[follow me to] Keppel bay


this weekend in juliana’s life: family and friends.
best combination ever!?!?!?!

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[follow me to] tree top walk


last sunday i went on a hike with my friends 😀 they’re my besties from secondary school, this year is the 13th year since i know them. the last time we went on a hike was like 4 years ago!

read more if you’re hungry for more nature.

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[follow me to] malacca

can’t believe it was only a month ago that this happened.

i haven’t been to malaysia in ages (since the last time i went over after in 2008).

it’s my first time staying over at my gf nie’s place,
first time being in malacca,
also my first road trip in my entire life with friends.

so many first times all given to her.

i don’t even want to write so much for this entry.
i have so many gorgeous photographs that i want to share.
the flavours of food i’ve eaten are forever etched on my tastebuds.
the topic photo said it loud and clear, it was an eating trip..
1 car, 5 girls, and 9 dishes.

let me start off with photos i took in johor bahru first,
i was there on a friday and the weather was too damn good.

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[follow me to] botanic garden

one of my girlfriends dated me to the botanic garden one day, but she couldn’t make it that day due to unforeseen circumstances.
a solo trip it is then.

it’s my first (or second?) time going to the botanic garden.
i have a vague memory of going there when i was still in primary school,
however the place looked so vastly different from my memory,
i’m actually not sure if the place i went to last time was indeed the botanic garden.

that aside, it was a fresh experience for me.
i’m so thankful that the singapore government is so active in maintaining green spaces for people to pass time.
being in the sun is not my kind of thing, getting drenched in my own sweat is perhaps the last thing i want to do in singapore..
i’m pampered to spend time in air conditioned malls, but things get boring after some time..
it’s time for a change.

check out how clear the sky was that day.
i’m always in a love/hate relationship with the weather.
i really love the clear blue skies, but i hate the heat.
but thanks to the weather, i managed to snap a shitload of awesome photos that day.
everything looks good against such a gorgeous blue sky.

i don’t want to bust your data limit if you happen to be reading my blog out of the wifi zone as this post is very image-heavy, read on if you’re into orchids!
never mind if you’re not into orchids, i spent time editing the photos to near perfection, i insist you take a look at them anyway (if you’re in the wifi zone that is). 😉

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(follow me to) ann siang street

150813 finally getting this place out of my mind.

i’ve seen a friend’s photo of this place 4 years ago, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since for no apparent reason.
ann siang road, also known as ann siang hill.
it’s finally my turn to check it out, and it turns out that there’s nothing much to it other than the sun, the shophouses and a bunch of bars that i did not enter.

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[follow me to] some parts of singapore

in july, i’ve spent several days touring singapore with my relatives who flew in from hk to attend my graduation ceremony.
i realized.. i can take you all on a ride with me!

during 2012 i locked myself at home, i craved to see the outside world so much.
i started watching vlogs on youtube because that was the only way i can catch a glimpse of the world..
it feels like they’ve shared a little bit of their life with me,
it was exactly what i needed – to feel like i’m living.
so i really want to do the same for you all now. to share a little bit of my life with you all, especially to those of you who’re currently hiding in the deepest caves.
i want you to see a part of the world through my eyes!

doesn’t matter if you’re in your pajamas! get ready!

after picking them up from the airport in the afternoon, we headed out to several places.


it was about to pour that afternoon, which explains the dark skies.
it’s not really a mountain, as there are no mountains in singapore.
it’s merely a small little hill that’s near sentosa!

at the jewel box, it’s where you take the cable car to sentosa.
i didn’t read about what this thing is about, but it looks beautiful.

anyway, the jewel box is a very beautiful place, it houses the cable car rides and some F&B outlets.
i wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon there.
the jewel box seems to be the main attraction in mt faber,
i think they’re trying to sell the night scenery (i think you can see sentosa from there).

i’m not doing the place justice because i didn’t take a photo of the entire place. check it out here.

the weather was bloody stuffy as it was about to rain, instead of walking around we decided to sit down and have some tea before moving on to our next location.


this isn’t the typical tourist attraction.
my dad actually fishes here (and he recently cause a 6kg sea bass together with my cousin. we had fish for several meals thanks to him :D).
but i gotta say it’s a rather beautiful place, seems pretty peaceful.
it’s located near the border of singapore, we can see malaysia from here.

part of the promenade. the 3 of them photobombed me.
but seeing them put a smile on my face somehow. 🙂

this is a cute photo.
see those buildings behind us?
it’s actually malaysia across the strait!


