LOA Miracle Oil Review

loa miracle oil review

it’s been 2 months since i started trying this product out, i believe i’ve given it enough time to form a well rounded opinion on it!

back in march, spencer from LŌA contacted me to give their miracle oil a try.
before i agreed, i went over to their site to find out more about the product.
took a quite glance at the ingredients – all very promising herbs that i’ve read about somewhere or another.
i’ve been into oil mixing myself, so this product didn’t feel foreign to me.
also, it’s cruelty free, and i do support that movement so i said “i like your philosophy! send it over!”.

shipping took several weeks from canada to singapore,
it arrived in this dainty little square box filled to the brim with squiggly shredded paper (yay for biodegradable box stuffing!).
nested among it is the miracle oil.

loa miracle oil ingredients

the list of ingredients are also listed on their official website. it’s a blend of soothing herb extract with anti inflammatory properties.
the more familiar names like evening primrose oil, calendula, licorice stood out to me.
at one point in time i used them to little success.

the opening of the bottle is a perforated plastic disk that dispenses a controlled amount of oils, keeping things relatively mess-free.

i was sent the 2oz (about 60ml) bottle, which retails for $27.00CAD (about SGD28).
as you can see the bottle is filled to the brim, it makes me feel better about the price 🙂

the oil has a greenish tint, and a very slight herbal scent.
so slight that once i applied it onto my skin, i can’t smell it.

the oil is light weight and applies easily.
on parts of my relatively normal skin, it appears to be absorbed very quickly (say, 15 minutes?).
on my healing skin (which tends to look smooth and shiny), it still look shiny after an hour or so.
and on my rashy skin, it diminishes the appearance of dry skin (but accentuated the redness).

as with any other oils i’ve used, it keeps my skin moisturized for a few hours at most.
i wouldn’t count on it if i have to keep my inflamed dry skin moisturized in a dry environment (think air conditioned places).
it did provide that initial surge of moisture, especially if used directly after shower,
but applying it on dry skin greatly reduces said effect.
dry skin will be dry skin unless you wet it with water. the oil just seal it in temporarily – until it gets absorbed by your skin.

with constant use over 2 months (once daily after i shower in the morning), i do notice my skin improving gradually.
my skin is calmer, previous rashes have died down more or less, it’s less red, more smooth and hydrated.
as i’m still on TCM, i can’t say that the improvement was the work of the miracle oil solely.
what i can say for sure is that the oil did not irritate me, nor make my skin worse.
i still went through my cycles of mini flares and improvements,
and after each flare, my skin gets better.
it’s very assuring to me at least, because i know it doesn’t contain any corticosteroids (or my skin would have shown immediate improvements).

i thought i will run through the 2oz very quickly,
but it lasted me for about 2 months surprisingly.
every morning i use about 5 drops on my hands, arms, shoulder, neck and face,
another 3 drops for my chest and abdomen,
3 drops for my thigh,
and i use whatever excess is still on the bottle opening on my calves, cleaning the bottle of excess oil in the process.
that’s a total of 11 drops, plus minus.

overall, i like the product!
the name “miracle oil” might sound shady at first, because after years of dealing with topical steroids,
i know “miracle” usually come with a hidden price.
i’m just surprised my skin actually felt calmer after using it for 2 months.
even if i can’t give it the full credit, it is partly responsible for my improving skin.
and the brand is cruelty free, plus they used paper filling instead of plastic ones.
LŌA really won some points in my small little heart.

2 thoughts on “LOA Miracle Oil Review

  1. Hi! You mentioned tcm. Can share how long have you been taking the tcm herbs? My Daughter has been taking them for 15 months…I am wondering if I should let her continue and try something else…

    • hello! i’ve been on it for 1.5 years so far 🙂 i’d say o let her continue TCM, but maybe you can try a different doctor? i’m seeing mine at Gingko TCM, and he’s very experienced in skin issues. he can guide you and your daughter along this journey.

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