[special post] healing thoughts

this is my secret to staying positive ๐Ÿ™‚
want to share this with anyone who wants to exercise their last bit of control in their crazy lives.

inflammation is the way our body regenerates.
in fact, inflammation is the actual healing process, sped up to cause a little discomfort even though it’s for a greater good.
i know it sucks to see/feel dry, cracking skin that sheds daily,
at the same time, it’s also amazing i get to witness the entire healing process with my own eyes.

plus, isn’t it more convenient that we can see the actual progress?
can you imagine if our symptoms were all hidden inside our colon,
and the only way to see its progress is to get colonoscopy on a regular basis?
last i heard, it’s a very unpleasant procedure.
thank god i don’t have to do it!

our body does amazing things that may not make sense to you,
but do not doubt it’s design.
it’s the result of billions of years of evolution, and it’s definitely smarter than we originally think.

if you disagree, think about this:
we’re all in this state because we think we’re smarter than our body by medicating it with poison.

we can’t control what happens to us, but you are in control of your mind and perception.



27 thoughts on “[special post] healing thoughts

  1. Hi there, im on tcw now, but been aweek im off steroids. My skin is very dry n itchy. N i get reddish n hot on my face very seriously. My face swelled up today. Whats wrong with me? Since my skin so tight u think i can put b5 or sth on my face? Thanks

    • Hi! There is nothing wrong with you! This is the normal response after you stop using topical steroids, especially if you’ve been using it for a long time before. If b5 doesn’t irritate your skin, you can use it I suppose! Listen to your body ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you very much for your blog. Reading your story gives me a lot of strengths to be with my 5 years old daughter who is suffering dramatically from steroid withdraw. She is at month 8 & my tears keep coming out every night to see her scratching in pain. Again thank you so much Juliana for having the heart to share your story with the world.

  3. I will soon face this, when the year ends and i finish my graduation, i hope i can get a job on the frontier of my country and stay there isolated for the rest of my life until i can be really cured, or, until i die.
    I’m sorry to sound like this, but i’m especially thankful to you, your history and blog was an eye oppening that, probably, we will never be truly healed, once this disease has set course into our lives (unless some future technology or some spiritual health secret or through exercises and nutrition, supplements, vitamins, herbs, detoxs of many kinds that we didn’t know, but might be necessary).
    One thing i have to congratulate you, i don’t know where you find the courage to get out from the house when you are bad, it feels like i can’t stand even a question about my redness, imagine full body breakout… That is the reason that i’m waiting to finish my graduation, 5 months from now.

    Once again sorry for those very frank words, but that is what we have for now, i hope we get better, maybe some day we all reunite and cheer!

    I’m very grateful for the truth, truth above all, no matter if it means bad things (on a materialistic world point view) or good things, finally i found the truth about this, and the truth is we are the pathfinders here, nobody knows very well this stuff, neither us, but if someone is going to find the solution it will be us, we will live that moment if that is bound to happen.

    Once again thank you for showing me 5 years of my probable future, trust me i feel very ok with this sentence because now at least i know and have no illusions about it.


    • hey there!

      i beg to differ. i believe that we will be healed 100% given enough time. our body is designed to regenerate and sustain life. so it’s BS to think that our body will be forever crippled when we aren’t even born this way. don’t let the doctor trick you into believing the human body is a helpless and stupid organism that really require human intervention. last i know, humans made a lot of things worse!

      you don’t have to wait for future technology, because the power to heal already lies in our body. and it is activated by living right, so that means a combination of spiritual health, good nutrition, and exercise. it’s not a secret, but most people aren’t open to such ideas.

      i do not have the courage to exit my house to be honest, but there are times when i have to. i found my sun glasses and face mask to be very useful during such times for it covered me up and eased my social anxiety. plus i’ve adapted to wear clothes that cover me comfortably so as to hide my red skin.

      you can continue to hope to get better, but if you don’t believe in it, it’ll come a lot harder for you.

