[special post]SALCURA Product Review


salcura sent me some of their products after they recently rebranded their line. you can read more here.
here’s my full review after using it for a month on my chin, neck, and wrist area.

2 weeks report:

i’ve been using the salcura bioskin dermaspray and zeoderm cream on my neck and wrist for the past 2 weeks. i noticed a difference that may or may not be attributed to the products.

during the 1st week, i noticed a general worsening of my skin on those areas. it actually stings when i apply the cream on my neck, that’s when i know there are many invisible wounds that i might have dealt on myself when i scratched my neck. the tingling sensation would subside, and then the next day, my neck would shed. it’s not the typical dry scabs/white flakes. it’s a piece of translucent skin that i’ve only observed when i do use products. the integrity of that skin is a lot better than when my skin was shedding due to the inflammation. this process repeated for a few more days.

2nd week in, i can definitely feel the integrity of my actual skin improving. my neck isn’t as dry and lined anymore, my wrist also look a lot more supple than it did 2 weeks ago.

i can’t tell if my skin is improving due to the products or not as i am experiencing an overall improvement in skin even on places where i didn’t use the products.

4 weeks report:

let’s start with my neck and wrist. their integrity has definitely improved – they no longer tear or break easily when i scratch them. HOWEVER, the skin there is still having some low level inflammation. it still has a reddish tone to it, and it still sheds every few days, sometimes daily when my skin is acting up due to hormonal changes.

the weird thing is my face: i’ve been using the zeoderm cream on my face. it burns my lip area all the time because the skin there is broken. the next day it’ll proceed on to shedding a layer of skin, and the process repeats. while i feel like my face was better initially, 1 month down the road i think my face has actually gotten worse over the past month. i just didn’t experience the same improvement i saw on my neck.

i know it’s part of the healing process, instead of choosing to think that the product made me worse (i doubt it’s the products because my neck and arm did show improvements. such conflicting results only tell me there must be more than just the products that’re influencing my progress), at least it didn’t interfere with the natural healing of my skin.

my current belief is that once my skin finish renewing itself, it’ll be good again. instead of suppressing them, i rather they do what the need right now while i supplement its healing.



some reddish itchy rashes.

drying out and shedding? not my favourite part but it’s renewing for sure.

general improvement but still acts up whenever it likes. 😦


the difference is subtle, but the previously pink boundary isn’t as bad anymore.
but my wrist is still going through cycles of shedding scales.


you might have noticed my skin turning more yellow/red over the month.

my skin looked really bad this day because i itched after i exercised and got a little bit too rough when wiping my sweat off with my towel. a few days of regret for a moment of orgasmic itch relief.

reminder to self: do not scratch my face/neck anymoreeeeeeeeee.

so overall, i can’t say the products worked, neither can i say they didn’t work.
the results i had are conflicting as it seem to have calmed down one part of my skin but didn’t help with another part.
all i can say is the zeoderm cream provided enough moisture to hide dry skin, and promoted the healing of wounds.
the spray also had decent moisturizing power, but do not expect it to perform that well if you’re in a very dry climate.



6 thoughts on “[special post]SALCURA Product Review

  1. Hello Juliana!!

    Your skin looks incredible!! Well done for sticking to. It’s great in how you can pin point where the irritation is, and whether or not other creams or products have an effect or not. I have just started my journey, one thing that really fascinates me is how over a certain period of time our body will naturally be able to repair itself and recover at a quicker rate, this also depends on lifestyle changes too. I am only two weeks in I have a while to go, but I have decided to ditch the moisturizer and I feel that has helped in some parts of my skin, I feel like Bear Grylls on a journey to adapt myself haha!

    Thank you for giving me hope to chug on!!

    Lots of hugs



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