[special post] salcura product re-launch

salcura bioskin

salcura rebranded their products and it’s now called Bioskin collectively. i’ve compared them with their predecessors so read on if you’re interested.

i was recently contacted by salcura and they gave me the opportunity to try out their products, again. it’s the same products, but they rebranded it and made the entire line more coherent and easy to use for the common consumers.

i’ve been sent salcura products before (you can read the review here), so i can do a little comparison in terms of their packaging for now, as i’ll need to try the products a while before coming up with a review. 😉 that’s right, i’m actually gonna use it this time, which i’ll explain further in a future entry.

what’s new in this re-launch is salcura’s decision to group the dermaspray, zeoderm cream and their cleanser into a line called Bioskin. this makes things a lot simpler, even for me because i remember looking through their website at the beginning trying to figure out what product i should be using (they have quite a huge collection). that’s not the end to it, as i still need to find out what’s the correct order of using the products.

with the new bioskin range, it’s clearly labelled on the packaging.

0 // body cleanser

being part of the bioskin wash range, the bioskin body cleanser aims to gently cleanse the skin while adding hydration at the same time. it’s enriched with essential oils, vitamins, and mierals.

being a skin care freak, it’s common sense for me to cleanse before doing other things to our skin. assuming you are not like me, a body cleanser is like step zero even though it’s not printed on the packaging. after a good cleanse to remove any dirt that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day, you can go on to pamper it with all your moisturizing creams.

salcura bioskin body cleanser ingredients

i’m currently using the physiogel dermo-nettoyant when necessary. it only has 8 ingredients and are basically a mixture of water soluble emollients that can whisk away dirt while leaving my oils intact. i’m guessing this does the same thing, just that it’s packed with a list of plant extracts and essential oils (p.s. it smells really good because i love lemongrass scent).

1 // bioskin dermaspray

the bioskin dermaspray is a spray type moisturizer that delivers hydration and soothing ingredients to your skin. the formula is very lightweight and absorbs easily, ridding the sticky and greasy feeling most creams give you. think of it as your new daily moisturizer that won’t leave you greasy.

salcura bioskin dermaspray

a comparison of the old and new packaging. they’re both 100ml, the new packaging is a little slimmer, and it’s just straight to the point: you use it as step 1 on your body as a daily source of hydration and nutrition for your skin.

salcura bioskin dermaspray ingredients

the formula seems to have changed a little. it now contains more ingredients than before.

2 // bioskin zeoderm

the bioskin zeoderm cream is meant to be provide intensive hydration and nourishment for particularly dry skin. it’s to be used as an alternative to steroid creams (as printed on the packaging), so use it only when necessary. not that the cream will lead to any side effects like topical steroids, but i’m just concerned if using it liberally will reduce the effects over the long run. our body is smart, remember?

salcura bioskin zeoderm

you’ll appreciate the rebrand once you compare them side by side. i find it really convenient to know from the packaging that this is step 2, and it can be used on the face and body for extra hydration.

salcura bioskin zeoderm ingredients

i also noticed that there are more ingredients in the new products, even though i was told they are the same products.

that’s as far as it goes for comparison! hope to churn out another entry in a month or so to share my experience on the products. now, let me be a guinea pig. *squeak*


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