this has been a hectic month for me! the busiest i’ve been since the start of the year because suddenly i find myself heading out at least once a week. things are getting back on track again!!! YAY!!!!!!! I SMELL SOME SWEET LIFE WAITING FOR ME JUST RIGHT AHEAD.

29 august 2015

it’s been 2.5 weeks. my skin’s been bad for 1 week, then healing for the 2nd week, and it’s been at its best the past couple of days. i think i should call it menstrual-skin connection.

sleep has shifted a little, previously falling asleep around 11 or 11.30pm, but this week i’ve been sleeping at 12+ no matter how tired i am. and i can’t sleep for long at the same time. :\

my body as went from red and dry to fair and normal. previously dry spots are almost normal now! i think it’ll go through a few more cycles before it’s totally normal.

my face went from blotchy to beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€ heheheh!

only complain is my drier eyes and sometimes a dry air tract. it seems to be a long term issue i didn’t really pay attention to in the past.

my fingers nails are still a little too recessed. hope it shows more marked improvements soon.

overall, it’s a positive trend ever since the dip several weeks ago.

the day i lashed out on my neck because it was so itchy.

getting dry the very next day. shucks.

looking much better but my neck was still easily irritated and itchy.

my left cheek seem to have this recurring pink spot that is slightly rough to touch. comes and goes for the past few months? makes me look like i have a blusher on or something. also notice the area above my lips, coming and going too.

12 september 2015

my updates are becoming less and less because my skin is increasingly stable.

2 weeks after the previous update, my skin on my body is more hydrated.

sleep is still shifting, when i had a cold last week i’d sleep around 11.30, but now i fall asleep around 12-2 depending on my mood. literally, my mood. when i’m happy and excited i tend to sleep later =_=

face is alright, but prone to getting a few red spots on my trouble area (typically around my lips and eyes). i also noticed little tiny bumps on my face that doesn’t irritate or itch. these typically go away on its own after a few days.

now it’s just the same old areas that are still healing – arm folds, neck, feet.

i feel like my neck is a lot better, the integrity improved, even if i do scratch it the skin doesn’t rip off so easily. still dealing with some low level redness that has diffused from my neck down. maybe it’s just me but i do notice the striking difference in skin tone from my face to my chest. it’s like fair – dark brown/red – fair.

picture of the month of september – face looking pretty good and i can wear makeup again, but my neck was ruined. WAS. ๐Ÿ˜€

overall, i’m quite happy with my progress. it’s been 6 months since the flare and things have definitely improved a lot since then. i look at my hands and feet and they’re almost completely cleared up, that relieves me.

i foresee more healing to come! but not without the ups and downs. just so glad the cycles are getting shorter already ๐Ÿ™‚

stay strong everyone, god bless!


45 thoughts on “MONTH 53

    • hahaha you mean PRETTY SKIN, my skin might be unstable but definitely not petty! HAHAHAHAH!! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks a lot for letting me know how much hope i can give!!! makes me feel good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi, It’s good to see someone who can stay strong in the way of getting off steroid. I also had eczema from infant and I am 20 now. Had the worst years of my time during my public examination. Few years ago and it was all over my WHOLE body (was in depression but just feel amazed from your attitude and you really are a very strong girl!). It has been nice and stable for few years but it just got worse recently.

    I am really impressed by you and hope you can always stay strong!

    Just curious, do you wear short sleeves or pants or dress when you go out? Cause my skin are ugly and scars are so obvious that I have been wearing longs sleeves clothes and pants or years. (just don’t want to scare others and see them think of my poor skin;(

    • i will definitely stay strong! thanks for the encouragement!

      hahaha i don’t wear short sleeves at the moment. usually cover them up, however i look forward to wearing those soon!

  2. Hi, Juliana!
    Itโ€™s such a shame for me to only write up a comment to you when I have been reading g your journey for months. I discovered you when I realized what Iโ€™ve been going through was RSS. Iโ€™m so blessed to have you as a guidance and not feeling alone. I have a question that I hope you can help me answer it. 1) should we do whatโ€™s called moisture withdrawal too? To leave the wound dry and ooze and flake without putting cream or anything else? 2) how do you deal with folding area? Especially neck area that sweat the most. 3) the new skin in the folding area was very thin and โ€˜shinyโ€™ is it normal?
    Thatโ€™s my question and I hope Iโ€™ll get my answers from you
    Dealing this kind of stuff at age 15 wasnโ€™t easy and I hope youโ€™ll always stay with me

    • hello khai shuen, glad to be able to guide you in this vast and confusing journey!

      1) personally i wouldn’t put cream when my skin is oozing because the natural thing i felt i need to do is to let it dry out. but it’s up to you. some says moisturizer withdrawal heals the skin faster. some have to use a little moisturizer to get by the day. it’s your personal choice.

