[rss] 1 August 2015


just got out of week long slump, my skin is feeling much better now that my period is over! 

not wearing any foundation on my face since it’s still unstable. but it’s looking pretty good from a foot long distance. 


9 thoughts on “[rss] 1 August 2015

  1. You don’t even need the foundation. Your skin, whatever condition its in, is besutiful. And that adorable smirk.

  2. Dear Sweety

    I am so busy in several month ago so, I did time to went here.
    I am so surprising that your skin look so much better.
    Thank god that TCM is pretty work for you.

    I am truely very huge happy to see your big smile again !!!

    Remeber that last year I had very suffer with my Sebderm ,by chance I found your blog. At that time I lost all hope, depress and feeling very sad to find the way out to treat my skin. Doctor sugguest me to use some TS to stop my rash but after done with your journal, I do not touch it anymore.
    I use natural way to cure my skin and keep wating with HOPE.

    I just want you to know that, this blog is so much inspiration to people who run out of “HOPE” and you help them bring it back!

    Not just inspriration but whenever I need some positive thing to make me beleive there are hope out there again I always come here.

    I dont know how to say How much I feeling glad to see your a lot healing.
    At this time round your make me strongly beleive it again
    ” There are hope out there”

    I love you Juliana, Keep writing !!
    Way to go girl.

    Forever Cheers
    With love from your Thai fan.

  3. Forgot one thing ^_^

    Your new hair cut very cute and it so fit with you.
    By the way your skin so flawless no need any make up to make it more complete right now it fully gorgeous.

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