[RSS] 12 December 2015

I’m still alive!  

back in Singapore and swamped with work and sleep. 

haven’t even gone around with my monthly update yet, but I just wanna do a short update that my skin is much better now that I’m back in Singapore! 

you probably can’t tell there is anything wrong with my skin from the photo 😛 that’s the state of things today. still a long way to go to stable and healthy skin, but I’m getting there! 

just this morning my face was blotchy and itchy, probably because I massaged my face and drew too much blood there. it settled down with time though. 




4 thoughts on “[RSS] 12 December 2015

  1. So glad your skin is better when home! Perhaps it was the stress of travelling (and different climate) that triggered your latest flareup.

    I’m 40 months in and recently flared. My neck (both front and back) is so damn itchy and bumpy. My elbows are pretty bad too.

    this process is driving me crazy. Im going back through your blog for a bit of inspiration and hang-in-there motivation…

  2. Thank you for regularly updating with your progress. I’m sure you already know but this but this blog is a lifeline for people going through TSW and eczema related issues. I look forward to each post

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