another month gone, more signs pointing me towards a different direction for my next step of my TCM treatment.

if I can take every ups and downs as a road sign, I’ll feel a lot better even when things appear worse because I know I’m gonna get there someday, as long as I follow the signs. I just can’t allow myself to lose faith or hope.

i haven’t been able to find time lately to reply to your comments as i’m on a holiday ๐Ÿ˜€
i’ll get back to you all in time to come!

29 OCT 2015
for the past 2 months, i noticed a gradual worsening of my skin. i’ve had suspicions about my recent lifestyle. i ate more wheat products than i used to a few months ago, and probably lesser vegetables too. the only thing that’s constant in the past 2 months was stress and the haze.

i wish i can just blame my situation on the haze, but it is also my compromised health that makes me vulnerable to such bad conditions.

about 2 weeks ago, i found quite a few inflamed follicles on my skin. it tells me the state of my health really. they’re gone by now though, so it might have been aggravated by the hormonal cycle.

the ups and downs are more frequent, and the area of low level inflammation has increased. good news is such low level things clear up quickly. the question then is to how to keep it that way – clear skin.

without much thought, i decided to cut out on my bread and cakes again. have been eating them for breakfast ๐Ÿ˜› because i got too lazy to prepare my own. this just goes to show me i can’t be lazy if i want to be healthy again!

my arm fold, wrist, neck, part of my face, and feet takes on the shade of a deep brownish red about 80% of the time. i’m not happy with the way it is, but it could have been worse, right? that’s what i keep telling myself because the last thing i want to do is to stress over my skin when i’m already stressed out.

on the bright side, my abdomen, back, upper arm and legs seems to be doing pretty fine.

will be traveling so hopefully being away from the haze helps.

1 November 2015

I can see raised red patches on my arms, they are now obvious enough as I see two distinct colours – my normal skin and red skin.

not sure what this means but I’ll just take it one step at a time. my skin keeps changing, I hope it’s for the better.

state of my thigh, my arm looks similar.

the white parts are whiter than they normally are, as though blood don’t travel there anymore. couple that with redder skin, it’s very contrasting. and upsetting to see. so I try not to look.

12 November 2015

been busy in Hong Kong ๐Ÿ™‚ even though my skin turned bad it didn’t stop me from heading out and spending time with my family. I just have to deal with daily shedding, which has improved dramatically over the past 10 days.

at least my skin colour is evening out again, the previously red parts are easing out.

in my mind I’m still going “WTF” at the turn of events, but it’s all good because all these signs and symptoms are pointing me towards another direction to improve my health! so I’m taking another herbal mixture that targets my suspicion to see if it helps.

my only solace is my skin don’t really look that bad from a 30cm distance (after I glue all my dry skin flakes onto my skin with a lip balm instead of letting them stick out freely) ๐Ÿ˜› especially if I’m under natural light. I just avoid fluorescent light/white light like the vampire avoid the sun, for now.

not for long!!

my face was so bad last week, general redness and lots of shedding.

at its worst it was nothing as bad as the TSW phase. I was feeling upset for a bit, but I kept telling myself “it could have been worse”, and true enough it never get half as bad as what it used to do. it quickly dissipated within the week, but I know it’ll hit me again unless I address my underlying issue that is still unresolved.

other weird symptoms I have been experiencing this few weeks is

1. fatigue

2. headache

3. cold symptoms like runny nose, blocked nose

4. feeling cold easily

5. lots of gas

6. out of breath

I feel like my granny.

other than that, I’m having lots of fun while I am feeling energetic!

hellos from Hong Kong!!!

and oh, I did survive the plane ride even though it really dried me out. but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. thank godddddddd!

stay strong errbody!


7 thoughts on “MONTH 55

  1. Hi Juliana,

    I was looking forward to you update, and so happy to see you keeping up with a positive energy despite the ups and downs in your skin condition. I can relate to you so much on the WTF in mind at the turn of the events. It’s exactly how I feel when I see the rash spreading on my body, even the tiniest bit. Somehow I feel the rash I saw when on steroids is like the tip of a gigantic iceberg, and this whole TSW thing is just the iceberg gradually reveal how bit it actually is…sigh…

    It’s a bit tricky to maintain a very clean diet when travelling, especially in Hong Kong coz the food there is just so tempting! But anyways hope you continue to have a blast there.

    • hey daphne! high 5 on the same thoughts! totally agree with you on the tip of ice berg analogy!

      hahahaha now that i’m back in singapore, i’m going to eat a lot cleaner and simpler ๐Ÿ˜€ because i’m a lazy cook and my meals are extremely simple. being lazy makes me healthier! hahaha

  2. I second the light therapy!
    It’s really helping my severe eczema.
    Nb-uvb rays modulate the immune system in our skin.
    Increases vitamin d in the skin too.
    Have you checked your vitamin d levels?

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