      2) i don’t really get your question. what am i dealing with? sweat? i don’t sweat at all during TSW.

      3) well, the shiny skin is normal during TSW because that’s bad skin that will keep renewing itself until good skin surfaces.

      better deal with TSW young than when you’re older ๐Ÿ˜‰ good luck!

  3. hey juliana, im just starting tsw.
    and what you are, is just inspiring.
    ill be making my own blog is it? and post my photos and see how everything goes.
    right now my neck , arms , face , forehead is so reddish and my neck feel so tight .
    im from singapore also and also suffering from this . if you can do this, i can too. (:
    Gotta stay strong .

    And , im so happy to see how much youre progressing. Guess now its my turn for this long journey ahead, im scared tho as my face are peeling off so dry and flaky espically my forehead but ill make it through! wish me luck aight!
    Anyways stay healthy and keep it up.
    To everyone too, Lets stay strong and let our bodies work its way to beauty .

    • i’ll wish you lots of luck, and i certainly hope to supply you with enough hope and motivation to keep yourself going during this period of time! it’s a long haul, but it’ll be worth it.

      good luck!!!

      • Don’t mind me asking, how do you get the confidents to keep going, i mean like how did you know that is actually healing instead of he skin just peeling off and peeling off and peeling off again .

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey battling with eczema!
    I’ve found comfort looking through your blog because I’m going through a TSW right now.
    I wanna say some of your before photos made me tear up because I pretty much was looking at my past. My skin has improved over the years with a healthier lifestyle, but every now and then I would need to use Fluocinonide .05% ointment on mild flare ups.
    I recently decided to cut out topical steroid use completely. The same spots where I would apply the ointment are all rashy and have gotten worse! I’m so tempted to slather on that ointment right now! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • you’re most welcome! i’m glad to be of some help to you ๐Ÿ˜€
      most of us look the same when we’re flaring.
      i hope the cessation of steroids will not worsen your skin too much!
      good luck!

  5. Can I ask if a major flare is normal after the 6mths mark? I’ve flare on my leg and arms in the initial start of tsw. And about a mth of calm skin, here come a major flare on my 6-7mth of tsw, I have rash all over my body and the feet area that I apply steroid the most has swell up to quite bad and with the oozing wound when I try to move around.

  6. Hi Juliana – are you on any steroid preventer medications for athsma? My twin sister and I started getting TSW from that alone so it is worth talking to your doctor about non steroid preventers if that is the case. They do exist they are just rare. Hope this helps! Some long term TSW warriors are still on their steroid inhalers so I wonder if there is a connection there.

  7. Hi Juliana,

    You are wonderful as always, so honest and positive. I’ve been feeling very down about my facial eczema lately. Because of stress from uni, my eczema has flared right back up and I scratch incessantly in my sleep. The worst thing is that it’s spreading to previously unaffected parts of my face (not that there was really much left not consumed by eczema). It all just gives me so much anxiety and I feel so crap because no matter how much I moisturise, I wake up to find that the eczema has spread a bit more than the previous day. I’m wondering if you’ve ever experienced this and how on earth do you deal with it?

    • i have definitely experienced that before, but that was before i stopped steroids. now, my skin don’t always get worse over night. it’s a very gradual process. if it’s getting worse, i just tell myself to give it a few days to ease. the body has to do what it has to do. the more i stress over it, the worse it becomes, so i try my best to not be bothered by it. the best thing i can do is to fill up my day with activities. moisturizing only ease the appearance of dry skin, so use sparingly.

  8. Hello my love! Oh man seeing your post always reminds me to keep updating my blog. You’re so good about i!

    So happy to see you’re finally starting to heal again! โค You're a beauty inside and out!

    • ESTHER!!!!!!! hahahaha i do it on a monthly basis, kinda like menstruation you know? hahahah! glad to know you’re feeling much much better!!! HAVE FUN IN KOREA!!! โค

  9. hey Juliana :):)
    I have been following your blog for almost half a year and I am in my 2 years tsw this month
    not sure where i should post this but i would like to say a big THANK YOU to you and that you are so BRAVE to record your progress and put in online so other people can learn more about tsw and how to handle it. :D:D:D

    Also recently I was searching on some beauty tips/ make up tutoring on youtube and came across with your channel. In the beginning i wasnt quite sure whether is was you or not….anyway you look so pretty with and without makeup and I really like your videos ๐Ÿ™‚ Because for me who have used high dosage of steroid on face for almost 2 years , which made my face very thin, sore and sensitive + look 10 years older during the 2 years.. and now its slowly healing….although the process is very very low….so I am wondering do you use any collagen-booster or copper peptide on face ? because my skin under my eye are thin….(also i watched from your blog that you only use rosehip seed oil? do you use any face cream at all?)

