[RSS] hectic august

skin sure knows when to get bad so that it can get better in time for me to hit the town as my family visit singapore this week.

2 weeks after a gradual worsening, i’m blessed with pretty good skin this week!

p.s. not wearing any foundation in the following photos. only filled in my eyebrows, loaded up on the mascara, and wore lipstick.

one of the things i noticed on top of my healing skin is that my skin no longer look as dull and sallow as it did last year (before my october flare).

i sweat in the hot weather, but my skin doesn’t get too irritated. it does itch a little, but not too bad really.

up close and personal with my facial skin. certain areas are still prone to turning pink and drying out, but that’s about it. considering how my cheeks were blotchy and dry 2 weeks ago, i’m really happy with what i see and feel right now.

it’s been a hectic and busy week, but i’m enjoying myself.
so thankful i am able to get better in time for this.

skin’s not perfect yet but it’s getting there 😀

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