No More Steroids FORUM

dr fukaya’s page
this is his e-book and give you a more in depth look into the TSW saga.
he also has a blog where he writes about stuff related to skin. 😀


9 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hello Juliana,

    Very inspiring.
    My sister is going through bad withdrawal at the moment and I am just starting mine.
    I wanted to know if you went to Dr Fukaya? Did he supply you with ointment? or recommend anything to make it go faster?

    My sister gets super red and oozing and her face looks like that photo you have all peeling skin. She gets boil infections too.

    Thank you Juliana,

    • hi fleur! you have such a beautiful name.

      sorry to hear bout you and your sis. I did not visit dr fukaya not get his ointment. I can’t offer any useful information in how to make the withdrawals go faster sadly. I pretty much just waited it out and prayed everyday that it will end soon hahaha!

      a lot of us share similar symptoms. thankfully I did not get boils. your sister may need some help for her boils!

  2. Dear Juliana,

    I’m a fan of your blog! You’ve inspired me to create make my own blog about my experience going through TSW. It’s been about 10 days since I’ve applied steroids creams/ointments to my skin.

    Keep up the writing! I support you!

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