1. Maybe the water supply in SG (or your water pipe) changed since last fall, and your body is reacting to it (whether you shower or cook your food). See if you can test for heavy metal or contamination in the water supply.
    2. Bed mattress? Might be time to replace the mattress in case there’s mold or dust mites accumulating? Dr Fukaya mentioned this before, and how a change in setting made the biggest difference.
    3. staph infection? Have your tried the disinfectant therapy Fukaya proposed? Possible attempt to rule this out. Two interesting studies regarding it:
    4. Maybe live somewhere else for a month? Might be a barometer to assess if your environment is playing a role.

    Your systemic reaction seems to shine a light on potential allergens.

    I hope you get better! You are an amazing spirit!

    • your points are very valid! i remember reading dr fukaya’s account on how the environment can bring on another skin flare!

      1. singapore’s water supplies and quality are tested by the environmental agency frequently, i believe we can rule out the heavy metal or contamination theory. the water is soft in singapore, so it shouldn’t be causing me problems too.

      2. POSSIBLE!!! will consider changing my mattress!

      3. unlikely, but i’ll test this out soon! thanks for the link! 😀

      4. hahahahahahha i would love to live somewhere else for a month, hope to test that out soon!

      thanks for everything! 😀

  2. sometimes i feel like i’m part of a ridiculous conspiracy. tsw? what the hell is that? but it’s real. and we know little about it. i’m at 25 months now, juliana, and i have amazing skin days and horrific skin days. on march 8th my face looked like i was in a train wreck. i was leaving for panama in three weeks and thought, fuck it, if my face still looks and feels like this, i’m going anyways! and you know what? before i left, my face returned to absolutely normal. i honestly don’t know what to make of this roller coaster ride. after 25 months, i don’t think this is withdrawal anymore… something definable has to be causing our skin to flare. and because we’re not using topical corticosteroids anymore, our bodies are reacting (severely) to that fact. keep on keeping on….you’re doing a fantastic job!

    • hey susan! i have come to believe that it’s probably not JUST the withdrawals after 2 years. my current hypothesis is that the steroid damage have made us more vulnerable to a very bad eczema flare. hopefully you can find out the cause of your original underlying eczema and eliminate it!!!

      thank you sooooo much for your encouragement 🙂 it means a lot!

  3. Hi Juliana,
    Its such a joy reading your posts. It makes me laugh and cry in equal measure..

    Im into my 2nd week of steroid withdrawal.. crazy itchy, burning red, oozing and flaky face and neck with finely swollen eyes…. just beautiful..!
    Oh not to mention waking up to the ooze-dried skin all around my face and neck in the sticky heaven..! Good morning~~

    Since ive been suffering from bad skin all my life, im determined to crack this bas@@@d and get better.
    Trying to bear with humour and super-human mind tricks, but it is overwhelming… and depressing…
    Hate being seen by my husband, with my red monster face…. he’s totally supportive but it is still embarrassing and hard being a red face monster…

    Anyhoo… im wondering what you do when u have half oozing, half flaky red face…. skin is thick with some raw oozing spots and overall its red and flaky… i just dont know what to do… i dont wanna moisturise too much cos its stingy so i try to let it be… but then… i feel so helpless…
    is there sonething u tried that helped in such state??

    Im in HK, and this whole thing has just been absolutely humorous in hot, sticky and humid weather. Outside its bad, and inside with aircon, its equally bad but in different way..!! (You probably know what im talking about…)

    Love your pics and very happy to see your skin improving… What an amazing journey..!!! Thank you for sharing, dear. Hugs..!!

    • hello HJ, sorry to hear about your situation! the only encouraging bit about having such a rebound of your magnitude is that.. you’ll see improvement more rapidly than if you were to flare slowly.

      i totally understand the part where you don’t want to be seen by your husband. when i was at my worst, i didn’t want to be seen by ANYONE! even i wouldn’t take a second look at myself! i hope he will try to understand your actions during this critical period of your life.

      when my face was dry with oozing spots, i just let it dry out. i didn’t want to use moisturizer on my face because i know the moisturizer will make those oozing wounds ooze endlessly. dr rapaport suggest domeboro solution to stop the oozing, but i didn’t have access to that. if you can find it, perhaps you can try it?

      i know the weather in HK is kinda bad right now.. air conditioning may be better thinking in terms of the lower humidity. apparently, lower humidity may help skin recover faster. but the dryness may be unbearable, so you have to weigh the cost and benefits.

      🙂 thanks for your comment! i hope to be able to share more good news soon! *hugs*

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