we had dinner at a neighbourhood coffee shop that night.

i will take a photo and show you all next time, i don’t know how to go about explaining or describing it because it’s a local thing.

ask any singaporean what they miss the most when they’re overseas and they always say the food.
may i present to you some of the famous singapore delicacies!
from the left going in a clockwise direction,
the curry fishhead, fried hor fun (click for definition) with clams, stir fried pork ribs (direct translation will be pork rib king), and the sambal kang kong (water spinach).

i think most people have heard of the curry fish head and the sambal kang kong.

this has also grown to become one of my favourite singaporean food.
the sambal stingray!
it’s the most convenient fish to eat because they’re not individual bones that might get stuck in your throat.
good news for lazy peeps like me!
(apologies for bad photo. i already attacked the fish before i even took a photo. what you see is a third of an uneaten fish, and 2/3 of its exposed bones.)


the next day we went to marina bay sands (MBS) before heading to my school.

we were having coffee at the coffee bean inside MBS shoppes and suddenly this thing that resembles a gigantic toilet bowl started flushing itself for 30 minutes.

i thought i’d miss the moment by the time i whip out my camera..
hahaha how wrong i was.

ouside the MBS, it’s city hall and raffles place across the river.

we headed to my school in the evening to attend my graduation ceremony.
didn’t take a photo of my school so there’s nothing to show you here.


my graduation ceremony ended at 9.30pm, i was in the hungry ghost mode despite having dinner.
i think happiness makes my appetite better.
my dad brought us to the bukit timah food market, it’s a typical hawker center that houses many different stores.

we had some singaporean style fried carrot cake (the black things), satays, and fishballs. there’s this oyster omelette too, not my favourite though.

with a beer in one hand and my chopsticks ready to attack the food with the other hand, i declare myself as a glutton.
(btw after eating like a cow i ended up with indigestion for the next few days. HAHA!!!)


tourist shall never miss chinatown.
i don’t know why but it seems like it’s a tourist hot spot too.
you’ll find me in chinatown for 2 reasons only – to buy cheap toiletries, and to eat at the chinatown complex.

on the train ride to chinatown.
singapore is pretty accessible as it’s connected by a vast train network.
don’t we look like a group of blind people?
HHAHAHAHA! somehow my uncle really looked like he’s blind wearing that particular pair of shades..
we couldn’t stop laughing when he put it on.

after an hour or more (i live pretty far from town.. AND singapore trains travel pretty damn slowly as compared to HK trains), we’ve reached!

this is chinatown. the lanterns hanging on top is somewhat the signature icon of chinatown.
behind us are rows of shophouses that caters to tourists.
they sell a wide range of things, but mostly useless souvenir.. :X (please don’t quote me)

we went to the chinatown complex to eat. the first floor is the wet market, the 2nd floor is the food centre.

it’s the first time i ate laksa in 2 years. IT TASTED SO BLOODY GOOD.
the laksa was on my to do list as well. 🙂
definitely one of my favourite singaporean food. it’s slightly spicy and has a rich coconut milk flavour to it.
you shall not starve if you are here because there is so much food to choose from.
this is also one of my favourite hawker centers.
wait, i think it IS my favourite one.

outside the complex is a temple. it’s called the 佛牙寺 (before you click on the link, mute your speakers. buddha tooth relic temple).
didn’t take a better photo of the temple, but you get the idea..
i have never entered the temple before, my family usually visit another temple in bugis,
i shall show you all next time. 😉

between the complex and the temple is an open area.
there are old men playing chess in the background, it’s quite a common sight there!
the rest are just strangers resting in the foreground.

check out the cool indian temple behind us! my secondary school teacher was married there. i still remember we had to enter the temple bare footed.

my memory has failed me. i don’t know what’s the name of this street.
it was along our walk from chinatown to raffles place.
raffles place is the central business district of singapore, most of the offices are located here.
worst place to be in during peak hour. feels like the whole of singapore is there.

i showed you this photo because of the shophouses in the background (along the winding road).
back in the days, families will live in the 2nd and 3rd floors while running a business on the ground floor.
times have changed, most of these shophouses are utilized  as shops these days.

this was along the fullerton bay. we’re near our destination!

any idea where’re we headed to?
there’s something in raffles place that my family wanted to see.

