once i got past the 6 year mark, i don’t really remember how many months its been anymore.
maybe it’s because everyday is about the same to me, it’s like a blur when i try to recall exactly how long it has been.
so this is week 77 (i only figured that out after referring to previous posts), but i’d like to call it..



i know that when i look back at these years i’ve spent rebuilding my health,
it will all make sense because i’ve finally arrived at the conclusion, the one question i’ve been asking – what caused my skin to go bad again?

it will all make sense, eventually.
every thing i’ve experience is but a data point that paints the bigger picture i’m trying to see.
i need time, and more patience. Continue reading

[special post] my new healthy lifestyle in hopes of healing faster

TCM life

i’m a new person now, living my life that’s guided by oriental ideas that’s been around for thousands of years. in chinese it’s called 養生, which means to preserve my life. on top of recovering my health, i want to preserve what little i have right now, and hopefully to preserve what i’ll have in time to come. it’s a totally different school of thought but one i really resonate with. one of those asian pride moments because the more i read about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the more i learn about the wisdom of the ancient chinese. the way they weave Confucianism into the art of healing is so humble as it reminds us that we’re merely a tiny part of the vast nature and environment.

here i share not the herbs i’ve taken, but the life style changes i made in hope of improving my recovery and health. these are things you can do at home too to get better health at no extra cost.

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