[RSS] 12 December 2015

I’m still alive!  

back in Singapore and swamped with work and sleep. 

haven’t even gone around with my monthly update yet, but I just wanna do a short update that my skin is much better now that I’m back in Singapore! 

you probably can’t tell there is anything wrong with my skin from the photo 😛 that’s the state of things today. still a long way to go to stable and healthy skin, but I’m getting there! 

just this morning my face was blotchy and itchy, probably because I massaged my face and drew too much blood there. it settled down with time though. 




[brain fart] lifting my own mood

this is what i keep telling myself.

finally got around to sit down, settle my thoughts and feelings, and to write something down after my they condensed into words.

i just got back from HONG KONG after spending almost a month there,
i gotta say i’d be a lot happier if my skin was more stable,
but life says no and i just have to deal with it.

there were many times when i just felt like holing up at home, resting because not only is my skin unstable,
i am constantly feeling tired even after getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
and i don’t know what’s wrong with me, but i’m no longer impervious to the slightly cooler weather in hong kong.
i used to find 18 degrees C to be really comfortable, but now i feel cold in temperatures like 22C.
my hands turned ice cold that day when the temperature hit 16.
what the f, i used to find hong kong’s pre-winter weather to be extremely comfortable!

back to my monologue,
despite feeling lethargic and not as hyped up as i wished i were,i didn’t allow myself to waste too much time while on my holiday,
after all i was supposed to enjoy my trip, right?

so i’ve been reading a book lately (the paradox of choice), it’s about the detrimental effects of having too many choices in life.
it brought in a lot of behavioral economics/psychology theories,
one that stood out to me was about how humans usually tend to think of situations as “it could have been better”, which resulted in plenty of dissatisfaction and inability to feel happy about what they already have.
i caught myself doing that, so many times!

“if only my skin was better”
“my skin was so good just 2 months ago, why is it looking worse right now?”

why not look at it from the other direction?

“it could have been worse”
“my skin could be oozing right now but i’m not!”
“wow, luckily my skin didn’t crack like it used to!”

and suddenly the tables are turned and i don’t feel that hopeless anymore.

this is for anyone who needs a little push right now 🙂

i was chatting with one of my friends (hello brendan) just yesterday,
he was telling me about how most of the other TSW “vetarans” stopped updating their blogs.
i wish – and i wholeheartedly do – it’s because they’re fully healed and have been too occupied with their new found lives to keep coming back to update about their normal lives!

as for me, as i’m still trying to figure out my own eczema,
i think i’ll be here for a little longer.
and even after i heal, you’ll still hear from me.
that’s a promise 🙂

and oh, i forgot one thought that i had..

“i’m so glad i can still smile right now without cracking my lip area!”.
that kept me smiling whenever i can, because i know it’s a gift that i can easily take it for granted if not for TSW.

rest well and heal well everyone!

p.s. here’s a photo of me at stanley in hong kong 😀
skin was calmer that day and i’m very happy!



[RSS] hectic august

skin sure knows when to get bad so that it can get better in time for me to hit the town as my family visit singapore this week.

2 weeks after a gradual worsening, i’m blessed with pretty good skin this week!

p.s. not wearing any foundation in the following photos. only filled in my eyebrows, loaded up on the mascara, and wore lipstick.

one of the things i noticed on top of my healing skin is that my skin no longer look as dull and sallow as it did last year (before my october flare).

i sweat in the hot weather, but my skin doesn’t get too irritated. it does itch a little, but not too bad really.

up close and personal with my facial skin. certain areas are still prone to turning pink and drying out, but that’s about it. considering how my cheeks were blotchy and dry 2 weeks ago, i’m really happy with what i see and feel right now.

it’s been a hectic and busy week, but i’m enjoying myself.
so thankful i am able to get better in time for this.

skin’s not perfect yet but it’s getting there 😀

[rss] 1 August 2015


just got out of week long slump, my skin is feeling much better now that my period is over! 

not wearing any foundation on my face since it’s still unstable. but it’s looking pretty good from a foot long distance. 

[rss] 19 February 2015

it’s Chinese New Year eve, I went out for reunion dinner with my entire family. I had such a good time with my cousins.. I’m utterly exhausted now.



used some moisturizer on my face to hide the dry skin. thankfully it can now tolerate the creams! After a week of angrier skin, it’s heading towards the calm phase again.

wishing everyone good health and a positive mind this lunar new year!

I’m knocking out NOW.
good night my fellow skin friends!