    Secondly, I am wondering if you have encounted any sleeping problem before? or have you get your thyroid/blood tested? because I am struggling to sleep at night and I think I have hyperthyroidism so I have make an appointment with the derm and hopefully get a referral and get these stuff checked… its awful having problem to sleep and its affecting my mood and work greatly. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    And thirdly i would like to know if your taking any supplements even tho you are healed/ stable?

    Thanks so much and sorry for the long and repetitive annoying essay!!!

    Your little fan Michelle :):)

    • hi michelle!

      give yourself a pat on your back for getting through 2 years of TSW! it’s quite a feat!!! and thanks for letting me know i’ve helped you by blogging about my own experience! ๐Ÿ˜€

      hahahahahah thanks for liking my videos, but i’d prefer not to talk about them over here as i try to keep them as two separate entities. i do not use collagen booster or peptide on my face. i might in the future for anti aging purpose! right now i’m just using facial oils. no creams because they irritated me at one point. and isn’t as moisturizing as oils.

      i have sleeping problems before. insomnia, it is called. i have not tested my blood or thyroids, but it might be useful for you to check it out just to eliminate it as a possible cause. the thing is, a lot of the symptoms we experience need not necessarily be a cause of our problem. it can be the effect of something that lurks deeper within our complicated physiology. i know it really sucks to have bad sleep, that’s why i’m very thankful right now to be able to sleep. give yourself some time and your body should adjust itself once your health is on track.

      i currently do not take supplements regularly. when i do, it’s L glutamine, probiotics, multi vitamins, and fish oils.

  10. Hi Juliana

    This is such an inspirational blog.
    Is did a cold turkey of my eleuphrat and diprosone creams (i was using a tube a day or every two days), and knew I had developed an addiciton.

    After hearing in passing about the negative effects of steroid creams, I knew that I must stop; though this was difficult as at the age of 21, I had been using them since I was born pretty much (so essentially for more than 20 years).

    The onset after going cold turkey was absolutely brutal and I am able to relate to so many of your photos. It is so socially debilitating, morally, personally and also physically painful.

    I am so so happy to see how far that you have come, and you are like a few bloggers out there an absolute inspiration.

    Even though, I am 9 months in, I still suffer from quite severe ezcema and withdrawal symptoms but my body is all the more happier for having stopped and although the progress is slow, it is steady.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story ๐Ÿ™‚

    On a side note, I like yourself love carbs, but i do ascribe to internal healing and I think a leaky gut and lifestyle choices are absolutely integral to our health. Something I found that helps the dryness is drinking oil as a breakfast alternative, and I also have been taking probiotics in the morning. It may be purely placeboic, but I have found that it helps, and through literature and other anecdotal evidence it seems to consistently come up as a potential solution!

    I look forward to seeing you get better and better, and thank you once again for taking the time to share your wonderful story with everyone. You are so awfully brave and I wish you all the best



    • hi edmund,

      thanks for your comment! hope you’re feeling much better now. it will all pass, so stay strong.

      and thanks for suggesting new stuff that i can try! but internal healing is real, if drinking oil helps you, then keep doing it! i find that as long as i cut down on my wheat intake, my skin is relatively okay.

      stay strong my friend!

      • Hi Juliana
        Thank you! I actually have decided, after having read your blog and many others on the net of other survivors to try and document my journey too ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. hi juliana its my 5th month now of no steroids and my sleep is not so good and i also feel so weak. please can give some tips how to get over with it. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. HI Juliana I am a big fan of u lol don’t usually comment but would like to say u r one strong girl ! I am on month 13 and am struggling through a flare ! just my neck it oozes at night I scratch crazily I dont knw if its because I ate something I shouldn’t have or because I moisturise and it makes it worse ! anyway u will heal soon insha allah hang in there hunni x

    • hahahah thanks robi! i don’t feel like i deserve any fans, but thanks for your admiration! sometimes certain places just start to ooze. thankfully once it’s over it shouldn’t happen again! hang in there too!!! good luck!

  13. Hi Juliana,

    Thanks for the informative/inspirational posts as always.

    I have a quick question as a fellow long term tsw sufferer, I was wondering if you still take anti-histamines? I have recently come across the term “zyrtec withdrawal” and I’ve read in web-portals that some are having quite similar withdrawal symptoms as tsw. (such as flaking, extreme itchyness for 6-8 weeks)

    I was wondering what’s your thoughts on this?


    • hi sonni,

      i haven’t taken anti histamine pills for a very long time. the truth is, the human body is capable of getting used to anything. so any extended use of drugs will lead to addiction eventually. i have not hear of zyrtec withdrawals though, but i’m not surprised if there really is such a thing.

      use drugs in moderation, that’s the moral of the story.

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