FINALLY HERE (after walking extensively in the hot afternoon sun)!
we brought my family to see the merlion.
behind the jet of water is the esplanade, the centre of performing arts.
it looks like the a fly’s eyes if you look down from above.

speaking of the merlion..
in singapore, your friends might warn you not to drink so much by saying “don’t merlion later”.
can you get it?

we walked all the way from chinatown to raffles place for this – the merlion. this is the typical tourist spot for all. my dad focused the camera on my mom (awww!) instead of my aunt and i.
HAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING. the camera went out of focus. it’s the canon EOS M, well known for it’s funky auto focusing.

and opposite the river is the MBS, which we’ve been to yesterday.

gorgeous isn’t it?
in case you don’t know, it’s a hotel, has an expo and convention centre, and a gigantic shopping mall that houses luxury brands. last but not least, the casino is located in MBS. tourist get to enter the casino free of charge while locals will need to pay 100 sgd to enter. don’t forget your passport if you do visit the casino!
that’s the singapore flyer (the ferris wheel) on the left.
i’ve never thought of being on it because it cost $30 for a 30 minute ride.
that’s a dollar per minute.
i’ve got better ways to spend my money..!

there is a skypark on top of that surfboard-look-alike-thing, which has the famous infinity pool.
we didn’t visit because it will cost us $20 per pax to go up there.
6 of us = $120, could have had a great meal somewhere already..!
what a rip off. 😦

anyway, in chinese, the MBS is called 金沙, which directly translates to “golden sand”. why golden? because when the sun sets, the glass panels will reflect the orange sky and the entire building will be golden.


gotta say it looks pretty good at night too, but i still prefer hong kong’s night scenary.
(notice how you can still see the reflection of the sky on the building? it’s so pretty.)

that evening we had dinner with my brother who managed to leave his camp for a night’s out.
he usually only books out during weekends, so it really took us by surprise that he is able to meet us that day (it’s a wednesday).
initially we thought he wouldn’t be able to meet my aunts and uncle before they leave!
we rushed over to his side to meet him.


and after dinner, my dad brought my uncle to eat the roti prata for one last time because my uncle is addicted to that thing.

the prata is something typical to singapore too.
it’s indian food, but you can’t find it in india!
it’s like a pancake, but it’s also like a croissant (because it’s fluffy with alot of layers)
when i was younger i would dip it in sugar and it taste DAMMMNNNN GOOOOODDDD.
the blend of salty and sweet is heavenly. also, the butter they used for the dough (i think it’s called ghee) makes it very fragrant.
i only learnt how to eat spicy food as i grew older, gotta say the curry taste wonderful too!
this can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper.
i love the prata. you will too!


my family only flew in for several days, it’s time for them to go on day 4.
we all look exhausted because we didn’t have enough sleep.

the airport installed these really cool decorations, i’m amused by how it works.
the programming must be complicated!
these droplets are suspended on thin wires and would form many 3D objects.
the one in the photo resembles a plotted graph of a 3 variable function i’ve seen in my class last time.

gotta say that changi airport is a very pleasant place to be in.
alot of singaporeans love to go to the airport to spend their afternoons there, either for a cup of coffee or simply to enjoy the free air con and tranquility.

that marks the end of the 3 day tour in singapore.
these are perhaps the most prominent tourist spots.. (minus the woodlands water front.)
i didn’t bring them to orchard road because they’re not the shopping type anyway.
(speaking of which, i’ve just visited orchard road yesterday and i realize it’s changing so fast, i could hardly recognize the place anymore.)
this concludes the first “follow me to” series!
hope you’ve enjoyed your trip with us.

i’ll bring you all to more places with me next time. 🙂

i want to end this entry with a photo that was taken while on the bus ride to school.

we all looked so happy. 😀
my uncle and i were recreating the sailor moon pose.
seeing this photo makes me happy!
i want to keep laughing like this,
and i hope your smiles and laughter will return to you all soon.

god bless.


p.s. i was telling my parents that i’m going to share some photos of them onto this blog, my mom is a little conservative and said it wasn’t necessary to show their faces to the public.. so i jokingly suggested to mosaic her face, to which my dad replied “you don’t have to mosaic my face!!! just mosaic your mom’s!”, and we all burst out laughing at my dad’s secret desire to be seen by the world. 🙂 simple moment i want to remember forever.

so to satisfy my old man’s request…

i put in a photo of us because i realize he wasn’t in most of the group shots taken above. hahaha!
this was at my grandmother’s place on day 2 of the trip (before we headed to MBS and my school. i know right? who has such a full schedule on graduation day?)

p.p.s. my dad stalks this place. 😛 just thought i’d warn you all first!