      we are all on our journey to discover better health. the whole eczema/steroid overuse/TSW is just a symptom of a larger problem – that our population is a lot sicker than our previous generations. and i believe this is partly because we have given up our control to people whom we think know more than us. by taking charge and responsibility of our own health, this is the only way to escape this downward spiral of sickness and medication. so you’re right, we are path finders! and i hope we all attain our ultimate goal eventually!

      what happened to me is just one of the many possibilities. if you take charge of your health right now, by sticking to a healthier diet, practicing the right kind of thinking, you might be able to avoid going down my path. i put my story here in hopes of preventing others from going through what i’ve been through. it’s nice that you accept that this is one possible outcome, but do realize that it is NOT the only outcome.

      take control. your health is in your own hands.

      • Miss Juliana,

        Though i said some harsh things, it doesn’t mean that i will give up… No, i can never give up anything, what other choice do we have than to keep fighting until we make it?

        On that ocasion, i would like to tell you that i wish to blog my journey through the world of steroids withdrawal too, i will open a blog, and can send you the link if you want (after 5 years you must be tired of this steroids world i guess).

        I don’t know who i am, but one thing i know for sure is who i am not, and i cannot accept not doing anything to get ridden of this, so there will be lots and lots of researchs and experimatations on my blog.

        So, are you with me on this journey still?

      • glad to know you’re not giving up! that’s the spirit ๐Ÿ™‚

        starting a blog to document all the things you’ve tried will definitely be beneficial for the public! the abundance of information and first person accounts can be very useful.

        good luck with that!

      • Hi Juliana,

        I hope you are doing better, i won’t ask.
        I am here to tell you that i am starting my topical steroids withdrawal and it has been one week until now (exactly). And there is no comming back, no matter what, unless my life is on the line.

        Let’s us all hope we can increase our understanding about the topic.

        Hope to hear from you soon!

      • hello there!

        yes i’m better ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your concern!

        i hope you are ready for this one helluva ride! stay strong, you need plenty of strength and hope to get you through the toughest moments.

  4. Juliana, I’ve been reading your blog posts for a year and it’s really, really amazing and inspiring for me to see you keep digging deeper and deeper into the root causes of TSW, and moreover, constantly learning about health/wellness and the possibilities. I’m inspired to also go deeper in my quest for not just skin problems, but health in general. Thank you so much!

    • hi kate! i’m glad to be able to inspire you to take charge of your own health. after all, we’re all different in terms biochemistry and genetics. what worked for many others didn’t work for me, so i have to find a way for myself! it won’t be an easy task, for it would consist of lots of trial and error, but don’t lose hope. it’s worth all the effort if it promises better health! health is wealth!

  5. HI Jules. Glad to have u back. I am also positive that we will all heal eventually. The body will right itself. Stay strong.

  6. Hi Julianna,
    how are you? I was following your awesome blog for a long time…I wanted to ask you, how long was your longest break between flare ups? I was clear for exactly 1.5 year, I thought I am healed, my skin was beautiful and perfect. Now, suddenly, I got pretty bad flare up on my face, ears and around my eyes… I feel so depressed…is this fight ever gonna end?
    Thank you and take care…

    • hi sona!

      i’m doing better! was feeling like shit a few days ago, but today i feel better again!
      my longest break was about 1.5 years too. i was on traditional chinese medicine for about 8 months, and i stopped after my skin seem somewhat stable. little did i know i’m still prone to my underlying eczema, which has slowly worsened until the state i was in last year. i was in a full on flare, and it has taken me much longer to recover this time.

      i hope you seek help to treat your underlying eczema too. i assume you are diagnosed with atopic eczema/dermatitis too? because only a body prone to eczema will flare up that late in the withdrawal process. our skin is still fragile, and it’s just more prone to rashes. fuck the steroids, really. they made us more prone to eczema.

      good luck!

  7. Hey I have been suffering from eczema too and I have just came across your blog today. I noticed that you have been feeling down and so on and I just wanna thank you for writing this blog as it has inspired me. I was a on a verge of giving until I read your blog. Keep it up!

