LOA Miracle Oil Review

loa miracle oil review

it’s been 2 months since i started trying this product out, i believe i’ve given it enough time to form a well rounded opinion on it! Continue reading


[product review] salcura intensive spray and zeoderm cream


a few months ago, a lady from salcura asked if i would like to try out their range of products. back then i denied the request as i’m unsure if i want to use other products on my skin. i’m actually very curious whether my skin can heal on its own or not.

i’m sort of stuck in a dilemma between inflammation and healing. what if the inflammation is a signal to force the body to regenerate? what if i relief the inflammation, will it prevent deep healing (within my dermal layers)?

long story short, i took up the offer when they asked me a second time because i know someone in my family could really benefit from it, and here is my product review, documented by me and written for my mom.

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