a few days late for this month’s update because i was swamped with work.

in a nutshell, my body is improving but still dealing with very low level inflammation. those sucker are mild yet takes the longest to clear. whereas on my face, it’s a lot more obvious ups and downs this 2 months.

but that shall pass too.

15 september 2015

2 weeks before my period again. my face started getting blotchy the past few days. it doesn’t itch actively, but when i rub my face on the towel it felt a little too good. i can feel my legs and body itching a little more than usual.

feet was itching in the past few days, something i didn’t really care about but it seems to be a sign that my skin will be more sensitive this week.

sleep is still somewhat irregular, with it shifting between 11pm and 2am. good news is, i don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore! i generally wake around 6/7, but i may feel sleepy around 10/11am in the morning.

20 september 2015

redness and dryness is finally dying down after 5 days. it built up slowly and peaked in redness somewhere around 17/18th. looking forward to better skin next week.

sleep is coming back to me the past 2 nights, after falling asleep between 12-2am for the past few weeks, i’m slept at 8pm two nights ago, and at 11.30pm last night. i hope this stay consistent because i’m really keen on getting my sleep on track. 10-6 is my ideal time!

apart from that, i notice my abdomen being slightly irritated. it’s not blotchy, just the eczema i used to get as kids. little raised bumps on my tummy, hurts when i scratch them.

the air is bad this week, and the temperature is rising too. makes me feel really uncomfortable when i’m out. my redness is almost full blown when i overheat. oh well!

skin is a little irritated this week, but i take solace in the fact that i slept long hours. with plenty of dreams i can’t recall ๐Ÿ™‚ well, i do enjoy remembering my awesome dreams, but that usually mean bad sleep quality. i might have to let go of that if i want quality sleep.

11 october 2015

happy to report that my abdomen is back to being smooth! my hands has also improved over the past few weeks.

in fact that’s general improvement of my skin on my body, especially my feet and hands.

but now the redness is more obvious on my face and neck. it really feels like when the body can’t purge itself through one spot, it’ll find another. hopefully my skin will continue to improve over the months!

my chin area is more prone to peeling and redness lately. other than that the other parts are pretty calm really!

broke my face after exercising. it was hot and itchy and i just couldn’t stop scratching a little. oops!

much calmer after a few days but it’s still lurking there, i can feel it.
my face feel slightly plasticky in the morning. YUCK.
and i feel like my face look a little rounder than usual? huh????? T.T

hand and wrist is much better than 2 months ago though.
makes me feel like the body is looking for places to “detox”, when one place is getting better it’ll detox somewhere more vulnerable.
like my face.


22 thoughts on “MONTH 54

  1. Thank you for your blog. I find it difficult to even look in the mirror when my eczema flares up, so more power to you for sharing your journey with us. I had bad eczema when I was a teenager, then it just disappeared! Now, 20 years later it has re-appeared on my face (the worst is around my mouth and ears) and spreads a little bit more every day. I tried all the usual creams; hydrocortisone, clotrimazole, betnovate….they worked for a bit then appeared to make my existing skin more sensitive. I no longer use them, instead I use the ‘Simple’ skincare range every day for cleansing and moisturising, ‘Aveeno’ for my hands and body, and whenever i start to itch, the unlikely white-coloured Tiger Balm. That is what is helping me control my eczema. I wish you all the best in solving your eczema ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • i’m so sorry to hear about your situation! eczema is a chronic condition that strikes you when your body is out of whack! take this as a sign and you might just begin to steer yourself towards a healthier path!

      true healing comes from within, the skin is merely a reflection of our inner environment. good luck!

  2. Thank you for updating even when busy. I’m also an SG girl currently on month 2 and your experience & strength is a huge inspiration for me.


  3. Hi Juliana,

    I am currently ending my 2nd month of TSW and is experiencing heavy oozing. I am also currently living in Singapore. Do you have any advise how to stop the oozing? I heard Domeboro helps. Any idea how to find that in Singapore?

  4. Hey! I’m staying in Singapore and I’m currently suffering from red skin syndrome(RSS), just like yours. I’ve read your blog and it stated that your RSS started on approximately 2011. Till date, is the redness still coming back?