    • hello there! glad to know you feel a little better after reading what i’ve written. that’s the gift of suffering i guess, to connect with others through our common suffering so that we feel better. stay strong, we’re stronger than we think!

  8. Hi Juliana.. thanks for sharing your journey on TSW.. it really help me through the same path..
    Anyway.. my friend’s eczema cured by the traditional chinese medicine. I got the recipe of that.. but since i could not read chinese writings, i don’t know if it contains any steroid or not. Do you have any email address? So i could send to you.. maybe you can translate it too.. :p

  9. its almost 4 months since ur last entry. oh how is ur condition now?would like to know ur sharing. leave us words so we know ur fine. warriors are.not alone. rmb. sharing can act as a way of releasing pressure. hope u.dont give urself too much stress. hope to c u back. hope u r doing good ๐Ÿ˜„

    • hello, thanks for your kind thoughts! yes it’s good to share, but there are times when i just need to keep to myself because i don’t have the energy to explain myself to others. i think you understand that feeling as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i’m doing better, and getting there!

  10. Juliana, glad to see your reply to CC today. Seems like your eczema still comes back to haunt you. I will pray for you to find a better way to keep your eczema under control. Just wondering did you try acupuncture? Not that it only helps with your eczema, in fact it helps the immune system to take control again. I think it is worth a try. I started acupuncture right from the beginning after I quit using topical steroid in Sep 2016. I suffered from the TSW symptoms since Feb, but not knowing that it is TSW, I continue use Betamethasone to ease the symptoms, but of course it got worse instead. My dermatologist told me that there is no such thing as TSW. TSW is just untreated eczema. He won’t listen and just want to give me more topical steroid and an immunosuppressant. I am so upset. I now found a Naturopathic doctor who has experience with helping patients going through TSW. She confirms that it is what I am going through and I was told I have gone through the hardest part and my skin is slowly healing. I burst out into tears at her office. My hardest part is nothing compares to what you have gone through. I couldn’t go through the same. You are a true warrior. I know it still take a long time for my skin to go back to look normal and smooth but at least I know I am getting closer to better skin everyday. Base on I am 49, it will be even slower to heal. I wish you all the best and hope you can control your eczema soon. Oh! by the way, did you try drinking goat milk? I hear that it has a lot of benefits for eczema patients. Check it out. When you are down, there is someone in Vancouver BC praying for you.

    • hi loretta! your comment is lovely and filled with so much kindness, it brings a smile onto my face. thank you so much!

      yes you are right, my eczema is still haunting me, but i’m positive i will be able to manage it with my changes in lifestyle and diet. it’ll take some time, but i’m confident! i did try acupuncture before, and i agree with you in that it can improve the overall health of a person. i haven’t been getting acupuncture now though, i might consider getting that done in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚

      sadly, most dermatologist don’t believe in TSW, and continue to use topical steroids irresponsibly. thankfully, you have found a naturopath whom you can work with! thank you for encouraging me, i’m not as strong as you think. in fact, i’m just like everyone else ๐Ÿ˜€

      stay strong! you’ll need lots of patience to get through this difficult period. i hope you have loving family and friends to support you! i probably won’t be trying goats milk, i’m not eating dairy anyway! but if i must eat dairy, i will consider goat’s milk! ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you so much once again!

  11. Hey Juliana,

    Thank you for spreading awareness. Ever since I begin my journey in Topical Steroid Withdrawal, I have been reading alot of your posts. I can’t believe it that I just made it past the one month mark! It has been getting really difficult but I am coping well and I hope you are too. Currently undergoing treatment at Gingko TCM. Are you still going there for treatment? How did it benefit you?

    • hi beany, you’re most welcome! and congratulations on making the 1 month mark! you are now one month closer to better skin! you stay strong ok? stick to TCM, it’ll benefit you in the long run. ๐Ÿ™‚ and dr cai is very experienced, you should find some comfort from him. i am still going there for treatment! my body and skin is improving gradually over time!

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