this has got to be the shortest update of late, because not only are there not much significant changes that begged me to note down, i also forgot to note things down the past month. too busy 😛

my skin is obviously unstable, but it’s been almost constant the past month. it’s a lot drier than it used to. it tend to itch at times, but not all the time. redness is low level and subdued, but it’s there and it irritates me.

my face peels every few days, and my body also shed skin every few days. that’s kind of the cycle it’s been going through the past month and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better yet.

the new herb i’m on is mainly to nourish the blood, but it’ll take a few months to see any effects. i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, but my heart beat will increase when i take in a deep breath, and when i exhale, it slows down significantly. i observed this with a change in my menstrual blood (it looks a lot more watery than years ago), which was what led me to believe my blood volume might be below the optimal level. but there’s no way to measure that directly, right? so it’s just a guess, and i’m treating it to see if it improves. if it does, that means i’m right.

i also feel tired constantly despite getting enough sleep, which made me wonder if i have a case of adrenal fatigue.

but these symptoms can be caused by other things, and right now i think it fits my idea that my circulation isn’t that well, and my blood isn’t that nutritious for my body.

hopefully i have better news to report in another month or so! i hate feeling this fatigued.

over the past 2 months, these are the things that have changed:

1. red patchy rashes on my hands and neck have diffused and expanded, so now they don’t look like a sore thumb anymore. the colour of my skin is more uniform and isn’t as red.

2. skin on my face is very fragile, and turns red easily especially after my shower.

3. skin around lip area sheds almost on a daily basis, but the consistency of the skin has changed from hard and thick flakes to soft and thin pieces of skin. also, the new skin underneath is a lot more resilient than before.

4. my cuticles on some of my fingers have become recessed again. 😦

5. increased tendency to find inflamed follicles on my skin, they take a few days to heal.

6. neck area isn’t as red as before, but the dryness has slowly extended down my torso.

that’s all i can think of so far. i’m happy to report that there are NO OOZING.

things could have been worse, right? 🙂
i think my body is doing an amazing job trying to heal, i’ll do anything i can to support it.


11 thoughts on “MONTH 56

    • hi there! thanks for your well wishes! i’m mainly dealing with my eczema right now 😛 it’ll take a while, but it’s worth it if it means i can live an eczema free life in the future!

    • hey lauren,

      sorry to hear! don’t lose hope! keep trying something until you find something that helps, because eczema can definitely be cured if you managed to find out what caused it!

  1. Dear Juliana, there is a Chinese Eczema community in Facebook “異膚寶寶媽媽團2015” that there are people tried GAPS Diet (Gut And Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, and simplified version by Sara Lye in her book, and had good result. A mom tried all kinds of methods to help her daughter, none worked well until she tried GAPS). I highly recommend you to check this out. Happy Holidays!

    • hello ling! i’ve heard about the GAPS diet! i might give that a try after i’m done trying TCM! 🙂 i’ll do more research on it in the mean time! thanks for the recommendation!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Juliana, do you find that you need to avoid certain things that can set your eczema off like caffeine/chocolate/alcohol etc? Also, were you affected when nthe haze got realy bad in SG?


    • hello ariel, i don’t feel the effects from those foods quick enough for me to see an obvious correlation between the food and my eczema, but i try to stay away from those stuff for general health reason. i feel like my skin is constantly bad irregardless of the haze, so i can’t tell if the haze worsened my skin or not.

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