  5. Hi, your progress is really encouraging ๐Ÿ™‚ I was considering taking a leave of absence from school to heal my skin and deal with my stress levels, but I decided to just go ahead (graduating next year!) and now the exams are approaching- stress seems to make my skin a lot worse. By the way I don’t know if you stopped wheat products, but I did, and my skin cleared up a lot- no more sinus symptoms too- but the healing process took about 3 months before I woke up one day and realized that I no longer had sinus. It’s really weird at first because you literally can’t eat anything outside of the house- everything fried, breaded, with sauces, anything that was processed. Hello Panda biscuits, seaweed (processed with soy sauce), KFC, chicken rice (vinegar has wheat inside) etc. But I’m used to it now. Could you do a post on your current diet/ how you cope with stress, and if you are in the workforce or just taking a break? I’m so uncertain- like my skin isn’t alarming- people don’t really notice it, but I hate being like this- and I don’t know if my body will ever heal (no medicines currently, not even antihistamines for the itch) and I hate the idea that stress can trigger random reactions like nosebleeds and serious hives. And the haze isn’t helping either, reports said that it will end in November DD:

    • hello JB,
      you’re such a trooper for carrying on with school. i simply can’t, and i’m glad i took the leave.
      i tried stopping wheat products for a few months, it’s extremely hard but i think i just have to try harder.
      i’ve read enough to believe too much wheat is bad for the body anyway, so i’m really cutting down on my consumption of wheat products.

      i’ll write up about my diet and stress and stuff like that once i figure out how to keep my skin more calm,
      it’s unstable and i don’t see a point in writing about that just yet!

      your body will heal eventually, if you supply it with the right nutrients ๐Ÿ™‚
      and eventually your body will become stronger such that stress can’t hurt you!

  6. Hey Juliana, I’m still following your blog every now and then. I’ve graduated and working now and happy my TS withdrawal is over/nothing like how it was in the past or i wont be coping with work well at all. Hope your work is going ok, wish you the best future! I wanna know your awesome dreams now too >< !

  7. Hi quite some time didn’t c updates in ur blog. Hope u r fine. I totally agree with u when u say the body is looking for place to detox. When 1 place is getting better, another place will flare. I thought I have settle 1 area of my skin, but then another new area flares. When is it gg to end. Or will it end….

    • i’m seeing dr mok at chung hwa clinic, however he is not a specialist in skin issues! he’s just a very nice doctor who’s willing to teach and learn together with me.

  8. Hi Juliana,
    I have been looking at your blog once in a while because I too suffer from topical steroid withdrawal and I understand completely with all the things you are going through. I first of all thank you for your courage that you show us and other TSW sufferers your condition to share stories and remedies and so on.
    I have stopped using steroid for 2 years (other than twice, a month or two after during severe flareups while traveling) and I can finally say I found a cream that is working for me magically. It is a homeopathic cream made of natural ingredients. I found out about this cream because my mother in law heard about this 83 year old Indian woman living in this small town called Ivrea in Italy and she goes often to India (by herself at 83!!) to buy herbs and natural ingredients for her patients. I haven’t seen her yet because we just found out about her last week and she is in India till mid December but a patient of hers already suggested me this cream called PARVA by OTI (costs only 9 euros) and you can easily buy it in any pharmacy in Italy. I do not know if they carry it elsewhere because it is a small pharmaceutical company. Please let me know if you would like more information on ingredients or any photos of me before and after via email. I am sorry I am using your blog as a place to share because I do not have my own (I never had the courage like yours to show other people my skin conditions) but within a week, my skin has changed DRASTICALLY and I continue to see a difference everyday (I have been only using it for 5 days). I just hope people can realize that the pharmaceutical market can be cruel and just takes advantage of us at times. This medicine is however SO different because you see the results clearly within days (I had open scabs and within two days they were gone and my itching drastically diminished!) I am very careful with what I eat (NO dairy, NO soy, NO raw vegetables or fruit but only cooked, glutine ok but NO grain, and limited eggs) for now but will be going again to the nutritionist after a month of diet like this to see what my conditions really are like.
    For more information please feel free to contact me. And again, I thank you for your blog because you have the most popular blog on this topic of TSW (first personal blog that pops up on google if I type in ‘topical steroid withdrawal’) and thought it was the most smart place for me to share this information.
    Thanks a lot and miracles do happen! We can fight this!


  9. I had chronic eczema on hands for years what I do now with Doctor steroid creams is just use The Body Shop’s Hemp cream- it is such a luscious and thick deeply moisturising cream and even when i wash my hands it remains moisturized. At night I use 100% white cotton goves with lashings of the cream mentioned….Maybe it’s worth a shot? Good Luck! ๐Ÿ˜€ x

    • hi catherine! thanks for the recommendation! i try to stay away from body shop’s products because they contain too many stuff in it. but if it’s working well for you, that’s great!

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